Friday 9 February 2018

Valentines Day Beauty Preparation

With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought I would share some products which I think would be great for preparing for a Valentines date night or if not, some Valentines pampering. Whether you're in a relationship, going on a date night, going out with friends or spending Valentines Day in your own company, it's nice to have a pamper or if you are going out, nice to prepare and pamper yourself beforehand. I have a few different products to share with you today, some makeup, some accessories and some false tan, so hopefully something for everyone. 

False Tan

St Moriz Velvet Finish Tanning Gel & Tanning Mit

Now I personally don't false tan but I know for some people, applying false tan is part of their pampering routine or date/going out prep so I wanted to include it. Since I don't wear false tan, my daughter Alicia is my tanning guinea pig and has been several times when I have reviewed false tan on my blog, to be honest she is far better equipped to review false tan than I, as she is somewhat a connoisseur of false tan and knows her stuff. 

The St Moriz Velvet Finish Tanning Gel is available in medium and dark, I have the shade dark. Alicia found the tanning gel easy to apply applying with the St Moriz tanning mit, the gel is clear and develops over a period of around 4-6 hours. Once the tan was applied, she was able to dress after around 10 minutes. The tan looks lovely, not streaky at all or patchy, she is left with a nice even tan that looks really. Alicia really likes the tanning gel and has used it a couple of times now, it is easy to apply, develops well and leaves a lovely finish and it it is a good price too, the mit feels nice on the skin and not at all rough and saves Alicia from having stained hands, so all in all two great products. If you would like to try them both, you can find the tanning gel for £6.95 and the tanning mit for £2.99 on the Fragrance Direct website.


Scunci Hair Accessories

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I love Scunci hair tools and accessories, I have spoken about them numerous times on my blog, I have never been disappointed in any Scunci product I have tried and highly recommend their products. I have a few products I thought ideal for Valentines, or any occasion.

The butterfly pin and bobby pins are so pretty and would be a stunning addition to any hair style this Valentines day and the no slip, grip hair elastics are absolutely brilliant and once your hair is in place it will be guaranteed not to move, these are by far my favourite hair elastics to use and I have recommended them to so many friends and family members. If you would like to purchase one or more of these hair accessories, you can find the Butterfly Pin on the Boots website priced at £5.00, the No Slip Elastics also on the Boots website priced at £3.20 and the Bobby Pins on the Capital Hair & Beauty website priced at £2.10. 


Trying to think of a "one style suits all" makeup for Valentines day proved a little difficult so I thought I would share with you some products I love from Sleek that I think are ideal products that look great with any Valentines look, with a choice of two lip looks and a stunning blush palette, these products will, in my opinion look beautiful with any eye look you create. 

Sleek Blush By Three - Pink Lemonade 

The Sleek Blush By Three palette in the shade Pink Lemonade is absolutely stunning and for me contains the perfect blush shades, it has 2 powder and 1 cream blush and the shades are stunning. There are 2 pink shades and 1 peach/coral shade and all look really pretty with many different eye looks. All 3 shades apply well to the skin and blend beautifully without accentuating the pores, they last really well too and give a stunning flush, all very pigmented, my advice would be to use a light hand and build the colour up to your desired finish. 

I adore this palette, the shades are beautiful and it looks so pretty on the skin, it is definitely going to get a lot of wear. The shades are perfect for all year round wear and the peach/coral shade also makes a stunning eyeshadow, I can't recommend this palette highly enough but if pink isn't your chosen shade, don't worry as the Blush By Three palettes are available in 7 shades, so there is definitely something for everyone. You can find the Blush By Three palettes on the Sleek website priced at £10.00. 


Sleek Lip VIP Lipstick - Walk Of Fame

Walk Of Fame is a beautiful red shade and perfect for Valentines day, it applies really well and feels comfortable on the lips despite having a matte finish. I get around 4 hours wear time including eating and drinking from Walk Of Fame, it wears away nicely and re applies well also. If red isn't a shade you wear, then fear not, there are a massive 26 shades available in the Lip VIP Lipsticks and they are available to buy from the Sleek website priced at £5.50. 

Sleek Eau La La Lip Liner - 307 Rouge

The Sleek Eau La La lip liner in Rouge compliments Walk Of Fame beautifully, I hadn't tried one of these liners before but I am seriously impressed, it applies with ease and doesn't drag on the lips at all, it is excellent and gives any of my high end lip liners a run for their money. There are 18 shades available in the Eau La La liners and you can find them on the Sleek website priced at £4.99. 

Sleek Matte Me Metallic - Electroplated Nude

If you're planning a date night on Valentines, you might not want to opt for a red lip, especially if you're planning on a smooch (did I really just say that?) This Matte Me Metallic in the shade Electroplated Nude is a stunning metallic nude shade that looks beautiful on the lips and also has brilliant wear time should you be having a meal and a few drinks. The lipstick has a doe foot applicator and is easy to apply and not messy at all, it feels comfortable on the lips and not drying, my youngest daughter hates matte lipsticks but really likes the Metallic Matte Me lipsticks as they don't feel drying. If you don't want to wear a nude lip but love the finishes on these metallic lipsticks, they are available in 5 stunning shades and available from the Sleek website priced at £4.99. 


So those are the products I wanted to share with you today and all are lovely items that I recommend trying, and of course they don't need to be reserved just for Valentines day and would be ideal for any occasion.

Chat with me in the comments and let me know what you'll be doing for Valentines day if anything, do you celebrate it? And would you go for a red or a nude lip, or something totally different to both? For me Valentines day is a bit different as it is my birthday, so an entirely different celebration altogether. 

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