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Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment - Update And End Of My Three Month Trial

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment - Update And End Of My Three Month Trial

Hello Lovelies

I have very thin hair, I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and one of the side effects is hair loss,  I also think other medical conditions I suffer from and possibly the medications I take don't help my hair loss either. My hair loss is worst when my hair is brushed when it is wet, I lose a lot of hair then but I do find I'm covered in hair pretty much all the time and being blonde and wearing a lot of black is a real giveaway when you suffer from hair loss, plus my partner also constantly pulling my hair off him.

I was asked a few months ago if I would like to trial the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Hair Treatment for three months and I jumped at the chance hoping it would help with my hair loss and thinning hair.  

I have now come to an end of my three months trialling the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment  and am going to share with you the results now the trial has ended. I did write a post when I was half way through the trial to let you know how I was getting on and to share my half way results (you can read that post here

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment - Update And End Of My Three Month Trial

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment - Update And End Of My Three Month Trial

What is Nioxin Night Density Restore?

The Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment promotes hair density by reducing hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation, it includes Nioxydine24 a technology that helps promote hair density. Working during your body's natural, nightly regeneration process, the solution helps fight against oxidative damage (known to contribute to hair loss) and delivers a host of powerful antioxidants, including vitamin E, ginger root extract, caffeine and biotin. These potent ingredients target oxidative damage and help neutralise free radical attacks for healthy scalp maintenance, the treatment is suitable for all hair types, leaves no residue on the pillow and is infused with a soothing fragrance for night time. 

Using The Treatment

The Nioxin Night Density Restore comes with a pipette style applicator making application super easy,  4 drops of product are applied to my scalp every night in 4 different areas of my scalp, the front, back and both sides and then the product is massaged into my scalp before I go to bed. The treatment smells lovely and fresh but the scent isn't over powering and it doesn't linger and the treatment doesn't leave any marks or residue on my pillow overnight. In the morning my hair can look oily, it is worth mentioning though that I do suffer with extremely oily hair, Simon, my partner has used the treatment to see if his hair would be oily the morning after too and it wasn't at all so I can only assume my hair looking oily in the morning is down to me having very oily hair anyway. I have also had the treatment applied when my hair is wet after washing and then had my hair dried as normal, this didn't leave me with oily hair and my hair felt lovely and soft but it was slightly oily the following morning, again this isn't out of the ordinary for me anyway as my hair is very oily naturally but I did want to mention it in order to give thorough and accurate information. I haven't experienced any irritation at all whilst using the treatment, I have very sensitive skin and extremely bad eczema and am allergic to a lot of products but I haven't had any problems at all with the Nioxin. 

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment - Update And End Of My Three Month Trial

The Results After Three Months

After using the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment for three months my hair feels thicker and I don't lose anywhere near as much hair when my hair is brushed when it is wet or throughout the day, I am not covered in hair all the time anymore, I do find I have a couple of stray hairs on me but it is nothing like before. I had noticed after 6 weeks that my hair felt thicker and I wasn't losing as much hair when my wet hair was brushed but my hair definitely feels much thicker now and the amount of hair I lose when my wet hair is brushed has reduced a lot since the halfway mark. There is a definite noticeable difference since using the treatment and I am absolutely thrilled, my hair brush used to be full of hair when my wet hair was brushed and I could pull out a handful of hair from my brush after every use and now it is a completely different story, the amount of hair in my brush has reduced a lot, and there is much less than half the hair in my brush than there used to be which is fantastic.  Not only does my hair brush not resemble a small animal after each use anymore but my hair actually feels a lot thicker and it looks thicker too, I am absolutely thrilled, I have hated my thin hair for so long, it looked so thin and lank and I used to get so upset about it but now it looks so much better and I am really pleased. 

I also had some hair breakage at the front left side of my head, this is due to using straighteners I assume, the hair wouldn't grow and for months and months I have had some short pieces of hair at the left side of my head and I noticed recently that it has grown quite a lot so I can only assume that is due to me using the treatment too, I am really pleased because previously the hair wasn't growing at all and all of a sudden it has started to grow, I haven't used any other hair treatments apart from the Nioxin and I haven't changed my shampoo so the hair growth must be down to the treatment so not only is my hair thicker I have an added bonus of my broken hair growing which is fabulous and unexpected.  

I am absolutely over the moon with the results after using the treatment for just three months, it is a simple treatment to use and smells lovely too and the results speak for themselves. I didn't expect to see any sort of results to be honest with you, my hair loss is due to medical problems so I thought there wouldn't be any improvement but after 6 weeks I had noticed a difference and I was thrilled and now after three months there is even more of a difference and I am really pleased, I will continue to use the treatment, I have plenty left, that is another great thing about the treatment, because I only use 4 drops each night there is still lots of product left meaning the bottle will last me a long time. 

I can't express enough how pleased I am with the results of my three month trial, I used to say my pony tail felt like a rats tail because it was so thin, but it doesn't now, it is much fuller and not like a rats tail anymore. I am really pleased and I would highly recommend the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment if you are suffering with thinning hair or hair loss, it has really helped me and I am more than pleased with the results as I'm sure you can tell. 

If you would like to try the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment, you can find it on the Beauty Expert website here and retails for £31.99 (rrp £39.99) 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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