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Sunday Riley Luna - Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I have seen Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil £45.00 15ml, spoken about highly on blogs and social media for around 3 years now and it has been on my wishlist ever since I first read about it, but the hefty price tag always put me off. So when I received the 15ml bottle for Christmas, I was absolutely thrilled and couldn't wait to try it and had my fingers crossed that it would be worth that price tag but also worried I would love a really expensive product, no win really is it? It's either not worth it, or I love it and then it's a fortune! 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

What Is Luna?

The Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a night time treatment oil which contains a Trans Retinol Ester to help fight signs of fine lines and wrinkles, Blue Tansy which is an anti inflammatory, helps to prevent redness and heal damaged skin and is also known for it's healing properties with eczema and dermatitis. Avocado Seed, Chia and Grapeseed Oil to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, German Chamomile which soothes inflamed and irritated skin and Luna is also rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D and E.

" The power of retinol blended with soothing, potent botanicals for the ultimate transformation. Luna's retinoid complex works through the night to deliver more youthful, luminous, even toned skin in the morning. Trans retinoic acid ester reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles, while visibly improving the signs of premature ageing, fine lines, uneven texture, age spots, dryness and dullness. Blue Tansy and German Chamomile essential oils, both rich in soothing, blue azulene, help to visually reduce redness and neutralise the signs of sensitivity, for a calm, even toned complexion. Clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, radiance and skin smoothness in 4 weeks." 
My Thoughts

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I like the packaging of Luna, the box has a lot of useful information on it which I like, (I don't like information sheets) the lid lifts off the box and the Luna is housed in the base of the box, it has a pipette style applicator and is in a dark blue square bottle. 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

The Luna oil is a blue/green colour but does fade once rubbed into the skin, I use around 4 drops for my full face, bearing in mind though that my skin is extremely dry and dehydrated, I would imagine 2-3 drops would be ok if your skin isn't desert like, like mine. 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I apply the Luna after I have cleansed my face and used my acid toner at night, twice a week, this is the recommended way of using it. Luna has a scent but I can't for the life of me describe it, it isn't a nice scent but it isn't horrible either and it doesn't linger, it disappears soon after applying. 

The first time I used the Luna, I was absolutely amazed at the difference in my pores the following morning, I have visible pores on my nose and chin and I was shocked at the difference in them after just one application, they were so much less noticeable. The morning after I first used Luna, I used my usual skincare products and found my serum and moisturiser took longer to sink in on my forehead than the day before, meaning my skin wasn't as dehydrated, so two very obvious differences after the first use which was impressive. 

I have been using the Luna Sleeping Night Oil twice a week for the last 2 weeks now and the morning after using it, I can see an obvious difference in my pores and my skin feels softer and appears less dehydrated in terms of my serum and moisturisers and the time they take to sink in. I had used it a couple of times before that too. I haven't been using Luna regularly enough yet for me to give you any concrete results, but I am loving the results so far and am very impressed that the results were so obvious after the first use and I think I can say that I am going to love this, it is very expensive but the amount I use I would imagine the 15ml bottle I have will last me a long time especially as I only use it twice a week.  

Overall I think the Luna is a great product and it is performing well so far, I am very impressed that the results were so obvious after just one use and I have high hopes for my skin after using it twice a week for 4 weeks, I will of course up date you on how I am getting on after a few weeks. I would say that if you have been wanting to try Luna but worried about the price tag, try the smaller bottle as it will last a long time only using 2-3 drops twice a week, but so far I am really liking it which is typical with the price of it, but I am impressed with the difference so far, I can only imagine the difference after a few more weeks will be great. 

If you would like to try the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, it is available in 2 sizes, 15ml and 30ml and is priced at £45 for the 15ml and £85 for the 30ml and is available to purchase from the Cult Beauty website

Have you tried Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil? Or is it on your wishlist? And have you tried any other Sunday Riley products you can recommend or that I should avoid?  Let me know in the comments below. 

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