Thursday 3 September 2015

Freedom Pro Conceal And Correct Palette

Freedom Pro Conceal And Correct Palette

Freedom Pro Conceal And Correct Palette

Hello Lovelies,

I recently purchased a couple of things from the new make up brand Freedom (see haul post here) and one of the things was the Pro Conceal & Correct Palette. I suffer with dark circles and redness and this neat little palette looked ideal to help me cover and correct those issues.

I chose the palette in the shade light but it does also come in light/medium, medium/dark and dark so there are other shade options if light isn't for you. There are 6 colour options in the palette some ideal for colour correction and some ideal to use as concealer. The packaging is sleek and easy to use, it was easy to open and felt sturdy and is a nice size to pop into my make up bag.

Freedom Pro Conceal And Correct Palette

Freedom Pro Conceal And Correct Palette

The shade range in the palette is great for pale skins and would suit both cool and warmer skin tones, it suited my skin tone perfectly. I am quite pale but the palette would also be great for someone much paler than me, my eldest daughter is very pale and struggles to find products to suit her very pale skin but this would be perfect. 

I use the top 3 shades in the swatch photograph below for correcting and concealing, using the more salmony shades to correct my under eye darkness and any redness and the 1st shade to conceal my under eyes and any blemishes I may have, the bottom right shade I use as a highlight shade to brighten.

Freedom Pro Conceal And Correct Palette

Obviously you could use the palette to suit you but this is how I've been using it and I have been very happy with the results, I worried that the consistency of the product might be a little waxy for me but it isn't and it applies well and blends in beautifully too, I have used both a brush and my fingers to apply the products and both worked well so it is entirely down to personal choice. 

I suffer with extremely dry and dehydrated skin and do have fine lines under my eyes as a result and as a result of being a little more shall we say "mature" and I was really worried the products would settle into my fine lines and dry skin, I have used similar products before both budget and high end and they always settle in my fine lines and into my dry skin but I was pleasantly surprised with the Freedom palette, it did settle a little into my fine lines but it wasn't horrendously noticeable and probably wouldn't be noticeable to others but is worth mentioning as I noticed it but as I said it wasn't a huge problem. The corrector is brilliant at covering my dark circles and that added with the concealer does a great job, I love the way the paler shade highlights and brightens my face and the concealer does it's job at concealing any blemishes I may have and covering redness when used on top of the corrector. 

Overall I am hugely impressed with this palette and would definitely recommend it, the products are easy to apply and blend well and they do a brilliant job of correcting and concealing and I am super impressed with it and can't wait to try some more products from the brand, if they are all like this palette I will be very impressed. 

If you would like to try the Freedom Pro Conceal & Correct Palette you can find it on the Freedom website for £5.00 here.

Have you tried anything from Freedom? What are your favourites? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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