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Base Products From Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Base Products From Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

I have tried numerous base products over the years but still I am yet to find a foundation that I love and re purchase several times. I have used the same under eye concealer for many years, I just don't seem to be able to find a foundation that wows me. 

A few weeks ago I received the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Fade To Perfect Concealer £18 and First Base Foundation £25, I have tried a few different products from the Timeless Beauty range and some I have really liked so I was looking forward to trying both the base products out. I used both products each time I applied my makeup for around a month before going on my holidays, so it's high time I let you know my thoughts. 

Base Products From Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


Both the foundation and the concealer come in a black box with gold lettering and detail on, once inside, the packaging is the norm with the Joan Collins beauty products and is very nice. The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a gold pump and transparent lid and the concealer a clear plastic tube with gold lid with the signature Joan Collins logo on top of the lid.

First Base Foundation

Joan Collins First Base Foundation

Joan Collins Beauty Fade To Perfect Concealer

Joan Collins Beauty Fade To Perfect Concealer

What Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Say About The Foundation

First Base Foundation is youth promoting skin care and a foundation in one.  It creates a smooth, flawless complexion with a radiant, natural finish, whilst it charges the skin with youthful energy to help increase collagen.  In addition, Hyaluronic Acid moisturises and fills fine lines. 
Beautiful colour with light, natural cover, and, it blends quickly and easily and leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable, like a perfect second skin.
Joan Collins First Base Foundation
I really struggle to find foundations that are suitable for my skin type, I have extremely dry skin and dehydrated skin too and I have a cool undertone to my skin but am very pink and I find most brands launch foundations that are more suited to a normal skin type and a yellow skin tone so it is always a real struggle to find a foundation that ticks all my boxes. 
When I read that the foundation was a skincare and foundation in one I was intrigued and then when I saw Hyaluronic Acid on the ingredients list I was hopeful that the foundation might be suitable for my extremely dry skin. 
I have the shade Cool Fair, there are 8 shades available. When I first opened the box, I did think the shade might be a little dark for me but it is fine and not too dark at all. I have applied the foundation with my fingers, a brush and my beauty blender and my beauty blender and my favourite buffing brush are my most preferred method of application. 
I use around one and a half pumps of foundation, dot it around my face and then blend the foundation from the centre of my face outwards, the first time I used the foundation I liked how it felt on my skin, it felt really weightless and I didn't feel like I was wearing foundation which I liked. The foundation blended beautifully and effortlessly into my skin, it gave me a medium coverage that looked natural and the shade worked well for me despite me worrying it might be too dark. I used a little translucent powder under my eyes and in area's I looked a little shiny and the foundation looked lovely and natural and not cakey at all. 
Joan Collins First Base Foundation Swatch

I wore the foundation for around 10 hours and it looked great when it came to remove it, it hadn't gone patchy or worn away around my nose and chin which is a problem I have with some foundations, my skin is so dry and dehydrated that the foundation sinks in so much it disappears and looks patchy but I didn't experience that at all, the foundation hadn't clung to any dry patches or settled into my fine lines, it looked great and for 10 hours wear time I was really impressed. 

Fade To Perfect Concealer 

Joan Collins Beauty Fade To Perfect Concealer

What Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Say About The Concealer

Plant extracts including Butcher’s Broom, Marigold, Horse Chestnut, Liquorice and Asiatic Pennywort, plus light reflecting particles make this Dame Joan's magic wand!. 
An illuminating, calming and moisturising concealer that creates a magical soft focus over blemishes and skin irregularities.
Joan Collins Beauty Fade To Perfect Concealer
As you can see from the photograph above, the concealer comes with a doe foot applicator, I prefer a doe foot applicator with concealer as I can sweep it under my eyes but pin point areas too, I don't ever use the applicator on blemishes though for hygiene reasons. 
I have the shade fair in the concealer, it is available in fair, medium and dark. I did think the shade looked quite light at first but it is a lovely shade to brighten and highlight my face. The concealer has a lovely texture and feels very moisturising which for me is brilliant, it doesn't settle into any dry patches or fine lines either. 
I really like the way the concealer applies, it feels weightless and blends beautifully and it compliments the foundation really well. The concealer covers my dark circles and brightens my under eye area perfectly, I also use it on my brow bone and across the tops of my cheeks to highlight. It wears well and doesn't crease over time, I also wore the concealer for around 10 hours the first time I wore it and it wore really well, didn't crease or settle into fine lines and kept my skin looking bright all day. 
Joan Collins Beauty Fade To Perfect Concealer swatch

I am wearing the foundation and concealer in the photograph with my daughter below. This was the first time I tried them both. 

Base Products From Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


To be absolutely honest, if I hadn't received the foundation and concealer as part of a PR package, I might never have tried them, I have other products from the Joan Collins beauty range which I love and would re purchase, but I hadn't ever looked at the base products. That said, I am so glad I have had the opportunity to try them both because I really like them, both the foundation and concealer are lovely, and feel lovely on my skin, last well and work brilliantly with my skin type and tone, I really like that there are cool and warm shades in the foundation and my only gripe with the foundation and the concealer is that I do feel there could be a bigger shade range, however the concealer shades do compliment the foundation shades available. 
Both the concealer and foundation apply well and blend beautifully into the skin, the shades I have are brilliant for me and look lovely, the coverage of the foundation is nice and natural, the finish is  more of a matte finish but it doesn't look powdery or cakey, usually I would shy away from a matte finish but it looks lovely and feels lovely on the skin. I love how weightless the foundation feels, one thing I hate about wearing makeup is how foundation feels on my skin, so it was lovely to discover the First Base foundation felt so weightless and I don't feel like I'm wearing any foundation. 
I really like both the foundation and concealer and right up to me going on holiday I used both every time I applied my makeup, unfortunately both are too pale for me since returning from holiday but I will be using them both again regularly once my holiday tan has faded. I think both the foundation and concealer would suit pretty much all skin types but if you have dry or dehydrated skin or are like me and what's known as "mature" then these would both be especially perfect for you, I have finally found a foundation I really like and would re purchase! 

Have you tried either the First Base Foundation or the Fade To Perfect Concealer? If so did you like them too? And have you found your perfect foundation that you re purchase time and time again? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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