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Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection - AD/PR

Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection

If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you'll know that I am a big fan of the Lee Stafford hair products and hair tools. So a few weeks ago when I received some products from the NEW Hair Growth Collection, I was really looking forward to trying them. 

The two products I received are the Hair Growth Activation Treatment and the Hair Growth Styling Treatment Cream, both are in the Lee Stafford bright pink packaging and both have the Lee Stafford signature scent. When trying products, sometimes I will ask family members to try them too so I can give a perspective of someone else who may have a different skin type as me or face shape etc, or in this case, hair type. And when I received the products, I knew just the person to try them out with me, my eldest daughter. 

We both have different hair types but also have similar hair concerns and issues, so I thought she was the perfect choice to give her opinion on the products too, and she loves trying new things so she was happy to help. 

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Activation Treatment £9.99

Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection

The original Hair Growth boosting Intensive Treatment with a blend of powerful proteins to lengthen and strengthen hair from within.

Accelerate hair growth

Helps hair grow longer and faster

Vital hair and scalp complex helps reduce hair loss

Improves the condition of hair from root to tip

Repairs and reduces breakage

Healthy scalp

Great fragrance

Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection

The original Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment is an intensive hair saviour that is full of Pro-Growth complex, which conditions and strengthens from within. The soothing formula reduces irritation and moisturises the scalp, providing the perfect base to help hair grow faster. The new Hair Growth Treatment range has double the amount of Pro-Growth complex and plant-based proteins for longer, stronger hair. The Hair Growth Treatment helps to reduce hair loss by improving follicle health and in turn, increases the ability of the hair to anchor to the scalp. 

Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection

Both my daughter and I suffer from hair loss and we both have incredibly thin hair, my daughter's hair is bleached, so is on the dryer side but she does get oily roots sometimes too, my hair is dyed but with a tint, I don't have bleach on mine, my hair is very oily and not dry at all.

The Hair Growth Activation Treatment is easy to use after shampooing take an egg-size amount of product and apply to the hair from root to tip and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing. The treatment should be used every time your hair is washed until you see an improvement in the condition, and then once a week to maintain the condition of the hair. 

When we first tried the treatment, in all honesty, we didn't think it would do much, we thought it might be a gimmick, but I should have known better than to doubt a Lee Stafford product. From the first time using the treatment, we could both feel an improvement in our hair, it felt lovely and soft and did feel a little thicker. We continued to use it as advised and it has made such a difference to our hair, my daughter's hair condition has improved, it has grown and feels thicker, my hair feels soft and sleek and feels thicker too, we are both really happy with the result, so much so, we stocked up on some more!

Lee Stafford Styling Treatment Cream £8.49

Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection

A multi-tasking Hair Growth Protein Cream that styles whilst repairing hair from the inside out. Grow it Long, Grow it Strong. Created for hair that won’t grow past a certain length. Now with double the amount of PRO-GROWTH™ complex, containing plant-based Lupine Seed Protein, to protect from damage and breakage.                                               
 Lightweight Styling 
Heavyweight Strengthening 
Encourages Growth 

The Hair Growth Styling Treatment Cream is an intensive leave-in treatment that makes hair look better, feel better and grow better, it is a strengthening treatment that also doubles up as a smoothing styler that reduces split ends and smooths hair and calms frizz leaving the hair sleek and hydrated. 

The styling cream is used after the hair has been washed and towel-dried, using a pea-sized amount (or more if you wish) distribute the cream through the hair from the roots to the ends, do not rinse and style as normal. 

The styling cream left both mine and my daughter's hair feeling very soft and looking sleek and shiny, which is nice as blonde hair doesn't always look shiny. Since we've been in lockdown, then local lockdowns, tiers and whatnot, our hair hasn't been cut and coloured as it usually would, mine has been cut once in the last 11 months and my daughters 3 times, and as a result, we both have split ends. The cream definitely makes the split ends look much better, and our hair feels lovely, I don't have those annoying flyaway strands on the top of my head which drive me mad and my daughter's hair feels lovely, not dry at all and no frizz in sight. 

Overall Thoughts.

Lee Stafford NEW Hair Growth Collection

Both my daughter and I thought the packaging of both products was nice, we both love pink so it's a win-win, both products have the Lee Stafford signature scent and are both easy to open and use. 

Our hair definitely feels fuller and my daughter has noticed hers has grown a considerable amount considering the time frame of using the products, I stupidly didn't check where my hair was in terms of length, and 99% of the time I wear my hair up so I can't comment on growth but it is long and my family all say they think it's grown when they dry it for me. 

Both products leave our hair feeling soft and silky and looking smooth, the leave-in treatment really helps with split ends and our hair looks lovely and shiny too. We used the treatment each time we washed our hair at first but now we use it once a week as advised, it feels nice when it's on the hair, and my daughter said it is easy to distribute through the hair and easy to rinse out, and for those who may need someone to wash their hair like I do, she said it is easy to apply, use and rinse out of my hair too. 

We both love both products and they do both do exactly what it says on the tin, the only negative we could find is that if we use both products together, our roots do go oily quickly, mine more so than my daughters. That is something that is easily rectified though and now we don't use the leave-in treatment when we have used the Growth Activation Treatment and we don't have oily roots. Usually, if I use leave-in hair treatments, my hair does go oily quickly, especially at the roots, but it hasn't done with this product and other Lee Stafford leave-in treatments I've used in the past too to be fair. 

Overall we both love both products, both do what they claim and make our pandemic hair look much and feel much better than it did, whats not to like? It's a 10 out of 10 from both of us. 

If you would like to try the Hair Growth Activation Treatment or the Hair Growth Styling Treatment Cream, you can find them, and all the other products in the NEW Hair Growth range on the Lee Stafford website, here.   

Have you tried any of the NEW Lee Stafford Hair Growth product range?
What are your thoughts? 
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