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WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel

WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel

Hello Lovelies,

My eyebrows are what I can only describe as horrendous, they're not a great shape, they are fine, pale in colour and they don't grow and given that statement brows are the "in" eyebrow look at the moment I'm fighting a losing battle with my brows, Cara Delevigne I am not!

Up until around 12 months ago I shied away from filling in my brows, because they are naturally blonde I always felt that when I'd filled them in they looked a bit "woooo I'm here" and I felt like they were waving from my forehead and looked silly but since both my daughters have an extremely strong brow game as it's called and my eldest is a professional make up artist, they told me to try filling mine in and I thought they were probably right so I tried both a pencil and an eyeshadow and have used both but mostly an eye shadow ever since and to be fair my daughters were right my brows did look better. When filling in my brows I have always emphasised what I already had naturally and haven't ever created any arches or changed the shape of my brows at all as I felt this was the best look for me.

I've used an eyshadow suitable for blonde hair and an angled brush to fill my brows in ever since I realised that my daughters were right and my brows did look better filled in but recently I received the WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel and was intrigued and when I read the information and looked at the product I couldn't wait to try it out. 

What Wunder2 Say About WunderBrow

With pencils and powders offering short term results, WunderBrow offers real hope to those looking to achieve the perfect long lasting brow in a matter of minutes and from the comfort of their own home. A one step brow solution, WunderBrow uses exclusive Hair Fibre Complex and unique, patented PermaFix Techology to fill, define and shape your eyebrows with natural looking colour that lasts for days, or until you choose to take it off using an oil based cleanser. Water-proof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof, WunderBrow is easy to apply and delivers a flawless finish without resorting to more extreme, expensive and permanent solutions. WunderBrow works naturally to enhance your eyebrows with the use of Keratin protein hair fibres, which attach to your natural hairs to help your brows appear thicker and fuller for longer.

What's In The Box?

The WunderBrow comes in a tube that looks a little like a mascara tube but thicker, the tube itself is clear with a silver lid, there is also a spoolie brush in the box and an instruction leaflet with a step by step guide of how to use the product and a tip on how to achieve the ideal brow shape using diagrams and written instructions.

WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel

WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel

The Wunderbrow comes in 4 different shades, Blonde, Auburn, Brunette and Dark Brown/Black, the Wunderbrow came sealed with a clear film seal around it which had perforations so it was easy to remove. The tube was easy to unscrew and the product itself has a brush type applicator. 

WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel

My Thoughts On WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel

When I was asked to choose a shade of WunderBrow I chose Blonde as I thought this would be the best shade for me and when it arrived I was really pleased as in the tube it looked very similar to the shade of eyeshadow I usually use to fill in my brows. I found the information leaflet really easy to follow with good step by step details and diagrams,  I was nervous the first time I used the WunderBrow as I have never used a product like this before and as I said always used pencil or powder so I was stepping out of my comfort zone completely.

WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel

The first time I used the WunderBrow I brushed my brows through with the spoolie provided and then removed the wand out of the tube and wiped off the excess onto the side of the tube and then followed the natural line of my brows using small strokes to create the look of "hairs". One of my brows is thicker at the front than the other so I created a thicker front to that one and then just followed the natural shape of my brows, once I'd filled them in I brushed them through with the spoolie again. If I made any mistakes I found using a cotton bud was the easiest way to rectify them but to be honest I didn't really make any apart from maybe adding a little more than needed underneath or above my brow which was very easy to sort out. 

I first used the brow gel at around 9am in the morning and removed it at 1am and my brows looked exactly as they had done when I first applied the WunderBrow, they hadn't smudged or transferred despite me dozing off on the sofa earlier in the evening, I was really impressed with how long WunderBrow lasted and the fact I'd fallen asleep and it hadn't moved at all, my brows looked like I'd just done them but it was 16 hours later, I would never have that wear time using eyeshadow or a pencil. When it came to removing the WunderBrow, it removed with ease with an oil based make up remover without the need for any scrubbing. WunderBrow claims to last for up to 3 days and although I didn't leave mine on for 3 days I can quite imagine it would last well, mine hadn't moved after 16 hours, I have extremely dry skin and use oils over night so couldn't leave mine on for 3 days but the staying power is amazing and my brows don't move at all, they look exactly as they do when I've just done them until I remove them. 

Overall Thoughts & Would I Re Purchase?

After my initial thoughts of being nervous to use the WunderBrow I really didn't need to be, it was super easy to use with the instruction leaflet being really helpful too, I have tried different ways of using the WunderBrow and have used it by using the brush to create small strokes and gently fill in my brows or using the brow gel to completely fill in my brows but the best way I have found for me is by using both the WunderBrow brush and my MAC 208 angled brush to fill in my brows by taking some product from the WunderBrow brush onto my angled brush and once they're done I brush them through with the spoolie, my brows look fuller but not overly full and they stay in place all day, when I was away in Greece the sun bleached my hair and my brows and now the ends of my brows are pretty non existent and they look thinner than ever but the WunderBrow has really helped and they look so much better than they ever did by using an eyeshadow or pencil, they look more natural too.

WunderBrow 1 - Step Brow Gel
Me wearing the WunderBrow

I am really impressed with the WunderBrow, it's easy to use with simple and easy to follow instructions if needed and my brows stay in place all day or until I remove them, it's fantastic how if desired you can leave your brows for up to 3 days without re applying so if you have a busy lifestyle or you are like my daughters and won't leave the house without your brows on then it would be a great product for you. I use such a small amount of product too so I can imagine the tube will last me a very long time, I wouldn't ever have considered using a brow gel before but now I have I am thrilled, it is so much easier and quicker to do my brows than before, it's a brilliant product and I will definitely re purchase once I have finished this tube. 

If you would like to try the WunderBrow you can find it here on the Boots website for £19.99. 

How do you fill in your brows? Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone when doing your brows? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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