Wednesday 9 September 2015

Maybelline Lasting Drama 24Hour Gel Eye Liner Pencil

Maybelline Lasting Drama 24Hour Gel Eye Liner Pencil

Hello Lovelies,

I have been on the hunt for a black eyeliner pencil that doesn't transfer from the upper water line to the lower or doesn't collect in the corners of my eye when worn on the lower water line for such a long time. I have tried high end (see my review here) and budget brands but have never found anything suitable and to be honest I'd given up.

Recently when shopping for holiday beauty products I saw that Maybelline had launched a new product, the Lasting Drama 24 hour Gel Liner Pencil and since Maybelline had a buy one get one half price offer and I was buying another product anyway I thought I'd give it a go, I chose the black one although the pencil did also come in brown. I liked that the pencil was a twist up version so no sharpening needed.

Maybelline Lasting Drama 24Hour Gel Eye Liner Pencil

What Maybelline Says About The Lasting Drama Pencil

Our first gel in a pencil
  • High-tenacity pigments +translucent gel base for a super-easy glide
  • Up to 16HR wear
  • Waterproof

For Best Results

1. Apply Lasting Drama® along the upper lash line.
2. For added drama, line the lower lash line.
My Thoughts
My first thought when I swatched the pencil was how insanely pigmented it was and I was really excited to try it, the first time I used it on my eyes I was instantly impressed, it applied with ease and there was no dragging required but the thing I was most impressed with was that when I applied the gel liner to my upper waterline it hadn't transferred all over my lower one, there was a tiny bit where I'd closed my eyes but it removed easily with some tissue or a cotton bud and it didn't transfer at all after that it stayed put until I removed it. 
Maybelline Lasting Drama 24Hour Gel Eye Liner Pencil

I bought the eyeliner to use on my upper water line, I have hooded eyes so using gel eyeliners on my upper lash line and creating flicks are a no no but a trick I have learned for hooded eyes if you do like the look of a black liner on your upper lash line is to line the your upper waterline concentrating on the outer corner and also feathering the pencil through the upper lashes, this gives a lovely effect and is a great alternative to lining the upper lash line, you can also include a flick if you like using the pencil and elongating from where you have feathered the pencil through your lashes. 
The pencil does not move at all and doesn't transfer throughout the day, I wore the pencil most evenings during my recent holiday to Greece where it was 33 degrees at 10.30pm so very hot and the eyeliner didn't move at all even in very hot weather. I remove the liner with an oil based eye make up remover, I have used a micellar water but had to use a few cotton pads to remove it, it isn't what I would say "easy" to remove but it doesn't transfer or smudge when I wear it and I would rather have that to be honest. 
Overall Thoughts & Would I Re Purchase?
I am very impressed with the Maybelline pencil, it applies with ease and doesn't move once it's on, like I said it did transfer a little because I'd applied it to my upper water line and was then feathering it through my lashes so it transferred a little bit but it removed easily with some tissue or a cotton bud. This is the only liner I have tried that hasn't ended up all over my lower waterline or under my lower lashes, it stays where it should and looks lovely, it is very pigmented and extremely black. 
I would highly recommend the pencil and I completely agree with the claims made my Maybelline it does exactly what it says on the tin. Unfortunately I cannot at the time of writing this post find a link for you to buy the pencil but it is available from Boots (Maybelline currently on a 3 for 2 offer) and Superdrug (Maybelline currently on a buy 1 get 1 half price) for £4.99 and I personally think it is a great price and a fantastic product. 
If like me you struggle with your eye liner transferring or smudging I would give the Maybelline one a try, I almost didn't but I'm so glad I did and will definitely be re purchasing. 
Have you tried the Lasting Drama pencil? Does eye liner transfer or smudge for you?  
Thank you so much for reading, much love as always, 
Zoe x

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