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BRYT Skincare

BRYT Skincare

Hello Lovelies

As you are probably already aware, I am a bit of lot of a skin care geek, I started to have very bad problems with my skin around 4/5 years ago, I think because of my medical conditions and/or medication and it got to the point where my skin was absolutely horrendous, then I got chatting via email to the lovely Caroline and she really helped me, and I became very interested in skincare and since then have become a real skincare geek, so having the opportunity to try out new brands always excites me and recently I have been trying out some products from the brand BRYT Skincare and today I am going to tell you about the company and the products I have been using over the last few weeks and what I think of them. 

About BRYT Skincare

BRYT Skincare promotes skincare as part of a healthy lifestyle choice, nurturing through adolescence and embracing the young adult, while being an honest trustworthy brand for the more mature customer. BRYT skincare caters for both sexes within the boundaries of a strong ethical policy. 

BRYT aim to use only ingredients which are kind to the planet, ethically sourced from Fair Trade partners and sustainable projects, and organic where relevant. BRYT products are tested on humans not animals and BRYT do not do business with countries where animal testing is accepted. 

BRYT products are free from parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates and GM ingredients, they combine the ancient powers of essential oils with the most advanced methods of Phytoscience. The purest of plant ingredients are extracted to treat, nourish and protect the skin. 

If you would like to find out more about BRYT, you can read their "about BRYT" section on their website here and also find out about their ethical policy here and find out about the founder of BRYT Catkin Wemyss-Bodmer here

The Products

BRYT Skincare

The products I have been trying out over the last few weeks are the BRYT Remove eye and makeup remover, the BRYT Essential Serum for normal to sensitive skin and the BRYT Night night cream. The first thing I noticed about the BRYT products was the packaging, it is lovely and bright and really eye catching and appealing without being over the top.

BRYT Remove

BRYT Skincare

The BRYT Remove eyes and makeup remover comes in a spray bottle and is the first eye and makeup remover I have ever used that has a spray bottle, but I found it incredibly easy to use and also found that I don't waste the product because when spraying onto a cotton pad, I can't spray too much product onto the cotton pad as I find I often do with a pour bottle. 

BRYT Skincare

BRYT Skincare

BRYT claim the remove is an extremely gentle makeup remover and cleanser, and I would agree with that 100%, my skin is very sensitive and I can be allergic to a lot of products and also suffer from severe eczema but I was absolutely fine using the remove, I didn't experience any stinging after use. The remove also claims to detoxify, exfoliate and improve the appearance of skin while toning and balancing and is suitable for all skin types. I found the remove to be excellent at removing all my makeup including my waterproof mascara, it feels nice and fresh on the skin and doesn't leave any kind of residue and my skin is left feeling soft and fresh, my makeup removes effortlessly without the need for scrubbing, I am really pleased with the BRYT remove, it is an excellent product and despite never using a spray bottle makeup remover before, I really like it and now wish all makeup removers had a spray bottle application. The remove is available on the BRYT website here and is 99% natural and vegan formula. 

BRYT Essential Serum

BRYT Skincare

I use the BRYT essential serum after cleansing and toning my skin and applying my eye cream. The serum has a pump applicator and I apply 2-3 pumps to my face and neck morning and evening.

BRYT Skincare

I really like the serum, it applies well and sinks into my skin nicely, it has what I would describe as a herbal scent to it, the scent isn't overpowering and doesn't linger. I have extremely dry and dehydrated skin and I think my skin would be more suited to the BRYT Nourish Serum because it is so dry and dehydrated, the essential serum is nice but I don't feel it is hydrating enough for my super dry/dehydrated skin, the serum would be amazing for someone with normal or sensitive skin as I didn't experience any discomfort when using the serum despite my very sensitive skin, it is a lovely product and feels lovely on the skin and applies well but unfortunately it wasn't hydrating enough for my skin, but please bear in mind my skin is extremely dry/dehydrated. There are BRYT serums for all skin types including the Essential serum for normal/sensitive skin, there is the Nourish serum for dry/dehydrated skin, Calm serum for combination/oily skin and Boost serum for tired/dehydrated skin, so there is something for all skin types. You can find the full range of BRYT serums on their website here

BRYT Night

BRYT Skincare

The BRYT night cream has a pump applicator, I really like pump applicators on skin care, especially moisturisers, it's much more hygienic and also easier to get out than me sticking my fingers in a pot of cream. 

BRYT Skincare

I apply around 3-4 pumps of the night cream to my face and neck as part of my evening skin care routine and I have also been using the night cream as my day cream when my skin is very dry. As I said I do have extremely dry skin and this makes a great day cream for me too and is brilliant for me to use when my skin is at it's worst. I like to use the night cream as a night cream, using it with a facial oil or night treatment before bed, leaving my skin lovely and soft in the morning.  I don't feel the night cream would be hydrating enough for my skin on it's own when my skin is very very dry but when my skin is what I would say "normal" well normal for me, meaning it isn't flaking off at every opportunity and feels like sandpaper, this is a lovely night cream and leaves my skin feeling lovely.

The night cream doesn't have a really thick consistency and doesn't feel like I'm slathering goose fat on my face but considering the nice light feeling consistency it has,  it is nice and nourishing and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft when my skin isn't at it worst. When my skin is at it's worst, this is lovely as a day cream and my makeup applies beautifully over the top. I would say if you have extremely dry skin you may need to use this with a facial oil or night treatment if using as a night cream but it's lovely to use during the day too and if your skin is dry but not extremely dry this is a great night cream or if you just have the odd dry patch it would be great, it's a lovely product. 

One thing I did find is the night cream calmed my eczema down which is brilliant, it has been bad lately and I have really suffered and had a sore patch around my hair line on my forehead and the night cream really calmed it down.

Overall Thoughts

BRYT Skincare

BRYT Skincare

My overall thoughts on the BRYT skincare products I have been using are that I adore the packaging, it is bright without being over the top and looks nice and sleek on the dressing table. The makeup remover is fantastic, it does a brilliant job of removing a full face of makeup including water proof mascara, I love the spray bottle and wish all my makeup removers had a spray bottle, I don't use too much product meaning it lasts longer. 

I really liked the serum but it just isn't hydrating for my extremely dry skin, but that isn't the fault of the product, it just isn't the right product for my skin, had I used the serum for dry and dehydrated skin I can only assume from using the Essential serum that I would love it, the Essential serum is lovely and does feel lovely it just isn't enough for my extremely dry skin. 

The night cream is lovely and when my skin is behaving and not at it's worst, I love to use it with a facial oil or on top of one of my over night treatments, my skin feels lovely and soft in the morning and looks nice and plumped up, it is also fantastic for my eczema and doesn't affect my very sensitive skin at all. When my skin is at it's worst, I use the night cream as a day cream and it is wonderful, it isn't quite enough for my skin as a night cream when my skin is at it's worst but again that isn't the fault of the night cream, it is just that my skin is super super dry. I do like the night cream, it is a great product and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft and looking great the day after using it and my makeup applies well too. 

The products are all really nice, they all feel lovely on the skin and perform as well as some skin care products I have used with a much higher price tag, if you're on the market for some new skincare I would definitely recommend giving BRYT skincare a go, they have a fantastic ethical policy and I love that their products use fair trade and organic ingredients and that there are no nasties in them, all the products have their ingredients listed on the website which is great for people with allergies or who are sensitive to certain ingredients, more companies should do this, it's fantastic. 

I would recommend you give BRYT a try, they're great products and do what they claim whilst containing great ingredients that don't contain any nasties and have a fantastic company ethical policy. You can find all the products mentioned in today's post on the BRYT website here.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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