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Hair Styling With Sexy Hair

Hair Styling With Sexy Hair

I have tried and loved a couple of products from the brand Sexy Hair, their products always blow me away and I always get a great response from you all when I feature their products on my blog, so when I received 2 more products from Sexy Hair, I couldn't wait to try them and share them with you. 

The products I have are the Sexy Hair Big Spray & Play Volumising Hairspray and the Sexy Hair Long Luxe Detangler Leave In Spray

Sexy Hair Big Spray & Play Volumising Hairspray - £14.95

Hair Styling With Sexy Hair

Hair Styling With Sexy Hair

I have very thin hair and it doesn't keep a style well, I mostly wear my hair in a messy bun or down, and when it is down it is long and straight, but I have realised that if I leave my hair to air dry which I often do as I can't dry my hair myself, for some reason it develops a beachy waves kind of look, I have no idea why because if dried with the hairdryer, it is poker straight but it does look quite nice and I have had a lot of compliments and people asking me how I have done my hair when all I have done is left it to dry. 

But and there is a but, because my hair is super thin, styles don't stay for very long and if I want a style to last, I have to use hairspray. I had always used cheap own brand hairspray that to be honest didn't do a lot, and I always thought that high end hairspray wouldn't be any different, that was until I tried the Sexy Hair Big Spray & Play Volumising Hair Spray. The play and spray hairspray is a volumising hair spray that holds my hair in place but doesn't leave it feeling at all crispy, it gives my hair brilliant lift and volume and my hair stays in place for so much longer than when I use my usual hairspray, my hair also looks lovely and shiny when I use the hairspray which is something I don't experience too much being blonde. 

When I wear my hair in a messy bun I like to have a little lift at the front but it usually flops almost immediately, the Sexy Hair hairspray keeps my hair in place brilliantly.  A couple of weeks ago, I was going on a rare shopping trip but the weather was appalling and being sat in a wheelchair means when it's wet outside, I get wet, umbrella's and wheelchairs aren't the best combination. So my daughter Lissy put my hair up in a messy style that looked like it hadn't taken any effort but really she had been messing about with my hair for a while. Lissy sprayed my hair with the hairspray and it still looked exactly the same when I came home, to be fair I didn't get rained on much only a touch but I was very warm being in pain and being in busy shops and my hair still looked great hours later. 

Sexy Hair Long Luxe Detangler Leave In Spray - £16.95 

Hair Styling With Sexy Hair

Hair Styling With Sexy Hair

I'm sure you will have heard me say before that when my hair is wet after being washed and towel dried, it is super knotty and tangled, I have no idea why but my hair just gets really tangled and knotty when it is wet and I always have to use a detangler, I have used quite a few detanglers over the years so I have become a bit of a connoisseur. 

The Sexy Hair Long Luxe Detangler Leave In Spray claims to be ideal for long hair and hair extensions, my hair is long, I recently had around 5-6 inches cut off it but it is still around bra strap length to give you an idea, so this detangler seemed perfect for my hair. To use the detangler you spray it all over the hair when it has been washed and towel dried and then brush and style as normal. The detangler claims to reduce tangles by 82% and my hair is a good test as it is 100% tangled when it is wet. 

The detangler has a continuous spray and can be sprayed at any angle which is really good, when my hair has been washed the detangler is sprayed through my hair, avoiding my roots because I have super oily hair and some hair products can leave my hair looking oily, my hair is then brushed through and dried either with the hairdryer or left to air dry. The detangler leaves my hair super easy to brush through, it does an excellent job of detangling my hair when it is wet and doesn't leave my hair looking oily when it has dried which is brilliant. 

I like that the detangler is a fine mist and the product is nice and light in my hair, I always worry that using products like this will result in my hair looking oily when it has just been washed, but this is nice and light and my hair is much easier to brush through when it is wet and is left feeling soft and not looking oily. 


I really like both products, the hairspray is my favourite out of the 2 because it gives my hair so much more lift and volume and keeps my hair in place without leaving it feeling crispy and full of product like most other hairsprays I have tried. It is expensive but I don't use it very often so it will last a very long time, I don't mind paying more for a product if it does what is claims to and is a great product especially if I don't use it very often and it will last me a long time, so I would re purchase the hair spray once I have used it all up, I think my daughters will get some use from it too when they curl their hair because anything that can keep my hair in place is a good product because it usually falls out within minutes. 

I also really like the detangler and it is a really great product and it is brilliant at detangling my hair when it's wet and doesn't leave my hair looking oily, but I have other hair detanglers that are less than half the price and contain more product that do the same job so I wouldn't re purchase the detangler but only because of the price, the product is brilliant but for me, a little expensive, but if you like high end hair products or only need to use a detangler occasionally it would be a brilliant product for you and I will of course continue to use it, the only negative for me is the price. 

Have you tried either of these products? Or have you tried any products from the Sexy Hair ranges? Let me know in the comments below. 

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