Tuesday 12 July 2016

Currently Loving - Random Favourites

Currently Loving - Random Favourites

Hello Lovelies

I have another "currently loving" post for you today and it's another random favourites post, including all the things shown in the image above plus some more. I am thinking of writing a currently loving post for beauty favourites so if that's something you would be interested in, please let me know in the comments. But without further ado, here are my current random favourites. 


I have actually been the cinema a couple of times over the last few weeks which is a first for me, I've not been for 2 years and then I went twice in one month! The first film I saw was The Conjuring 2 (cert 15) and what an amazing film it was, I loved it! If you enjoy horror films I highly recommend you see this, you don't have to have seen the first Conjuring film to watch it either which is a bonus, it is excellent, the Conjuring films are based on true events and this film is set in England in the 1970's it is really good, I won't speak about it because I don't want to spoil it for those who might see it but all I can say is, if you have seen the first Conjuring and you loved it or if you just love horror films, this will certainly not disappoint, it's incredible. The second film I saw at the cinema is Me Before You (cert 12a) I read the book in 2012 on holiday in Greece and loved it, it is the only book that has ever had a massive impact on me and I couldn't speak about it without crying for months afterwards and I have been waiting for the film to be released ever since I found out it was being made and it didn't disappoint at all, there was a lot of the book cut out but there always is when a book is made into a film isn't there? Again I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but it is a nice love story with laughter but also lots of sadness, you'll need your tissues for this one. 


I'm sure that those of you who know me well are already shouting at your laptops because you know what's coming, Big Brother (channel 5), did you guess right? I am a huge Big Brother fan and wanted to apply for the 2nd series but my parents talked me out of it, ever since I have wanted to go on the show but now there is no way I could. I love big brother, it brings out the nosey me ha ha, I find other people fascinating, I love it and every summer it is my guilty pleasure, Simon on the other hand hates it! I have been loving Coronation Street (ITV) as always, and this week sees Kylie Platt leave which I am really sorry about, I love her character, on the other hand, I cannot stand Phelan and am looking forward to Eileen finally coming to her senses, I hope it's soon! Pretty Little Liars is back on Netflix too, I binge watched all 6 series' over last October/November and really enjoyed it and am really pleased it's back on, although I have to admit I have found it quite slow so far. Another thing we watched recently was the Oscar Pistorius interview (channel 4), I am not going to say much about it in my post as I feel it would be disrespectful to Reeva Steenkamp and her family but it was a very eye opening interview indeed, I can't say I enjoyed it as that is the wrong word entirely but it was compelling viewing and something that made me shout at the TV a lot! 


This really comes under the TV and music category but we absolutely loved watching Glastonbury, I would love to go and it's something I have wanted to do for years and is definitely a bucket list item, obviously I couldn't camp and it probably won't ever happen but I would love it if it were possible. My favourites were Adele, Madness and Coldplay with Coldplay being my favourite, I loved it all though it was so good this year, I was a little disappointed with New Order and James but they were ok, overall though it was brilliant and since then I have been singing away to Adventure of a lifetime by Coldplay. 

Another song I am in love with at the moment and nothing to do with Glastonbury, I just like it is Justin Timberlake, Can't Stop The Feeling. It is so catchy and I love it. 


I haven't read for a long time, it takes me such a long time now as I have to re read sentences and get mixed up easily but after seeing me before you at the cinema I picked the book up again to re read and have started that, it feels like putting on an old pair of comfy slippers reading it again and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My eldest daughter Cole has kindly bought me After You to read once I have finished it so I am really looking forward to that too. If you haven't read me before you but would like to, you can find it on Amazon for £3.85 here


I am loving Snapchat at the moment, I love the funny filters with the Bee one being my favourite of the last few weeks, it was fabulous! Simon and I are so childish and take so many silly pics of us using the Snapchat filters. I post little video's on there almost vlog type things and a lot of my old you tube watchers have said it's a bit like I'm on you tube again which is nice, if you would like to add me on Snapchat and follow my ramblings and see stupid photos of me and Simon being thoroughly mature with the filters, my Snap chat name is simply, Mammafulzo.


A website I discovered recently is Firebox and I came across them when I was looking for birthday gifts for my eldest daughter, I have ordered her a Unicorn mobile phone charger (buy here) which is basically the Unicorn emoji but a portable phone charger, and whilst on their site, I found so many amazing things. It's a great site for gifts and other things like home items and garden items, I love it. Keep your eyes peeled for a wishlist post coming soon. 

Food & Drink

I met my lovely friend Khila a couple of weeks ago and we spent the day together, we had a fantastic time and whilst we were out she introduced me to Taco Bell, I had no idea they had a Taco Bell in Manchester and when we found it, Khila said she loved it and she went to order us a variety of things to try, well for me to try since she already loves it and I have to say I did really like it and would definitely go again. In terms of food at home, Simon goes to a local butcher once every 3 weeks and gets all our meat for a 3 week period, he started to do this after the chicken in Asda became so expensive and the chicken breasts were that small we were spending a fortune. The local butcher we discovered is a lot better value for money, and whilst Simon was in the butcher he noticed they sold lamb kofta's, we have these when we are on holiday in Greece and love them so Simon picked some up for us to try at home and they are delicious, he serves them with warm pitta bread and tzatziki and salad, they really are yummy! 


My favourite blogger is the lovely Beautylymin, her blog is amazing, she is a beauty blogger and her posts are brilliant and very informative, I really enjoy reading her blog, she is also a really lovely person too. Her hauls always leave me with a huge wishlist, especially her recent huge Sephora haul! If you love beauty, you'll love Beautylymin, she is a lovely lady and her blog is fabulous, go and check her out, you won't be disappointed. 

You Tuber

A YouTuber I have really been enjoying is Bryony Blake, you may know Bryony as the makeup artist on This Morning but she also has a youtube channel, she posts tutorials, favourites, how-to video's and more and she is a lovely lady, easy to watch and her tutorials are easy to follow too. I really like her video and if you love makeup and beauty and watching youtube, I think you might too, go and check her out here.

So those are all the random favourites I am currently loving, do you love some of the same things as me? Let me know in the comments and let me know if you watch Big Brother who you like and dislike, I love chatting about all things big brother and please also let me know if you would like me to write a currently loving beauty post too. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

* Images used for TV and film were taken from google image search. 

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