Tuesday 20 February 2018

Banishing Winter Blues With Essence

Banishing Winter Blues With Essence

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will have read many posts featuring Essence. Essence are a high street cosmetics brand and have fast become one of my favourites, their products are not only very affordable but also incredible and I have yet to find an Essence product I don't like. 

Today I have some Essence products that are all a great "pick me up" to banish those winter blues, it is absolutely freezing here in the UK at the moment and if it's not snowing it's pouring with rain or windy and just generally really really cold and the dark mornings and evenings make for a really "urgh" kind of mood even though they are getting a little better. The Essence products I have to share with you today are sure to bring some brightness in this dull and very cold and dreary winter we're having. 

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - One Second To Mars - £3.50

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow One Second To Mars

"Create a look to stand out from the crowd with Essence's Metal Shock Eyeshadow. This creamy, highly pigmented eyeshadow lights up your eyes with a bright metallic pink look."
The Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadows come in 7 metallic shades, all of which are stunning, I have the shade One Second To Mars, a beautiful rose gold metallic shade. The shadows come with a doe foot applicator and are a cream/liquid formula that dries to a gorgeous highly pigmented metallic finish. I find applying the product directly to my lid with the applicator then using a brush to blend it out suits me best when applying the eyeshadow. 

I don't experience any creasing at all when wearing the eyeshadow, but it is worth mentioning that I always use an eye primer as I have very oily eyelids, the shadow is easy to use and looks so pretty on the eye. I like to wear this shade on it's own all over the lid and under the lower lash line with lots of mascara for an easy everyday look or I add a little dark brown or bronze shadow in the outer corner to add some depth but both looks are simple to do and look lovely. 


Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow One Second To Mars Swatch

This swatch like all the swatches on my blog, has not been edited in any way.

Essence Rainbow Glow Highlighter - £3.50

Essence Rainbow Glow Highlighter

"Create the perfect rainbow ombré effect on your skin with this Essence Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighting Powder. The four complimentary rainbow colours all work together to create an iridescent, multi-coloured prism-glow on the cheeks."

The Essence Rainbow Glow Highlighter looks absolutely stunning, the bright rainbow design instantly brightens up any cold, dreary winters day, just look at those colours! I have to admit I did wonder how the highlight would look on the skin being such vivid colours but it is a beautiful shade that also looks lovely as an eyeshadow. The colours in the highlight can be used separately on the eyes and face, or they can be swirled together to create a beautiful highlight shade, this is how I use it. 

Essence Rainbow Glow Highlighter

The highlight when all the shades are swirled together with a brush, is a peachy toned highlight and looks so pretty on the skin and as I said, it is also lovely as an eyeshadow. The highlight is quite a subtle highlight but can be built up if you like a stronger glow,  I don't find the highlight accentuates my pores and it lasts well on my skin also. 


Essence Rainbow Glow Highlighter Swatch

Essence Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick - 13 Undying Blossom - £2.30

Essence Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick - 13 Undying Blossom

"the lipstick range unites high-coverage and colour-dispersion with just one application and a feathery, light feeling on the lips. the creamy texture is long lasting and won’t dry out the lips."

Essence lip products are amazing, they are very affordable and apply, wear and last just as well, if not better than some of the high end lip products I have in my makeup collection. The shade Undying Blossom is a stunning matte shade and one I loved as soon as I took the lid of it. The shade is a bright cool toned pink/red shade and looks beautiful on the lips, I love bright lipstick and I feel brighter when I wear a bright shade too. 

The lipstick applies well and feels comfortable on the lips and not drying at all, I don't have any issues with dry lips at all but if you do, you could pop a little lip balm on before applying the lipstick, but I personally haven't had any problems and find it comfortable to wear. I get around 4 hours wear time including eating and drinking or 6/7 without eating and just drinking.


Essence Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick - 13 Undying Blossom Swatch

Essence Party In A Bottle - 01 Party - £2.00

Essence Party In A Bottle - 01 Party

"Rock your own individual style with Essence's Rock In A Bottle Nail Polish. The loose pearl-effect glitter particles turn your nails into a trendy accessory that's suitable for any occasion. Use either as a complete manicure or on individual statement nails."

The Essence Party In A Bottle is great for adding some sparkle to any nail look,  to have an accent nail or to have every nail full sparkle. It is easy to apply and looks really effective on the nails, you simply shake out the glitter onto any clear polish, top coat or any nail polish then use a top coat to seal, any remaining glitter can be put back into the tube. The nails look amazing and it lasts really well too without chipping. 

Essence The Gel Nail Polish - Amazed By You - £1.60

Essence The Gel Nail Polish - Amazed By You

"The next generation of Essence nail polishes is here! The special nail polish formula provides nails with an incredibly long-lasting manicure and an amazing gel shine. The innovative colour technology offers intensive colour combined with perfect coverage."

The Essence The Gel nail polishes are such incredible polishes and priced at £1.60 each means they are very affordable too, I have a few different shades and love them all. They apply well and last really well without chipping too, Amazed By You is a dark blackcurrant shade and looks darker on the nails than it does in the bottle, but that isn't a problem as it's a beautiful shade. It has a lovely glossy finish, is opaque in 2 coats, has a great drying time, applies easily and wears really well and for about 4 or 5 days without chipping.

Essence Out Of Space Stories - Outta Space Is The Place - £2.00

"Get the latest, trendy prism-effect look on your nails with Essence's Out Of Space Stories Nail Polish. This holographic, iridescent and metallic nail polish comes in a bright pearl colour for stand-out style."

The Out Of Space Stories nail polish in the shade Outta Space Is The Place is a lovely pale pink iridescent shade with a metallic and holographic vibe all in one, it looks so pretty on the nails and is the perfect shade to go with any fashion and makeup look, should you wish to coordinate. The polish applies well and is opaque in 2/3 coats, has a good drying time, it has a nice glossy finish and lasts for around 4 days without chipping. There are 4 other shades in this range if this shade isn't your thing. 

Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish - Holo Love - £2.80

"Nail eye-catching, multi-faceted colour with the Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish. Its holographic look and glitter particles let your nails shine in every colour of the rainbow."

The Essence Holo Rainbow polishes come in 5 shades including Holo Love and all are beautiful polishes that can be worn alone for a super sparkly look or as a glittery top coat over another polish, but all are really lovely polishes. The apply well and are opaque in 3 coats, they last for around 3 to 4 days without chipping and they remove well and aren't a nightmare to take off like some glitter polishes. Holo Love is nice as an all over the nail accent nail worn with a pink polish or as a top coat over any pink or purple polish or as a full on sparkly look, it is a pretty polish and one I love to wear. 


Swatches of Essence Nail Polish

Those are all the products from Essence that I think are great pick me up shades to banish those winter blues, I would like to think that Spring is in the air but it is absolutely freezing right now and my heating is on full so unfortunately I think we have some more winter weather upon us for a while yet. 

I hope you liked all the products I had to share with you today, if you did you can click the prices next to the product name to be taken directly to the item online (I don't use affiliate links) or you can find these items and other Essence items in store at Wilko or on the Wilko website

Which item was your favourite? And have you tried any of these products or any Essence products? And if you have tried Essence, which is your favourite product? Chat with me in the comments and let me know. 

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