Tuesday 23 December 2014

Easy Christmas Nails - Numbers 5 and 6 - Santa Hats and an Updated Sparkly French

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have 2 nail looks for you in my easy Christmas nails series, numbers 5 and 6. Number 5 is an updated look of the sparkly French manicure I showed you for look number 2.

An Updated Sparkly French - Santa Baby

What you'll need

1. A very pale pink for the base colour, I use Rimmel Brit manicure in 445, available HERE for £4.49.
2. A Red nail polish, I use Barry M nail paint, available HERE for £2.99.
3. A White nail polish, I use Barry M nail paint, available HERE for £2.99.
4. A Red glitter polish, I use Barry M glitter in ruby slippers, available HERE for £2.99.
5. A Silvery glitter polish or any glitter top coat, I use Barry M silver glitter, available HERE for £2.99.
6. Dotting tools or a cocktail stick or bobby pin (hair grip) I bought mine from e-bay for £1.95 inc P&P and they are available to buy from HERE.
7. A base and top coat of your choice. 

How to create Santa Baby nails

1. Following the instructions from Number 2 in my series which can be found HERE, create the red sparkly french manicure look, but don't use a top coat. So follow all steps apart from step 4 and 5. 
2. Once the red sparkly polish is dry, using a dotting tool or bobby pin etc, take some of the white polish and create a line of dots under the red sparkly polish.
3. Once the white polish is dry, take the silver glitter polish and a dotting tool/cocktail stick/bobby pin and create a line of the silver glitter polish under the white polish.
4. Once its all dry apply a coat of your favourite top coat.
4. All done! 

Santa Hats

What you'll need

1. A red polish, as linked above.
2. A white polish, as linked above.
3. A silver glitter polish, as linked above (optional)
4. Dotting tools, as linked above or a cocktail stick or bobby pin.
5. A base and top coat of your choice.

How to create, Santa Hats

1. Use a base coat of your choice.
2. Paint your nails with a colour of your choosing or a french manicure works well with this look.
3. Taking the red polish create a triangle shape, this is easy to do using the brush on the polish, no dotting tools required. Apply 2 coats of the red polish allowing each to dry fully in between.
4. Using the white polish and a dotting tool/bobby pin create the pom pom on top of the hat and also the white at the base of the hat, again I used 2 coats of white, allowing each coat to dry fully in between.
5. If you'd like to, apply the silver glitter over the top of the white polish, this is optional as I think it looks nice both ways, with and without the glitter, it's a personal choice. 
6. Once fully dry, apply a coat of your favourite top coat. 
7. All done! 

I hope you enjoyed both the looks today, both are really easy to create but look great and both are really festive and ideal if you want some Christmas nails but don't want Rudolph's or penguins etc. 

I will have more than 1 look per day leading up to Christmas so I can show you the looks I have created for this 2014 series, so be sure to check my blog or follow it so you don't miss out on any of the looks :)

This series seems to be very popular again as it was last year which is great, I'm really pleased you're enjoying my nail looks. If you didn't see last years Christmas nails series you can find the designs by reading THIS POST

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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