Wednesday 30 December 2015

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Women - Review

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Women - Review

Hello Lovelies

Today I have a post for you about a new product, the Right Guard Total Defence 5 anti perspirant deodorant. If you're a long time reader of my blog you'll know I am very shall we say selective when it comes to choosing a deodorant, some would say fussy I say selective. I get very hot because of the medication I take for my condition and need a good deodorant and it took me years of trying many different ones to find one I liked and I have used it ever since so when these Right Guard deodorants arrived for me to try I was eager to try them being somewhat a connoisseur of deodorant and see if they would be as good as if not better than my HG deodorant.

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Women - Review

I have 5 different Total Defence deodorants Pure, Sport, Invisible Power, Sensitive Power and Floral Power.

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Women - Review

The Right Guard Total Defence 5 is a new deodorant for women (mens also available) and has been developed to fight the 5 signs of perspiration -

✿ Odour
✿ Wetness
✿ Stickiness
✿ Bacteria
✿ Stains

The innovative Lock - Fresh Technology contains active molecules for all day freshness, total defence 5 is alcohol free and dermatologically tested.


Right Guard Total Defence 5 Pure is free from alcohol, parabens, colourants and has an unscented formula.


Right Guard Total Defence 5 Sport adapts to the level of your activity and is specially developed for sport and physical conditions.

Invisible Power

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Invisible Power has a unique formula which provides complete protection against white, yellow and oily stains.

Sensitive Power

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Sensitive Power contains an anti-irritation formula with powdery fragrance for all day freshness.

Floral Power

Right Guard Total Defence 5 Floral Power contains active molecules which will continuously release the delicate floral scent of Orchid and Viola for all day freshness.

My Thoughts

The first thing I noticed about the deodorants was the packaging, I really like it, I love the white background with the bright colours it makes it so easy to find on the supermarket or drugstore shelves. As I said at the start of the post I have tried so many different deodorants over the years and it took me such a long time to find my "holy grail" product because I get so hot due to the medication I take and am always worried about perspiring so in all honesty I thought I wouldn't like the Right Guard as much as my HG deodorant. I have tried each one out numerous times and I have to say I really like them all, I have very sensitive skin and eczema prone skin and due to some recent events and bad news we've had my eczema has been extremely bad but I haven't had a problem at all using any of the deodorants.

They all smell lovely and fresh and the scent lasted all day, the scent of the Floral one is particularly lovely and when I gave my mum a hug recently she asked me what perfume I was wearing and it was the Floral deodorant, it smells so nice and has a lovely fresh floral scent it really is a lovely scent. All the Defence 5 have 48 hour protection but with showering each day I wouldn't be able to say if the deodorant lasts for 48 hours but what I can say is I had a shower very early one morning and applied the deodorant and didn't shower again until around 9.30am the following morning so around 29 hours later and I was still just as fresh as the morning I'd applied the deodorant so although that isn't 48 hours it is a long time and I felt and smelled just as fresh.

I loved all 5 of the deodorants, the 4 scented ones all have a lovely fresh scent which isn't overpowering and although they all smell different they all smell really nice and especially the Floral Power. I love that Right Guard have included the Pure deodorant as it is perfect if you have sensitive skin or if products free from parabens and colorants are something you look for when buying beauty products, I read ingredients when buying beauty products as I have extremely sensitive skin and I do also like to avoid parabens where possible so I was really pleased when I saw the Pure deodorant.

I also adore the Invisible Power and think it might just be my favourite out of the 5,  I wear a lot of black and especially in winter and I don't get any white marks on my clothes at all when I use it, it is the first deodorant to claim no white marks that I have used and found to be true it is absolutely fantastic and I am super impressed, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am really pleased with all 5 deodorants and would highly recommend all 5 and despite my initial reservations because I thought I would never find a deodorant I liked as much as the one I have been using for around 2 years now but I absolutely love them all and will definitely be purchasing more once I have used them all up, and anyone who is a long time reader of my blog will know that is a bold statement for me to make, I struggled for years to find a deodorant I liked and one that suited me but I have definitely found my new holy grail deodorant. I am really impressed by them all and think you will be too and if like me you've been using the same product for a long time and think nothing else will be as good, give the Right Guard Total Defence 5 a try, you won't be disappointed.

You can find the Right Guard Total Defence 5 at Boots HERE and at Superdrug HERE, it is also available in all leading high street supermarkets, priced at £2.99.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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