NEW In Skincare - L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

Friday, February 23, 2018

NEW In Skincare - L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

I love trying out new skincare products and especially when those products are brand new products from a brand I love, so when the BRAND NEW L'oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs arrived for me to try out, I was super excited and couldn't wait to start using them. 

About The Smooth Sugars Scrubs

 "When skin is feeling dull, rough or clogged up and in need of a pick me up, it's time to try Smooth Sugars Scrubs"

The Smooth Sugars Scrubs are an exfoliating sugar fix for smooth skin and lips, enriched with a unique blend of three super fine and natural sugars, these gentle exfoliators are designed to slay away dead skin cells, unclog pores and speed up the skins natural renewal process, to reveal a smooth, polished complexion and healthy glow. 

NEW In Skincare - L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

Sugar granules provide a natural and gentle, yet effective means to remove dead skin cells and boost cell turnover, for a smoother, fresher face. L'Oreal Paris researchers have selected a trio of natural sugars for their fine granules and their ability to gently exfoliate as well as soften the skin. 

White Sugar - Fine crystals that melt onto the skin while gently buffing away impurities. 
Blonde Sugar - Extracted from sugar cane, with natural moisturising properties.
Brown Sugar - Rich in minerals that help strengthen the skins barrier. 

There are three unique scrubs in the range, each containing a delicious blend of sugars with carefully chosen ingredients for targeted skincare solutions, the scrubs are also paraben and silicone free. 

The three scrubs are the Glow Scrub, Clear Scrub and Nourish Scrub. 

Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub - £9.99

L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

All the scrubs come in an outer box with a window showing the product and some product information on the front of the box with directions and ingredients on other parts of the box. The scrubs are housed in a glass jar with a plastic lid and contain 50ml of product. 

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

The Smooth Sugars Glow Scrub combines the 3 fine sugars with the antioxidant action of Grapeseed Oil, Monoi Oil and Acai Powder for a radiance boost. L'Oreal claims that from the first use the skin is clean, soft and polished. 

Smooth Sugars Clear Scrub - £9.99

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

With a blend of the three sugars, added kiwi seeds to smooth the skin and sweep away impurities and Peppermint and Lemongrass Essential Oils to clear the skin, the Clear Scrub leaves the skin feeling instantly clearer, fresher and softer and after using the scrub for a week pores and blackheads become less visible.

Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub - £9.99

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

The Nourish Scrub is a blend of the 3 fine sugars, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Grains to provide a velvety formula that instantly pampers, gently exfoliates and smooths the skin. 

Using The Scrubs & My Thoughts

 L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugars Scrubs

The first of the Smooth Sugars Scrubs I used was the Clear Scrub after cleansing, as part of my evening skincare routine, and the first thing I noticed was the scent of the scrub, it has a delicious fruity scent. The directions of use are to apply the scrub to the face and lips, add water and then rub in and wipe/rinse away, I applied the scrub all over my face, avoiding my eyes and over my lips, I rubbed the scrub in and then added some water and rubbed a little more then used a flannel/face cloth which I had run under hand hot water and wrung out to wipe away the scrub. My skin was left feeling lovely and smooth and clean, the scrub didn't leave any residue on the skin and my skin looked and felt lovely. I used my acid toner and then my moisturiser and my skin still felt lovely and smooth in the morning. 

I then used both the Glow and Nourish Scrubs on different days, leaving at least a day between, this isn't instructed just something I did. The scent of the Nourish Scrub is sweet and the Glow Scrub has a scent I can't really describe, it isn't sweet or fruity it's a little earthy but not particularly unpleasant. All the scrubs are really nice to use and leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, I prefer the texture of the Glow and Nourish scrubs as the grain is smaller but they are all nice. 

I haven't used exfoliating products with grains in for a long time and have been using acid toners to exfoliate my skin instead but the L'oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs are really nice products, I have been really enjoying using them and my skin feels so nice after I have used them. I don't have a problem with dry lips but I have been taking the scrub over my lips when using them and my lips feel lovely and smooth, my daughter and partner do have dry lips and they have used the scrubs on their lips and found that they remove any unwanted dry skin and leave them feeling nice and soft.

Overall, I really enjoy using the Smooth Sugars Scrubs, and they do do what they claim. My skin feels lovely and soft after using them and any patches of flaky dry skin I have are gone after one use. I have sensitive eczema and psoriasis prone skin, plus I suffer from auto immune Urticaria and I haven't found any discomfort when using the scrubs.

I like the texture of the Glow and Nourish scrubs the most of the 3 but they are all lovely and the scent of the Clear Scrub is lovely and definitely my favourite scent out of the 3. I think my overall favourite would be the Glow Scrub because my skin does look lovely and glowing after using it, I use the glow scrub in an evening after cleansing and then use my acid toner and my moisturiser or overnight treatment of choice and in the morning my skin feels so smooth and looks lovely and is radiant and glowing, also if I am applying makeup it applies well and looks lovely. 

If you haven't tried the L'Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs yet, I definitely recommend them, they are easy to use, the results are brilliant and my skin looks and feels lovely. If you would like to try the scrubs, you can find them on the Superdrug website priced at £9.99 each.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Smooth Sugars Scrubs? Do you use exfoliating scrubs? And which of the 3 do you think you would like best? Let me know in the comments below. 

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