Sunday 29 May 2016

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee

Hello Lovelies

Today I have another NOTD (nail of the day) post for you, and as always with my NOTD posts, I will let you know which shade of nail polish I used and also give you a review of the polish as well, I find it useful to know how a polish wears as well as how it looks and hopefully you will too. 

The shade of nail polish I wore for today's NOTD is an Illamasqua nail polish in the shade Devotee, my lovely friend Ashleigh bought me the polish for my birthday and she clearly knows me well because the shade is perfect for me. 

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee

Devotee is a beautiful bright pink shade, it has a satin finish to it so it isn't quite matte but it isn't glossy either, it has a slight sheen to it. Illamasqua describe the polish as a candy pink with a rubber finish, I haven't ever heard of a rubber finish before but there's a first time for everything I suppose, I would describe it as a satin finish. I always apply a top coat over the polish, as I prefer a glossy finish but it can be worn without if you like the finish of the polish without a top coat. 

I applied 2 coats of Devotee allowing each coat to dry fully in between and then I applied a coat of the Maybelline 3D plumping top coat, I wouldn't recommend the Maybelline top coat as mine has started to go thick and gloopy and I still have quite a lot left so I wouldn't buy it again. 

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee v
Before applying top coat

In the photograph above I haven't applied any top coat, I wanted to show you the finish of the polish before I applied the top coat, as you can see it isn't fully matte it has a slight sheen to it. All the photographs below are the polish once I had applied a top coat. 

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee
With top coat 

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee

NOTD - Illamasqua Devotee

The polish looks completely different with the top coat applied, I personally prefer a glossy finish but it is a nice polish without the top coat, it's purely down to personal preference. 

I get around 5-7 days wear time out of Devotee which is brilliant, it applies well and the polish has a standard size brush applicator. The polish isn't streaky, it applies well and is opaque in 2 coats, it has an average drying time and is easy to remove with nail polish remover. 

I really like this polish and would definitely recommend it, it is a beautiful shade and looks lovely on both the fingers and the toes. It is a gorgeous shade for the spring/summer and is a shade I am going to get a lot of wear out of over the coming the months, it really is stunning. 

You can find Devotee on the Illamasqua website for £14.50. 

Have you tried this shade? Or any other Illamasqua nail polishes? Do you have any shades you can recommend to me? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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