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Unwash - The New Clean

Unwash - The New Clean

Hello Lovelies

I am sure you know by now that I suffer from extremely oily hair, I have mentioned it quite a few times about a million times on my blog before, so when I was recently asked if I would like to try out some new hair products from the brand Unwash I obviously accepted, I am after all continuously on the hunt for my holy grail shampoo. 

Who Are Unwash?

Unwash are a new movement in hair care and the first professional co washing system. Unwash challenges conventional wisdom and the harsh cycle of traditional shampoo, condition, repeat. Unwash is simplified hair care, gentle cleansing, healthier hair, no sulfate detergents or parabens so hair isn't stripped of it's natural oils, reduces drying time and is safe for all hair types including coloured hair and is ideal for hair with a natural texture or curl. 

The Products

I received the Unwash Try Me Intro Travel Kit (£19.95) the kit contains the Bio Cleansing Conditioner 74ml,  the Anti Residue Cleanse 74ml,  and the Hydrating Masque 74ml. 

Unwash Try Me Intro Travel Kit

Unwash Bio Cleansing Conditioner 

Unwash Bio Cleansing Conditioner

Unwash Bio Cleansing Conditioner

How Unwash Describe The Bio Cleansing Conditioner

Discover a new level of clean with the Bio Cleansing Conditioner from Unwash. Formulated without harsh chemicals, the innovative non-lathering formula eliminates dirt and oil from hair, without stripping essential moisture.
Fortified with Cationic Cleansers, the conditioning formula draws unwanted dirt from locks, without disrupting the cuticle. A blend of organic Evening Primrose oil and Hydrolysed Keratin works to nourish the hair and the scalp, delivering moisture and strength. Expect smooth, shiny and bouncy hair that is free from oil and frizz.
My Thoughts
The Bio Cleansing Conditioner can be used daily or whenever you normally wash your hair in replace of your regular shampoo and conditioner, the first thing I noticed was that the Bio Cleansing Conditioner doesn't lather up as much as my regular shampoo which I did expect without it containing the sulphates but it does lather up a little and more than I expected. It has a fresh and very subtle scent and rinses out well. 
The Bio Cleanse Conditioner can be used every day to replace your regular shampoo and conditioner, one thing I was very surprised at, was how easy my hair was to brush through once it had been towel dried after using the Bio Cleanse, I have been using a de tangler on my hair recently because it is seriously knotted when it has been washed and towel dried but my hair is so much more manageable after using the Bio Cleansing Conditioner. My hair dries well and styles well too and my hair is left feeling lovely and clean and looks really lovely, healthy and shiny too, having shiny hair is rare for me because my hair is blonde, so I was really pleased my hair looked so good. 
I have very oily hair and when I say very oily, I mean very oily. If my hair is washed in a morning at say 7am, it can be greasy round my hairline and at my crown by 6pm the same day and the morning after will be very greasy looking and need washing again, or if I'm lucky I have to use a lot of dry shampoo and my hair put up in a messy bun. The first time I used the Bio Cleansing Conditioner my hair was washed at 9am and wasn't greasy at all that evening, the morning after I had a little bit of oil at my crown but popped a little dry shampoo in and my hair was fine, to be able to wear my hair down 2 days running without daily washing is unheard of for me so I was extremely pleased with the results of the Bio Cleansing Conditioner. 
Anti Residue Cleanse
Unwash Anti residue Cleanse

Unwash Anti residue Cleanse

How Unwash Describe The Anti Residue Cleanse

Eliminate build up with the Anti-Residue Cleanse from Unwash. Working to reset hair back to its ultra-clean state, the cleansing formula works to rid hair of daily build up, including oil and hair products.
Gentle yet effective, the shampoo is formulated without sulphate detergents and is able to perform a thorough cleanse without stripping hair of its natural oils. The formula is enriched with Cocamide Dipa, alongside Coconut and Babassu Oils, which help to moisturise hair whilst offering a gentle cleanse. Finished with Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, the shampoo leaves the scalp calm and comfortable and hair incredibly shiny.
My Thoughts
The Anti Residue Cleanse can be used anytime you feel your hair needs a more intense cleanse to remove build up, the cleanse again, lathers a little but not as well as a regular shampoo, it is easy to work into the hair and rinses out well, after using the Anti Residue Cleanse,  Unwash recommend following with the Hydrating Masque, so I will tell you all about the masque and then share my thoughts on both products.  

Unwash Hydrating Masque

Unwash Hydrating Masque

Unwash Hydrating Masque

How Unwash Describe The Hydrating Masque

Replenish your locks with the Hydrating Masque from Unwash. Smoothing effortlessly onto hair, the hydrating masque reveals locks full of body and vitality.
Fortified with organic Argan oil, the nourishing formula delivers intense hydration to hair in need. The hair cuticle is smoothed, which helps to reduce frizz and increase shine. The hair mask is complete with protein-rich Hydrolysed Quinoa, which protects and repairs the fibre for a silkier finish. Expect hydrated locks that are touchably soft and shiny.
My Thoughts
The Hydrating Masque is a conditioner type product that feels luxurious, it applies well to the hair, I avoided my roots completely with the masque because I always do that if using conditioner and I wanted to use the products as I normally would to be able to compare to my regular hair washing products. The masque was "combed" through my hair with fingers, left on for 3-4 minutes as instructed and then rinsed thoroughly. 
After using the Anti Residue Cleanse and the Hydrating Masque my hair brushed through effortlessly after being towel dried, it dried well with the hair dryer and straightened nicely too. Once dry my hair felt incredible, it was extremely soft and manageable, it felt and looked very healthy, shiny and in fabulous condition and I was really pleased with it. 
I was also really pleased when my hair wasn't oily the same day or the day after too, I had to use a little bit of dry shampoo at my crown the morning after but as with the Bio Cleansing Conditioner, I was able to wear my hair down 2 days running and then use a little dry shampoo and wear my hair up on day 3, this is not something I am used to at all. 
Overall Thoughts On The Unwash Products
Unwash Try Me Intro Travel Kit

I am seriously impressed with all 3 of the Unwash products, I hadn't ever heard of the brand before receiving an email asking me if I would like to try their products but they are all brilliant products. They also sell a dry shampoo which I would love to try and will definitely be checking out because if that is as good as the products I have been trying, it will be brilliant. 

I am definitely converted to the Unwash method of washing my hair and the products are so much better for my hair than the products I usually use and my hair looks and feels so much better than it usually does. I am really impressed that the products don't strip my hair too and my colour is safe, I have used a well known once a week cleansing shampoo previously and it completely stripped my hair and faded my colour massively and my hair looked appalling. So to read that the Unwash products wouldn't strip my colour really impressed me and then after using them and seeing for myself that they hadn't stripped my hair is brilliant. 

For me the best thing about the Unwash products apart from my hair looking and feeling amazing,  is that my hair isn't oily the same day I have washed it,  or even the morning after washing it. Being able to go 3 days without washing my hair is unheard of, so for me this is the best bit about the products, it is not only horrible having oily hair and my hair looking greasy, but it is hard work and very painful for me to have my hair washed, so the Unwash products help me in more ways than one.

I honestly cannot recommend the Unwash products enough, they really are excellent, I have spent a fortune over the years on expensive shampoo's and conditioners designed for greasy hair or shampoo's designed to cleanse the hair and remove build up but nothing has impressed me quite so much as Unwash, and the fact they don't affect my colour at all is amazing too. 

The Try Me Intro Travel kit is a brilliant way of trying the Unwash products and is great value for money, each 74ml product is £9.95 and the kit is £19.95, saving you £9.90 so you are practically getting a product for free, you can find the kit on the HQ Hair website here

Or if you would prefer to buy the products separately or you just want to try one or two products, you can find all the Unwash products on the HQ Hair website, the Bio Cleanse Conditioner is available here, the Anti Residue Cleanse here and the Hydrating Masque here

I am really pleased I was able to try Unwash and I am thrilled with their products, they will fit in perfectly with some other products I have recently discovered and love and I am really excited to have a hair care routine that will be good for my hair, not strip my colour and keep the grease at bay, I am absolutely thrilled!

Have you tried Unwash Products? Or have you tried the new way of hair washing? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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