CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Friday, January 19, 2018

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

I am sure you are aware if you read my blog regularly that I am a complete nail geek, I love anything nail related, whether it be regular or gel polish or false nails and treatments, I love it. So when I received a parcel containing some of the CND Vinylux weekly polishes to try I was over the moon.

The polishes I received are part of the CND Glacial Illusion collection, I received two of the duo packs of weekly polishes and a weekly top coat.

The CND Weekly Polishes are infused with Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, they have an ergonomic curve hugging brush making application easier and deliver a 7 day, chip resistant wear. There are more than 100 shades to choose from and they have a fast drying, 2 step application with a brilliant shine that lasts, plus they have increased durability with natural light.  

The Polishes

Cashmere Wrap & Mystic Slate

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Cashmere Wrap

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Cashmere Wrap

Mystic Slate

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Mystic Slate


CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Mystic Slate & Cashmere Wrap swatch

Weekly Top Coat

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Alpine Plum & Winter Nights

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Alpine Plum

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Alpine Plum

Winter Nights

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Winter Night


CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Winter Night  Alpine Plum swatch

My Thoughts

The polishes have a nice wide brush making it easier to apply them, I much prefer a wider brush for that reason. I used two thin coats of polish with all four shades and then one coat of the top coat. All four shades applied and dried the same, they have quite a fast drying time between coats which is good as I hate waiting for polish to try. 

The polishes are lovely and glossy and once the top coat is applied they have the most amazing gloss finish as you will be able to see from the swatches. The longest amount of wear time I have gotten from the polishes so far has been 10 days and the shortest 7, which is brilliant. All the shades are beautiful and look lovely on the nails, I popped a photograph of Mystic Slate on my Instagram account and I got so many compliments on it. 

I am really impressed with the Weekly Polishes and will definitely be purchasing some more shades in the range, they have some beautiful shades for spring/summer Tropix is right up my street as is Pink Bikini as I am sure you will all agree they are definite "Zoë shades" but there are so many more I like too, the shade range is amazing and there are so many to choose from so if my taste isn't yours, you're bound to find something you like. 

These really are great polishes and I highly recommend them, if you're a real nail polish geek like me or if you just fancy trying something new, I am pretty confident you'll like them. You can find the polishes and the top coat on the Nail Polish Direct website priced at £6.90. 

Have you tried the CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes? And which is your favourite of the four shades I shared today? And if you do browse Nail Polish Direct, let me know your favourite shades in the comments below.

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