Wednesday 11 May 2016

An Easy DIY French Manicure

How to create a french manicure

Hello Lovelies, 

I love the look of a French Manicure, it's a classic look that goes nicely with any outfit choice, it looks great on both fingers and toes and can be worn all year round. French manicures can be quite tricky to create but today I'm going to share with you my easy DIY french manicure, and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! 

Products Used

An Easy DIY French Manicure

First of all I start with my Nailene white tip pen.

An Easy DIY French Manicure

I have used the Nailene French Tip To Go white tip pens for years, they are so easy to use and look great, the pen has a squared off nib meaning it's easy to create that white tip. The pens come in white and pearl white but I prefer the white one. I usually apply 2 coats of the white tip pen to the tips of my nails. 

Next Up I use a pale pink, and this time I used Essie Madamoiselle.

An Easy DIY French Manicure

I usually use the Rimmel Brit Manicure in 445 English Rose for the pale pink/nude base, but I received a set of Essie polishes for Christmas and Madamoiselle was part of the set and I thought would make a nice base for a french manicure so I tried that out. I have to say though, I do prefer the Rimmel polish. I used 2 coats of the Essie polish over the top of the white tip pen, allowing each coat to dry fully in between. 

Next up I added a little bit of sparkle but if you prefer not to add sparkle, miss this step out.

An Easy DIY French Manicure

For the sparkle I used Leighton Denny Angel Dust, it gives a lovely subtle sparkle and looks lovely over a lot of polishes and I like to use it with a french manicure sometimes just to add a little something. I use 1 coat of this. 

And lastly it's time to add some top coat. 

An Easy DIY French Manicure

I used the Maybelline 3D plumping top coat, using 1 coat of the top coat. This isn't my favourite top coat and unfortunately it isn't one I would recommend as it has gone thick and gloopy when I have around half the bottle left and I need to throw it away, so I wouldn't recommend this top coat. My favourite top coat is the Orly Glosser top coat, I have used it for many years and love it. 

The Finished Look

How to create a french manicure

An Easy DIY French Manicure

Where To Buy The Products Used

Nailene White Tip Pen - available from Fragrance Direct for £4.99 including UV top coat or if you would prefer the pearl white, it is available from Superdrug for £5.25 including UV top coat. 

Essie Madamoiselle - available from Boots for £7.99 or if you prefer you can use my favourite, the Rimmel polish in 445 English Rose, which is available for £4.49.

Leighton Denny Angel Dust - available from Beauty Expert for £11.00 including free delivery.

Maybelline 3D Plumping Top Coat - available from Superdrug for £4.99 or if you prefer you can find my favourite, the Orly Glosser top coat on the Look Fantastic website for £11.10. 

So that is how I create a super easy DIY french manicure, the Nailene pen really is super easy and makes such a difference, I have tried other white tip pens but none have been as good as the Nailene. I think it looks lovely and often like to wear a french manicure especially when I can't think of what shade of polish to wear. I have a french manicure on my toes quite a lot too as it goes with any outfit and if we suddenly get some nice sandal wearing weather, I know my toes will be suitable for sandal wearing and look nice too. 

Do you like french manicures but are put off by trying to use a white nail polish? Have you used the Nailene pen? And do you have any tips for a super easy DIY french manicure? Let me know in the comments. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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