Tuesday 19 July 2016

The Benefit Brow Bar - My Experience

The Benefit Brow Bar - My Experience

Hello Lovelies

I'm pretty sure you will have heard me say how much I hate my brows, I have non existent eye brows, my brows just don't grow at all. I don't know if it's my PCOS that makes them fall out because it makes my hair fall out, or if it's my medication, but they just don't grow. I am also absolutely rubbish at filling my brows in and no matter what I try they just never look right, I only started to fill my brows in a couple of years ago and at first I used to lightly run an eyebrow pencil through them, then I tried MAC Omega eyeshadow and an angled brush and more recently I have been using ABH Dipbrow Pomade and an angled brush but still I wasn't entirely happy with my brows, I think my brows look best using the dip brow but they're not how I want them and they just don't seem to ever look nice/right. 

Recently I was watching one of Liza's video's and her brows looked amazing so I asked her what she was using and she uses the Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil, I decided that I would go and check it out next time I could. 

Last Saturday I visited a Benefit counter and was served by a lovely girl called Olivia, she sat me down and I told her all about my brows and how much I hated them and that they didn't grow. Olivia spent time with me showing me the products on offer and trying various different products on me, she was so lovely and extremely helpful too and she spent ages with me, I didn't feel rushed at all she was so lovely, we spent ages chatting about makeup and my brows and I felt like the most important customer in the world. Once I had decided on the products I liked best from the selection Olivia showed me and tried on me, (haul and review coming soon) Olivia spoke to me about having my brows waxed and tinted by Benefit at their brow bar, I decided since they had a slot in a few minutes time I would have it done.  

The girl who did my brows was called Ruby, she was so nice, she sat me down and she spoke to me about my brows and asked me how I wanted them, I explained that they don't grow and we discussed how they are pretty non existent because they are so sparse and because they are blonde they look non existent, my brows have never looked nice and I explained I just wanted nice brows but accepted she wasn't a miracle worker. 

Before Ruby started my brows she spoke to me about any medications I was taking and medical conditions and I had to read through some information and tick if I had any of the conditions listed or took any of the medication listed. I had to sign a form and was offered a patch test but declined it as I have had lash tints in the past and have my hair dyed. Ruby tested the wax on my hand and also offered me a lip and chin wax, I didn't have that as we both agreed I didn't need it. Ruby applied the tint to my brows first and then removed it and showed me in the mirror asking if I would like to go a little darker and we both agreed I should go a little darker. Ruby tinted my brows and then waxed them, she also used some small scissors and eye brow tweezers to tidy up above my brows. 

Once my brows were done Ruby showed me in the mirror and I actually welled up and got quite emotional, my brows looked so much better, Ruby gave me a hug and was also emotional, she said my brows looked amazing and I have to agree they did. Because I had had the waxing Ruby patched up my makeup adding some foundation and concealer and she also popped some product through my brows. Olivia had gone for her lunch break just before my brow appointment so she didn't get to see my brows when they were finished but I'm sure she'd be pleased with how pleased I am with them. 

I am so happy with my brows and cannot recommend visiting the Benefit brow bar enough, my friend Khila has her brows done by Benefit and we spoke about it last time I saw her but I was a little worried in case my brows didn't look right but now I have had them done I will definitely be having them done again, Ruby recommended every 4 weeks but said I may be able to go longer because I am only fair. 

Overall I am so happy with my brows, they look so much better, Ruby said that in time I may be able to get more of an arch depending how they grow and if they grow which would be amazing but for now I am extremely happy with them. 

My Brows Before & After

The Benefit Brow Bar - My Experience

Please excuse my no makeup face in the photographs, you can see that my brows look much better, they have a better shape and are a better colour and they frame my face too. I haven't used any product on my brows in these photographs but I do have some posts coming on the products I picked up from Benefit and how I am going to use them, and I am going to write a post on the different products and have photographs showing my brows before and after using each product. 

I am really pleased with my brows and the way they look and I hope you think they look better too. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience visiting the Benefit counter and both Olivia and Ruby were so lovely and extremely helpful too, I cannot wait to use my new products but at least if I'm having a no makeup day I can just pop a bit of mascara on and I'm good to go and will look a little more alive with my new brows. 

Thank you so much to Olivia and Ruby, you made my experience fabulous and I will definitely be back. I visited the Benefit counter in the Manchester Boots store because I don't have any local Benefit counters, to book in to have your brows done at a Benefit Counter local to you click onto this link.

Have you had your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar? Keep an eye out for my next beauty haul where I will show you which products I picked up and of course I will have review posts of all the products I purchased soon too. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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