Tuesday 16 December 2014

Easy Christmas Nail Art 2014 ~ Number One ~ Rudolph Nails

Hello Lovelies,

If you've been reading my blog for a while (well 12 months at least) you'll know that last Christmas I had an 'Easy Christmas Nails' series here on my blog. Recently I have been inundated with requests from my blog readers and also You Tube subscribers to do the same this year, so here goes, here's number one in my easy Christmas nails series for 2014.

Rudolph Nails

What You'll Need

1. Red Nail Polish - I used Orly Haute Red available HERE for £10.25 but you can use any Red polish.
2. Red Glitter Nail Polish - I used Barry M Ruby Slippers available HERE for £2.99.
3. Light Brown Nail Polish - I used Jessica Buck Naked available HERE for £8.25 (free UK delivery) but any light Brown is fine. 
4. Dark Brown Nail Polish - I used OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys available HERE for £7.25 (free UK delivery) but any dark Brown is fine.
5. Black Nail Polish - I used Barry M Nail Paint in Black available HERE for £2.99.
6. White Nail Polish - I used Barry M Nail Paint in White available HERE for £2.99 (free UK delivery)
7. Dotting Tools - I use dotting tools from eBay available HERE for £1.99 inc free UK delivery but you can also use a cocktail stick or bobby pin/hair grip.
8. A base and top coat of your choosing, I always use Orly Bonder base coat and Orly Glosser top coat both available from HERE

If you have them you could use a Black and a White nail art pen but they are not necessary if you don't have them.

How to create 'Rudolph' nails

1. Taking the light brown nail polish create a dome shape at the base of your nail, leaving a gap at either side so you can see the base colour. 

2. Using a dotting tool or cocktail stick or bobby pin create Rudolph's ears by placing 2 dots at either side of the dome shape you created, using the same light Brown polish.

3. Using a thin ended dotting tool or cocktail stick and the dark Brown polish, create Rudolph's antlers.

4. Using a dotting tool or cocktail stick and some White polish make 2 dots for the eyes, you can if you have one use a nail art pen for this. 

5. Once the White polish is dry, create some 'pupils' using the Black polish and a dotting tool or cocktail stick. 

6. Take the Red polish and create Rudolph's nose, you can do this free hand or use a dotting tool or cocktail stick to draw it in.

7. Once the Red polish is dry, go over the top of it with the Red glitter polish.

8. Once the nails are fully dry, apply a top coat of your choice. 

9. All done! 

This is an easy but really effective look for Christmas, you can choose to have Rudolph on all your nails or if you prefer have him as an accent nail as I have in the photograph above. I got lots of compliments on my Rudolph nails, it doesn't take too long to do but looks great. Always allow your nail art to dry fully before applying your top coat or it will smudge badly an spoil all your hard work. 

I think Rudolph looks great over Red polish but he also looks good on a french manicure or over lots of different colour polishes, it's entirely up to you. 

I hope you enjoyed number one of my easy Christmas nail series for 2014, I will be back with number two for you soon, and don't worry if nail art isn't your thing, I will have lots of variety for you, not just cute Christmas nail art. 

If you do re create this nail look please let me know and if possible please send me a photograph, all my social media links are in the squares under the 'where to find me' section at the right hand side of my blog at the top, the squares all have click able links. It's always really nice to see when you re create the looks I show you. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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