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Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty


Christmas Beauty Gifts From Primark

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Since Primark launched their beauty range in 2014 they have released some incredible makeup, skincare, hair products, beauty tools and hair tools and all at really affordable prices. This Christmas their Beauty Gift Sets are no exception, they have so much to choose from and all at fantastic, affordable prices. Today I have two of the beauty gift sets available in Primark high street stores to share with you, and I think you'll love them.  

Blend It - £3.00

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

The first gift set I have to share with you is the Blend It gift set, a set of 3 make up sponges. I love makeup sponges for applying foundation, concealer and powder, so I was thrilled when I received the Blend It gift set. The set contains 3 makeup sponges, 2 flat ended or multi tasking, as they are commonly called makeup sponges and 1 classic teardrop shaped makeup sponge. 

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

The Multi Tasking makeup sponges are brilliant for all different methods of makeup application, use the rounded side for foundation application, the pointed end for concealer and the flat side is great for contouring, blusher and powder. 

The Teardrop makeup sponge is the classicly shaped sponge and is brilliant for foundation application using the larger end, and for concealer application the pointed end is excellent. All the sponges can be used damp or dry depending on your preference, I always use mine damp.

I love the makeup sponges and have really enjoyed using them over the last couple of weeks, they perform well and wash and dry well too, and to be honest just as well as more expensive makeup sponges I have. I haven't noticed any difference in my makeup application or the way it looks since using the Primark makeup sponges and considering the Primark sponges work out a £1.00 each, which is roughly £16.00 cheaper than a more expensive makeup sponge and they work and wash just as well. 

Lip Heros Kit - £4.50

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

The Lip Heros Kit is a lip care set and comes in a really cute lip shaped silver tin, it contains 3 lip products, a lip balm, lip scrub and tinted lip oil. 

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

I haven't tried a lip oil before so I was looking forward to trying this one for the first time, I was a little worried that it might be really sticky, having long hair,  lip products can leave me with half my hair stuck to my lips, but I was hoping this one wouldn't.  

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

The lip oil looks quite brightly coloured in the packaging as you can see from the photo above, but its sheer on the lip and just gives a touch of colour that is very subtle. It feels lovely on the lips and not sticky, it is comfortable to wear and keeps my lips nice and soft and gives a bit of something, I really like it and I will definitely be trying more lip oils. 

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

I have never really been a regular lip balm user until recently, I have always used one under a matte or liquid lipstick but I'm lucky that I don't suffer from dry lips so haven't ever needed to use a balm on a regular basis. Recently I have been using lip balm at night before I go to bed and have liked the way my lips feel since wearing it. 

The Primark lip balm is lovely, I love that it comes in a lipstick type packaging rather than a pot, it is easy to use and there is no need for me to use my fingers to apply it, which in the current climate is a good thing. It smells wonderful and tastes nice when it's on the lips too, my lips feel lovely and soft when I wear the lip balm and since I have used it daily, my lips always feel very nourished and soft and it's taught me that wearing lip balm isn't just for dry and sore lips.  

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

The Primark lip scrub is a whole new thing to me, I haven't ever used a lip scrub like it, I have tried a lip scrub in a pot years ago that felt very sugary, but I really didn't like it so haven't tried another since. This lip scrub comes in a pen like packaging with a soft rubbery applicator. 

To use the lip scrub, you twist the packaging until the product comes out of the top, the product is a clear gel consistency which smells delightful and reminds me of holidays, it has a coconut smell to it and tastes nice too. Once the product appears on the applicator, I apply it like a lipstick and then go back and forth across my lips "scrubbing them" to work the product in and use the applicator to "scrub" the lips. 

Considering I had completely dismissed lip scrubs after my horrible sugary scrub experience, I am pleased I have the Primark lip scrub in my collection, I use the scrub 2-3 times a week but you could use it more if preferred. 

Overall Thoughts

Christmas Gift Ideas From Primark Beauty

I think it's pretty obvious that I love both the Primark gift sets, both are extremely good value and I know that some gift sets are on sale for half price at the moment, but even at full price, both these gift sets are an incredible value. They would be lovely gifts for any beauty lover, for adults and teens alike, so if you have teens to buy for or adults, these are both perfect, or if you love beauty, I would definitely treat yourself to both of the gift sets, to me love me, you won't be sorry. 

The makeup sponges are excellent and I now have a new lip care routine that I didn't know I needed until now, if you had asked me a few weeks ago if I would be using 3 extra lip products on a regular basis, I wouldn't ever have thought I would, but I am so glad I have the products and I will definitely be repurchasing all 3 and adding some more lip oils to my collection. 

I would highly recommend both gift sets as Christmas gift ideas, or for any gift occasion. It's a great big 10 out of 10 for me. 

Have you tried Primark Beauty? And will you be buying any of their gift sets this Christmas?

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