Thursday 3 December 2020

A Little Something Different For Men (And Women) This Christmas


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I don't know about you, but I find shopping for Christmas gifts for the men in my life more difficult with every year that passes, that is with exception of Simon, who is a huge Star Wars fan, so there's always something I can find for him. But finding things for the other men we buy gifts for I find hard and never know what to get, in fact, just today I text my friend asking her for ideas for what we can buy for her husband. 

When I was asked if I would like to feature a new business, Carfume in my gift guides/gift ideas this year, I said yes, mainly because I want to try and support as many small and new businesses as I can this year, as so many businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, and because I hadn't ever seen a concept like Carfume and was really intrigued by them. 

About Carfume

Carfume™️ was started in 2019 with a vision to enhance our customer's adventures wherever the road takes them. 

Set the mood - pick a route, prepare your playlist and choose a premium air freshener that'll guarantee you Drive Happy. Create some holiday vibes, or match to your favourite fragrance - whatever you pick, we'll make sure your car smells just as good as you do!

The car smelling as good as I do? This was something I hadn't ever seen or heard of before, the car air freshener that smells of premium aftershave and perfume, how genius is that? Usually, it's a real chore finding a car air freshener for my daughter's car, they either don't smell of anything, or they smell absolutely awful. 

A Little Something Different For Men This Christmas

A Little Something Different For Men This Christmas

Deluxe Edition Carfume - £24.99

Treat yourself or that special person in your life. Carfume Deluxe makes the perfect gift for any car enthusiast! Each Carfume Deluxe is perfectly presented in an ultra-sleek, high-quality gift box.

With each fragrance lasting for up to 120 days, it is a truly long-lasting and economical option. When the fragrance runs out, simply order one of our fragrance refills to top it back up.


Available in four contemporary colours the deluxe is compatible with most car air vents.

I was kindly sent one of the Deluxe Edition Carfume air fresheners in the colour Silver, they are also available in Black, Red and Rose Gold. The air freshener looks good and not like an obvious air freshener, it is sleek looking. Carfume products are available in so many wonderful scents, lots of different perfume and aftershave scents, plus some other scents too, including Spring Awakening for all the Hinchers who read my blog. The scent I chose was Sauvage (Dior) because I had asked my son in law if he would please try the Carfume out for me and let me know how he finds it, and Sauvage is one of his favourite aftershave scents, so it was an easy choice of fragrance for me, which I was quite pleased about because I would have been spoilt for choice with over 20 fragrances to choose from. 

The Carfume comes in a Black box with the Carfume logo on the top, the box has a magnetic flap opening which is a nice touch, and inside the Silver housing is placed in a foam base, under that is a little bag with the fragrance oil and deluxe aroma stick, with a label to say which fragrance it is. 
A Little Something Different For Men This Christmas

When the Carfume arrived I immediately smelled the oil to see if it smelled anything like Sauvage, and it really does, it smells so nice! I was so pleased and I knew Chris would be too. 

A Little Something Different For Men This Christmas

Putting the Carfume Deluxe is really simple, unscrew the end of the silver bar, and inside is a black plastic compartment that the aroma stick sits in, add around 4 or 5 drops of the fragrance to the aroma stick, pop it into the compartment, put it all back together and screw the end on, then attach the Carfume to a vent in your car. The scent should last for 120 days before it needs to be topped up, and if you like the scent you can buy a refill for £7.99 and a new aroma stick for £3.99 without buying the whole thing.

There are lots of different Carfume products to choose from if the Deluxe Edition isn't for you, including a super cute Bear Edition, which is perfect for Alicia, my daughter's car. And if cars aren't your thing, there is Homefume, which is a collection of home air fresheners, reed diffusers and wax melts. If you love your home to smell lovely too, and who doesn't? Then there are 3 different ways you can fragrance your home and have it smelling delightful, and if you don't have a car, or don't use car air fresheners, but like the sound of having the home smelling wonderful, they all look great,  and all are available in the amazing Carfume scents. 

Overall Thoughts

I didn't ever think I would be impressed by a car air freshener, to be honest, but I haven't ever seen anything like Carfume before, I love how many different designs there are to choose from and how many fragrances too, it's a great concept and I think the Carfume Deluxe would be a great gift idea for any of the men in your life that you buy a Christmas gift for, and to be fair, any women too, these are definitely not just a male gift idea as I thought they were going to be before receiving the product. 

I think Carfume is great, and would definitely gift their products to family and friends and even treat myself, in fact, I have been having a cheeky look at the reed diffusers! 

To check out the Carfume Deluxe and all their other amazing products, go to their website here.

Have you heard of Carfume? Or have you tried their products? Let me know what you think. 

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