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Beanies Flavoured Coffee

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

Hello Lovelies

I'm not a coffee drinker but I do like the seasonal coffee's that Costa and Starbucks have throughout the year, Simon and the girls on the other hand all drink coffee on a daily basis and also like me enjoy the seasonal coffees, so when I was received one of the Beanies Flavoured Coffee Stash Boxes to try I was intrigued to try the coffee and I have to say Simon and the girls were too.

About Beanies Flavoured Coffee

Beanies have been pioneering delicious flavoured coffee since 2009, so in their words they're no "has beans". Beanies state that "Flavour to the heart of the bean" is what they're about, by adding a variety of va va voom to their coffee, using the finest raw materials, Beanies bring you a pleasantly balanced, tantalising twist on the norm that's also low in calories. Their premium freeze dried instant coffee is merged with special flavourings that combine with and compliment the aroma of coffee. Beanies unique flavour merging technology and application means that the flavour intensity is consistent and can be enjoyed throughout the entire drinking experience. Unlike other flavoured coffee producers who "coat" the granules, Beanies infuse them with the finest quality flavourings which makes for a more satisfying cup of coffee. 

Beanies coffee is available in freeze dried instant and premium roast coffee, both come in decaf and caffeinated varieties. Beanies is sugar free, less than 2 calories per serving and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, it is gluten free and nut free and does not contain alcohol. 

Beanies 50g jars of freeze dried instant coffee are £4.50 each and the Stash Box is £22.50, delivery is £4.00 but free over £20.00 meaning delivery is free with the Stash Box. The premium roast coffee starts at £4.50 for 250g.

My Stash Box 

I received a Beanies create your own Stash Box containing 9 different flavours of Beanies flavoured coffee, the Stash Box is a box of 9 50g jars of Beanies coffee in flavours of your choice and there are 14 different flavours to choose from. The flavours you can choose from are, Chocolate Orange, Cinder Toffee, Cinnamon & Hazelnut, Coconut Delight, Cookie Dough, Decaf Amaretto Almond, Decaf Chocolate Orange, Decaf Irish Cream, Double Chocolate, Gingerbread, Irish Cream, Mint Chocolate, Nutty Hazelnut, Very Vanilla.  The 9 flavours in my Stash Box were, Mint Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Gingerbread, Amaretto Almond, Cinder Toffee, Irish Cream, Cookie Dough and Very Vanilla. There are other flavours of Beanies available to buy other than the ones available to choose from to put in the Stash Box. 

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

The coffee comes in 50g jars and each 50g jar will give you approx 25 servings of coffee if you use 1 teaspoon of coffee in each serving, the coffee is strong so we all used just half a teaspoon of coffee and it was plenty for us, so depending on how strong you like your coffee will depend on how long the jar will last but I doubt you would need more than 1 teaspoon unless you like extremely strong coffee.  

The jars are easy to open and have bright cheery labels with different coloured writing and images for each flavour, they are well presented and look really nice in the box they come in, you could display them in the box if you wish.  

Beanies Flavoured Coffee

Although I am not normally a coffee drinker I did enjoy most of the flavours in my Stash Box, the only flavours I wasn't too keen on were the Chocolate Orange, Mint Chocolate and Amaretto Almond but that is purely because I don't like Orange, Mint and Almond flavouring but I enjoyed all the other flavours and Simon and the girls did too, my favourite is probably the Irish Cream, I like Baileys Irish Cream and this does taste just like an Irish Cream coffee you would purchase in a restaurant, it's really nice, I did add 1 teaspoon of sugar and added milk to all the flavours as did Simon and the girls as we all take regular coffee with sugar and milk, we did all try it without sugar but we felt we needed just 1 teaspoon, however it is personal preference and you may not need any sugar or milk. 

I have really enjoyed trying all the flavours in the Beanies Stash Box as have Simon and the girls and although we have been trying them for around 3-4 weeks now, we have plenty of each flavour left, so I think they will last us quite a while. And although I am not normally a coffee drinker I have really enjoyed trying and drinking the Beanies coffee, they are nice as an after dinner drink or first thing in the morning or nice to have with friends when they come to visit or just any time of the day at all. Beanies is nice strong coffee and the added flavours are lovely and do taste how they should, some flavoured coffees we have tried in the past haven't had much flavour to them and haven't tasted as they should, but the Beanies really do taste nice, they are full of flavour and I'd say they give the coffee shops a run for their money too, I doubt we'll be buying many seasonal coffee shop coffee's again when we can have a full jar of Beanies for less than the price of 1 small coffee shop coffee. 

I would definitely recommend you try Beanies Flavoured Coffee even if like me, you're not a coffee drinker, you may find you like them as I did, you can buy Beanies in store at Sainsburys and Tesco or online from the Beanies website which you can find HERE

The Beanies website is easy to use, they have an FAQ page plus nutritional info if that's something you are interested in and they also sell different gifts for yourself or if you know a coffee lover who'd love to try Beanies as well as selling the Stash Box and individual jars of flavoured freeze dried instant coffee and also premium roast coffee too. 

Do you like flavoured coffee? Have you tried Beanies? Or are you like me and not really a coffee drinker but like the seasonal coffee shop coffee's? Chat with me in the comments and let me know, I always enjoy reading your thoughts. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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