Friday 1 September 2017

Blank Canvas Cosmetics - F01 Quick Brush

Blank Canvas Cosmetics - F01 Quick Brush

There's nothing quite like having a new makeup brush to use is there? I love new brushes, especially ones I haven't ever tried. so when the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F01 Quick Brush arrived for me to try, I couldn't wait to start using it, and it is pink, need I say more?

Blank Canvas are a brand I hadn't ever heard of so obviously I hadn't ever used any of their products either, so before I tried the brush I found out a bit about the brand as I like to know some background information to share with you.


The Blank Canvas philosophy is that they see the face as a 'blank canvas' with endless possibilities. They are an online cosmetics brand based in Ireland that bring quality products that are an affordable price. Their affordable prices aim to save you money on customs and shipping charges, which can be expensive when ordering from international countries. If you live within the EU you can enjoy zero customs charges, customers outside the EU may have customs charges on larger orders, so Blank Canvas recommend checking your own country's customs rates. 


Blank Canvas Cosmetics - F01 Quick Brush

The Blank Canvas F01 Quick Brush £14.51 caught my eye immediately, pink is my favourite colour so I loved the colour of the brush handle on the F01 Quick Brush as soon as I saw the brush in it's plastic packaging. The brush handle is a lovely shocking pink with gold text with the Blank Canvas logo and F01. The brush has a gold ferrule, with densely packed bristles that feel super soft, the bristles are anti bacterial and the brush is cruelty free and vegan.  

Blank Canvas Cosmetics - F01 Quick Brush

Blank Canvas Cosmetics - F01 Quick Brush

The brush is a nice size, the brush handle is a little shorter than some of my other brushes but I like the size, it fits in my hand nicely. The brush is extremely soft and the although the bristles are densely packed the brush has plenty of movement and isn't stiff or solid feeling at all and feels lovely on the skin. 


Blank Canvas Cosmetics - F01 Quick Brush

I have used the F01 brush to apply my foundation or whichever base product I am using, powder and bronzer and it worked well with those products, but my absolute favourite way to use the brush is to apply my foundation/base product and that is how I use the brush all the time now.  

The F01 brush is extremely soft, with a domed finish meaning the brush buffs my base products into the skin effortlessly the brush is lovely to use and feels lovely on my skin. I hadn't used a brush to apply my base products for a while when I received the F01 as I prefer to use a beauty blender, and I didn't think I was going to like using a brush to apply my base,  but after using the F01 Quick Brush to apply my foundation, I really liked the finish it gave me and the way my foundation applied. After using the brush the first time to apply my foundation, I realised where the name Quick Brush comes from, the brush is incredible, I pop some foundation either on the back of my hand or dot it around my face and then use the brush to buff my foundation in, it buffs it in effortlessly and so quickly too, much faster than when I use my beauty blender, meaning it takes less time for me to do my makeup. 

The F01 brush washes and dries really well and I haven't experienced any shedding at all, I use the Beauty Blender solid cleanser to clean my makeup brushes and the F01 washes really well and is like new when it has been washed, it also dries well and doesn't lose it's shape. 


Overall I am really impressed with the F01 brush, it feels lovely, it applies my foundation beautifully and leaves me with a flawless finish, it washes and dries well, doesn't shed and it is pink, what more could I want? I really like the brush and would love to try some more brushes from Blank Canvas, if they are all as good as this one, they'll be brilliant! If you are in need of some new make up brushes, I would definitely recommend you check out the Blank Canvas website the brushes and brush sets all look amazing and they are affordable too, I am super impressed with the F01 and I think you would love their brushes too. 

Have you tried any Blank Canvas makeup brushes? Or have you tried the F01 Quick Brush? Do you prefer a brush or sponge to apply your foundation? Let me know in the comments below.

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