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Wunder Extensions - Lash Extension And Volumising Mascara

Wunder Extensions - Lash Extension And Volumising Mascara

Hello Lovelies,

I have really pathetic eye lashes, they are short and stubby and with me being blonde they are really fair too so I need all the help I can get when it comes to choosing a mascara, I also have a real problem with mascara's smudging or "blobbing" as I call it where my lashes rub on my socket bone and my mascara smudges or "blobs" and looks a real mess. I usually have to wear a water proof mascara but sometimes I still have the same issue, so as you can imagine choosing a mascara can be hard work.

I recently received the WunderExtensions to try out and couldn't wait to use it and see if it made any difference to my lashes and if it would "blob" too. The WunderExtensions is a new breakthrough in mascara that combines the benefits of 2 separate formula's into 1 product.

Wunder Extensions - Lash Extension And Volumising Mascara

Wunder Extensions - Lash Extension And Volumising Mascara

What WunderExtensions Says About The Product

Through its advanced Dual-Formula Technology, WUNDEREXTENSIONS created the first lash solution capable of creating unbelievable volume and tremendous length in one step that will last all day, through the toughest of conditions, and keep your lashes nourished and conditioned – and in well under 2 minutes.
FORMULA 1:  ‘Blue’ Volumizing Technology The ‘Blue’ Volumizing Technology covers each lash with advanced “micro-hydra-tubes.” These microhydra-tubes treat and surround each lash with hydration and nourishment, thickening each lash for a voluminous look, preparing them to be coated by the ‘Black’ Extension Technology.  Lives with Formula 2 in same tube to give better benefits in under 2 minutes for wunderful lashes. 
FORMULA 2: ‘Black’ Extension Technology The ‘Black’ Extension Technology works on two levels, immediate and long term.  Mini tinted 3-Dimensional lash extensions (with varied lengths and widths to mimic the look of real hair) are applied to each lash creating tremendous length immediately. Additionally, a clinically tested ingredient works to accelerate lash growth within 2 weeks of daily use.  You can experience 25% longer lashes in just 14 days.


  • ONE PRODUCT, 2 BENEFITS: The ability to have Two Formula’s in One Container Maximizes the 2 Key Benefits People Look to for their Mascara to Achieve - Length & Volume
  • QUICK & EASY - One Step Length and Volume in Under 2 Minutes  
  • TINTED 3-D LASH EXTENSION FIBERS - Varied Length & Thickness Add Dramatic Lash Look Without tell Tale White Fibers usually found in Mascara’s.
  • SAFE - Replaces the Need for Damaging, Time Consuming and Expensive Lash Extensions
  • CONDITIONING - Micro-hydratubes Surround Each Lash Plumping and Nourishing them. No Lash Dry Out.
  • LONG LASTING - No Flakes, Clumps or Smudging. Stays in Place Looking Fresh All Day.

Wunder Extensions - Lash Extension And Volumising Mascara

When I first saw the blue and black formulas in the transparent part of the tube I was sceptical to be honest but when I used the product I noticed that my lashes weren't blue and I didn't have to rock that 1980's electric blue mascara look I'd worn in my teens. 

I applied the WunderExtensions in exactly the same way I would apply any mascara, it applied well and didn't clump my lashes together they were nicely separated and fanned out and I could tell instantly they looked longer, I chose to apply 2 coats of the WunderExtensions as I would usually apply 2 coats of mascara and I really liked the way my lashes looked. I wore the mascara all day and didn't experience any flaking at all and best of all it didn't smudge and I wasn't left with unsightly "blobbing" marks on my socket bone. 

The brush is a nice size and easy to use, the mascara stayed in place all day without flaking or smudging and removed effortlessly using my oil based make up remover. I was really pleased with the WunderExtensions, it applies well, my lashes look fantastic and it doesn't flake or smudge, it performs really well and removed with ease too, it's a great product. My lashes looked longer and fuller and really dark too, I was so impressed with the way they looked and the fact they stayed that way until I removed my makeup. 

If you would like to try the WunderExtensions you can find it on the Wunder2 webiste here for £19.99 with free shipping and a money back guarantee or on Amazon here for £19.99 with free shipping. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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