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My Holiday Saviour - Calypso Sun Burn Relief And A Word Of Warning

My Holiday Saviour  - Calypso Sun Burn Relief And A Word Of Warning

My Holiday Saviour  - Calypso Sun Burn Relief And A Word Of Warning

 Hello Lovelies,

A few weeks before I went on my family holiday to Greece I received some items from the brand Calypso to take with me, one of the items was the Calypso Sun Burn Relief Spray which is an anti irritant spray for sun burn and also relief from insect bites and stings and I thought it sounded like it could be something really useful to take with us.

The sun burn relief spray comes in a 100ml spray bottle with clear instructions both on the bottle and the box.

My Holiday Saviour  - Calypso Sun Burn Relief And A Word Of Warning

My Holiday Saviour  - Calypso Sun Burn Relief And A Word Of Warning

When on holiday my whole family use an SPF 30 sun protection so burning isn't something we usually experience, we are super careful and re apply our sun protection often but myself and my 2 daughters suffer with prickly heat and the sun burn relief claimed to be an anti irritant that would calm the skin and also be relief for insect bites and stings so I thought it could possibly be a great product to take with us "just in case".

The Calypso sun burn relief spray became something so much more than a "just in case" product whilst we were away, we had some unused sun protection at home so we asked at a local pharmacy if we were safe to use the sun protection and were told as long as it hadn't been opened it would be fine as it had a shelf life of 12 months once opened but this was brand new so would be fine. We had 2 bottles of unused sun protection but bought more, we always buy more than we need because it is extremely expensive to buy in resort.

On day 1 of our holidays myself, Simon and Lissy burnt, Simon burnt his back, chest and tummy very badly he was red raw, this is unheard of for Simon, he is mixed race and very dark skinned naturally and he NEVER burns and to be fair he wears sun protection for the purpose of the UV damage to the skin and that only he doesn't wear it to prevent burning, but he burnt and I mean burnt it was so bad he had to wear a t-shirt for 4 days because he was so sore. Myself and Lissy had burnt our backs luckily not as badly as Simon as we spend a lot of time sat under the umbrella's and don't sit in the sun and thank god we don't or we'd have been in a mess too.

When we got back to our apartment after our first day and realised that we were burnt I decided to try out the Calypso sun burn relief, so after we were all showered and clean myself, Simon and Lissy used the sun burn relief spray,  the directions were to spray evenly onto the skin but not rub in, the spray has a minty/menthol scent to it and when it is first applied to the skin it stings for a few minutes it's not an unbearable sting but it does sting, once the sting has calmed down the skin feels instantly cool and that horrible sun burn sting is gone, you can re apply the sun burn relief so we re applied just before we went to bed too.

The sun burn relief spray is an incredible product, it takes that nasty sore and tight feeling you get with sun burn out immediately and the skin feels instantly cool and not sore at all, you can move around without saying "ouch ouch ouch" every time you move an arm or leg it really is a fantastic product, I also used it on myself and Lissy because we suffered with prickly heat and we used it to calm down our very itchy skin and it worked brilliantly for that too, luckily none of us had any bites or stings so I can't say how it worked for those but I can imagine it would be brilliant, we were all really impressed with it.

I will definitely be re purchasing the Calypso sun burn relief spray for future holidays it really is a fantastic product and one I would highly recommend, it is an amazing price too at just £2.99 and to be honest we'd have happily paid double for it, it is absolutely amazing and will be a definite in our suitcase every year from now on, thank you Calypso you really were our holiday saviour.

Word Of Warning

Once we had sorted our horrible sun burn out I decided to look into why we'd burnt so badly, yes it was incredibly hot at 42 in the shade and there was a breeze the first 2 days so some people were burning but we have visited the resort many times before at the same time of year and it is always the same weather wise so we couldn't understand it especially Simon burning as he just doesn't ever burn. The hotel wifi we had was what I can only describe as diabolical but in the early hours it wasn't bad because nobody was using it, I don't sleep so I decided to look into it and to my horror I discovered that sun protection that hasn't been used can turn into what was described online as a "cooking oil" type product so it was no wonder we had burned including Simon as we had basically fried, ouch!! So a word of warning to others, if you have some sun protection that you haven't ever used please throw it away, it does say it's fine to use it but in some cases it can go off and then turn into a cooking oil type product providing zero protection and basically frying you alive, can you imagine if we'd had a baby or very young child? It was bad enough that myself, Lissy and Simon burnt but we are adults and understand, poor Simon was a real mess bless him, so please please don't make the mistake we did, throw away unused sun protection, we did as I said ask the advice of a local pharmacist and to be fair in some cases it will be fine but we won't ever be taking that risk again, needless to say we threw away the other unused bottle we had taken with us and luckily because we take plenty we had enough.

If you would like more information on the Calypso Sun Burn Relief Spray you can find out more from the Calypso website and if you would like to try some of the sun burn relief spray you can find it here on the TJHughes website for £2.99. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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