Tuesday 17 November 2020

Long Time No See

Where to start?

I never meant to take a break from blogging, it just happened in line with things happening in my life really and before I knew it, months had gone by. I had always planned to come back but with so much going on, it just wasn't the time, but in hindsight, I should have come back a lot sooner, it would have helped. 

My blog has always been an escape for me, an escape from real life, somewhere I can be Zoë and not "poorly Zoë" or someone people feel sorry for, I do have a lot of health problems going on, some extremely serious, all serious and all that have crippling side effects, but I am still me, I'm still in there somewhere and when I'm able, I like to escape, talk to my laptop (I use voice dictation) about things I'm enjoying and take me away from the reality of my life for a little while.  

So I decided now is a good a time as any to come back, and especially after recently and also earlier in the year, having some new diagnosis to deal with that knocked me for six. I thought that since blogging was something I enjoyed, plus I needed that escapism more than ever, so here I am. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been sat wallowing in self-pity for months, but usually, I am quite good at getting on with things, but this year I haven't been the same and things have had an effect on me. But, I'm here now and shall escape and chat to you all once more, and if you are new here, beware, I'm a chatterbox, talking is the one thing I'm good at so apologies in advance for the, shall we say, in-depth blog posts.

I was going to touch on the year so far, but I think we can all agree, 2020 has been downright rubbish, and nobody wants a War & Peace style blog post about what's been happening with me and mine. 

Moving Forward

So, here I am, and now what?

I'm going to carry on blogging as before, and I'm also going to go back to some of my old school blogging days too. 

I will also be sharing some Christmas gift ideas with you, this year I have chosen some new and small businesses to support as well as some established ones.  

To be honest, I'm just pleased to be here, in my escapism, chatting away to my laptop again, and I hope you'll be pleased to see me here too.


Thank you for reading, let's do this.....

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