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Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

Hello Lovelies,

I'm pretty sure you know by now that I'm a bit of lot of a skin care geek, I love skin care and trying out new things and last summer I found the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads on sale for £6.00 on the Debenhams website and thought I'd give them a try, I bought 2 tubs of the pads as I'd heard a lot of good things about them and thought it was too good a price to miss.

I like to use an acid toner after cleansing and before using a hydrating toner as part of my daily skin care routine as I find it helps with my extremely dry and dehydrated skin and is great for exfoliating helping to remove dead skin cells and even out fine lines and for a long time I had been using the Pixi Glow tonic as my acid toner (review post here) and although the Pixi was becoming more easily available it was becoming more and more expensive as the hype around it grew and I had already been trying out other options so when I spotted the Nip + Fab pads on sale I knew I had to try them, since then I have re purchased the Nip + Fab pads many times but for some reason never featured them on my blog and recently Nip + Fab have changed their packaging and I'd bought some more pads so I thought it was high time I shared my thoughts on them with you.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

What Nip + Fab Claim

Exfoliating Facial Pads
Unveil younger-looking skin. 60 radiance-boosting pads, soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid retexture + resurface skin whilst witch hazel helps to tone. This moisturising formula with hyaluronic acid + soothing blue daisy helps to reveal brighter + smoother looking skin.
+ glycolic acid retextures + resurfaces
+ hyaluronic acid moisturises + refreshes
+ blue daisy soothes + calms
My Thoughts
As I said I like to use an acid toner after cleansing and before using a hydrating toner as part of my skin care routine, I find using an acid toner helps with my very dry and dehydrated skin helping to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate my skin and also helping with any fine lines I have and brightening my skin,  I have also noticed since using the products I do, my pores are less of a problem too although pores are not doors and can't be closed I feel they do look better which is an added bonus. I have tried many different acid toners over the years and used Pixi Glow for a long time but around a year ago I started to research other products and use other things including the Nip + Fab pads. 
Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

The pads are easy to use and I use them by sweeping one side of the pad all over my face starting at my forehead and working my way down to my neck, I then flip the pad over to the other side and do the same thing again and my skin is left feeling soft and smooth and not dry at all, the pads really help with my dry and dehydrated skin and leave my skin feeling and looking brighter. I have very sensitive and eczema prone skin and have had no issues at all since I started using the pads just over a year ago. 

Overall Thoughts & Would I Re Purchase?

I have been really impressed by the Nip + Fab pads and have re purchased them many times, I do usually pick them up when they are on some sort of offer and recently picked up 2 tubs when Superdrug had them on offer for just over £6.00 but I wouldn't hesitate to pay full price for them, they are £12.99 full price and in my opinion well worth the price tag, I haven't re purchased the Pixi Glow since I started using the pads as they give me better results than the Pixi Glow as I don't find them as drying and they are much more economical as I don't have to buy cotton pads separately, they never dry up in the tub which was one of my concerns but didn't need to be and are great for travelling as they are nice and compact. 

My skin is left feeling smooth and fresh and looking brighter, I love the pads for exfoliating my skin and removing dead skin cells but also for brightening and helping with fine lines and dehydration, they do exactly what they say they will and I am super impressed, if you usually use the Pixi Glow or another type of acid toner I would recommend trying the Nip + Fab pads, I have tried out several acid toners over the last couple of years now but haven't re purchased any other brands as much as Nip + Fab. 

I would definitely re purchase and have done several times and would highly recommend the Nip + Fab pads, if you would like to try them you can find them here at Boots (skin care currently 3 for 2) and here at Superdrug for £12.99, have you tried the Nip + Fab pads? Do you like to use an acid toner? And do you have any skin care recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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