Friday 14 April 2017

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Lash Growth Treatment - Review Featuring Before And After Photographs

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Lash Growth Treatment

Hello Lovelies

A few weeks ago, I received the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Lash Growth Treatment (£20.00) and I knew instantly who would be my guinea pig to test this product for my review. 

My youngest daughter Alicia suffers from Trichotillomania as a result of her anxiety and because of this she wears false eye lashes every day, wearing the false lashes results is a viscous circle because removing them causes her eye lashes to become weak and fall out and as a result of both the false lashes and the Trichotillamania she has very sparse lashes. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Lash Growth Treatment

The Lash Growth Treatment is a clear treatment gel is a peptide booster that contains extract of laminaria (sea weed) and plvetia (sea algae) and lemon flavenoid to promote growth and fullness. The gel is paraben free and suitable for all skin types and claims to give you thicker, fuller and longer lashes in just 30 days. The treatment gel is opthamologically tested and can be worn alone or underneath your mascara. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Lash Growth Treatment

The packaging of the treatment gel is lovely and looks very classy and luxurious, the tube is the signature Joan Collins gold and has Joan Collins written around the lid of the treatment. The applicator is a clear mascara wand which is quite long but is easy to use and coats the lashes well. 

Alicia has been using the treatment gel at night on bare lashes, to be honest neither of us had high hopes for this product and thought it would be a gimmick but Alicia persevered and applied each night before getting into bed, now I have to say that she hasn't applied the treatment every single night, some nights she has forgotten so we decided that we would wait and give it longer than the 30 days because Alicia does forget some nights to apply it.

Alicia wears contact lenses and hasn't had any problems at all using the gel, it hasn't stung her eyes and she said it applies really well and the wand is easy to use and coats both her top and bottom lashes really well. 

The Results

Alicia first noticed her lashes looking different she thinks around 10 times after she'd used the treatment, her lashes were looking longer and fuller and now she has been using the treatment for around 8 weeks, not daily but she has definitely used the treatment 30 times, Alicia is really impressed with her lashes, her top lashes are the ones she pulls out and where she wears the false lashes, she said the lashes she has are looking a lot better and if she stopped wearing the false lashes she feels they would look amazing but at the moment she can't do that. But the difference in Alicia's bottom lashes is amazing and we can only assume that without the false lashes and her pulling them out, her top lashes would be the same. 

Alicia had short bottom lashes and they were sparse near the inner corner of her eye and around the first third of her bottom lash line but they look amazing now, they are so much fuller and longer and she has lashes where she didn't have them before. The photograph below is a before and after photograph and although Alicia is wearing false lashes on her top lashes in both photographs, you can see a big difference to her bottom lashes. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Class Act Lash Growth Treatment Before & After

Alicia is thrilled with the way her bottom lashes look and she continues to use the lash treatment gel, when asked if she would recommend it and repurchase it, she said yes. 

I am going to start applying the lash gel treatment to my brows to see if it helps with my sparse brows that do not grow, I shall report back if it does but I have heard it is a great brow treatment too and it is a lot cheaper than the brow treatment I was going to buy, so if it works it will have saved me some money too. 

Alicia is thrilled with the Class Act Lash Growth Treatment and as you can see it has worked amazingly for her, if you would like to try it, you can find it on the Joan Collins Beauty website here or the Marks & Spencer website here

Have you tried the Class Act Lash Growth Treatment? Or is it something you would like to try? Chat with me in the comments section below and let me know. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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