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DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

Every now and then I receive a product to try that intrigues me and every now and then I also receive a product or products that blow me away.  Today I have a product that did both and I want to tell you why, today I am going to be telling you about the DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel £40.00 124ml and sharing my thoughts on it with you. 

Who Are DHC?

DHC are one of the worlds top health and beauty brands, back in the 1970's a young enterprising business man named Yoshida owned an education company in Tokyo, believing that knowledge is the key to enlightenment, Yoshida was curious about the world beyond Japan, so he packed up and travelled to Europe. There, in Spain he met an olive farmer whose family had been producing the highest grade of organic oil available for more than 200 years. Immediately he made the connection between traditional Japanese herbology and the antioxidant properties of olive oil, and a new skincare philosophy was born and today DHC remains a radically different kind of skincare company. 

DHC is dedicated to it's core Japanese values, offering premium antioxidant skincare and advocating for education. DHC pride themselves in formulating their skincare using the best ingredients and technologies available, and without parabens, colourants or added fragrance. 

DHC Beauty Philosophy

"There’s a concept in traditional Japanese aesthetics known as wabi-sabi. Derived from a Buddhist teaching, it’s described as finding beauty in imperfection and it’s how we at DHC see beauty.
To us, perfect skin isn’t a complexion free of flaws (let’s be real – there’s no such thing). We believe beauty is a process, not a goal. It’s the ability to love your skin and all its perfectly imperfect distinctions. Your idea of beauty is entirely your own. We’re just here to help you do you."

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel - £40.00

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

About DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel 

The DHC Astaxanthin collagen all in one gel is a multi action (toning, moisturising, hydrating and brightening)  age defying gel cream, it absorbs into the surface of the skin to deeply moisturise and defend against free radical damage. It contains firming collagen and elastin, alongside hyaluronic acid to help the skin maintain it's natural moisture barrier. 

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

Few people are aware that Flamingos get their pink colouring from the algae they eat which is Astaxanthin, it is one of natures most powerful antioxidants and that is why the gel has the pink colouring. Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant, one of the most powerful in nature, and is considered to be approximately 6,000 times more powerful than Vitamin C, DHC harvests Astaxanthin from Haematococcus Pluvialis, a freshwater green algae and uses micronisation technology for superior absorption and antioxidant efficacy. 

Using The DHC Astaxanthin & My Thoughts

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

It's no secret I have dry skin, now when I say dry I don't think I could ever convey just how dry my skin is, it feels rough to touch especially on my cheeks and the skin all over my forehead, on my temples and between my eyebrows is very flakey, it is also very dehydrated and seems to get worse, I have always had dry skin and have suffered with eczema and psoriasis since being a teenager, but since starting with my health problems and having to take certain medications it has worsened and it is the absolute bane of my life. 

The first time I used the all in one gel, as soon as I took the lid and protective plastic top, I loved the colour of it and the texture is lovely too, it is a cross between a gel and a cream and feels lovely it has a whipped feel to it. The gel applies to the skin beautifully and sinks in well without leaving any residue and I love that I only need to use a small amount despite how dry my skin is. The gel doesn't have a scent which doesn't bother me at all, it feels lovely and my skin looks lovely after I have used it. 

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel

The first time I used the gel, I used the gel in the evening, I used a balm cleanser, then an acid toner and then applied the gel, I was surprised at how little I needed but pleased that it would also last well. I loved how the gel sank into my skin and left my skin looking plump and smooth and with a healthy glow. In the morning I still had that healthy glow and my skin looked great even after cleansing. I was thrilled that I noticed instantly the first time after using it, that my skin looked amazing and it felt amazing too, and when my skin is as awful as it has been, it's unheard of if I am able to notice a difference after just one use and I was completely blown away. 

I have used the gel both in a morning and an evening and sometimes both morning and evening the same day and I love how my skin looks and feels, if my skin is horrendously dry, I will apply a thick layer in an evening and let it sink into my skin, my skin looks and feels incredible the morning after. Unfortunately because of my health, I am unable to carry out a full skincare routine morning and evening on a daily basis but I wish I could because if I am able to use this twice a day, two days running I notice a massive difference in the way my skin looks, so I can only imagine that if I used this twice a day permanently or even once a day permanently, my skin would look and feel incredible. 

Something I struggle with because of my skin, is wearing a medium or full coverage foundation. I have recently been trying out a full coverage foundation with a matte finish and it looks lovely on my skin, it doesn't cling to any dry or flaky skin, doesn't go patchy and wears really well and that is all down to the Astaxanthin gel, I have never been able to wear a medium or full coverage foundation, but now I can if I want to and I am thrilled. When I wear the gel before applying my foundation, it applies like a dream and looks lovely on my skin and wears beautifully too, and I am absolutely thrilled. 

You may be thinking that the gel is expensive at £40.00, but it contains a massive 124ml of product, most moisturisers contain 30ml or 50ml of product. If this was a 40ml tub, worked on the pricing of the 124ml tub,  it would be approximately £13.30 for a 40ml tub. 

All in all I absolutely love the DHC Astaxanthin collagen all in one gel, it is an incredible product, and really does do exactly what it says on the tin as they say, it brightens and hydrates my skin and it looks and feels incredible. This is rather a large claim considering the amount of moisturisers I have tried over the years, but it is by far the best one I have tried and continued to use and something I will always use now, it is just amazing and if you have dry skin or like me your skin is ridiculously dry and you struggle with wearing foundation, you need this in your life. 

The DHC Astaxanthin gel really has been a game changer for me, I have tried products which I've been impressed with before but nothing like this where it has blown me away totally the first time I used it and when writing a post there isn't enough words I could write to say how brilliant it is, so instead, I will do something I haven't ever done before and I will simply say, buy it! 

DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel is £40.00 for 124ml and is available from the DHC website and from Feel Unique.

Have you tried the DHC Astaxanthin Collagen All In One Gel? If not is it something you think you'll purchase? Or have you tried any other DHC products? If you have chat with me in the comments and let me know your favourites. 


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