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Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel


Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel

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When it comes to Christmas gifts, I love a gift set, I find them good value for money and a great way of trying something new. I also have a daughter who loves to false tan, so when I was asked if I would like to feature a false tan gift set from the brand Rose & Caramel, I knew I'd have the perfect guinea pig to try the products out for me. 

About Rose & Caramel

Rose & Caramel was created in 2010 by, Rosie & her business partner Carmel, in a quest to create the ‘Perfect’ Self Tan. Upon a chance meeting, with a medical herbalist, Mr G. Alexander, the ladies started their range with endless concoctions that they trialled on their clientele within their own beauty salon. Their first breakthrough was the launch of Nudity Aerosol- a world’s first cream based spray tan that develops on skin cells-giving tanners across the globe a mess-free home tanning experience & routine. The company continues from strength to strength with a full tanning range to suit all skin tones and continues with first innovations such as their multi- award-winning Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath. The ethos of the brand is to put love, thought & logic into each product to achieve the best tan possible while caring for the environment. You can read much more about their story, which by the way is both fascinating and heart warming, by clicking on this link

Holly Hagan x Rose & Caramel Ultimate Tan Gift Set 

Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel

The gift set I have to share with you today is the Holly Hagan - Ultimate Tan Gift Set, the gift set contains: 

Velvety - Dark Olive Tanning Mousse 200ml £19.99 
Nudity - Clear Golden Tanning Aerosol 150ml £19.99
Purity - Self Tan Remover Foam 200ml & Exfoliating Gloves £19.99

Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel

Velvety Dark Olive Tanning Mousse £19.99

Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel

Velvety is a luxurious dark olive tanning foam, it is made with the highest quality hydration technology to encourage the easiest application and the longest lasting results. Velvety can be layered to take even the palest skin tones to a dark olive colour, and having a green undertone you don't end up with the orange Umpah Lumpah look. 

Velvety is easy to apply using a tanning mitt and using circular motions, care should be taken around the hands, feet, wrists and knuckles, buff these areas thoroughly with the excess product that's left on the mitt after tanning everywhere.

Because the Velvety tan is a dark tan when you apply it for the first time, it is best to apply one layer so you can gauge how dark you look and if you want to go darker, then apply more, you can layer the product the same day you apply the tan or if you would rather, you can layer it the next day. A little product goes a very long way with this tan, so take that into consideration when applying the first time you use it, it is also worth noting that Velvety is not a transfer free product.  

Nudity Clear Golden Tanning Aerosol £19.99

Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel

Nudity is the worlds first cream based spray tanning solution, it is specifically designed to combine all the benefits of a tanning cream, with the ease and convenience of a spray application. Nudity products develop on skin cells only, meaning a mess free way to spray tan in your own home. 

Nudity is a versatile product, it can be used alone, over a mousse to give a deeper tan, or as a top up to make your tan last longer. It is packed with skin benefits and doesn't block pores, it is paraben, colour and perfume free. It gives a multidimensional colour with excellent coverage and is 95% transfer free. It has a nourishing technology to give noticeably soft skin, a deeper tan and a lasting finish.                                                                                

Nudity is an excellent facial tanner, it gives your face a golden glow without leaving you with a muddy looking face like other tans sometimes do.

The application process was much simpler than I first thought, it is best to spray the aerosol slowly as spraying fast results in smearing, and as it is a clear product, you should look for a sheen on the skin as a guide so applying the tan in good lighting is a must. 

Always elevate your arms and legs and spray away then finish with a zig zag spraying method, when spraying the hands, keep them slightly clawed and lightly mist over, you do not need to spray your feet directly as the product tends to fall onto your feet when applying. When applying the tan for the first time, it is recommended to use a tanning mitt to buff the tan in when it is touch dry to ensure flawless results. 

Purity - Self Tan Remover & Exfoliating Gloves £19.99

Christmas Gift Ideas From Rose And Caramel

Purity self tan removing foam is a kind to skin self tan removal, it doesn't contain any harmful ingredients, alcohol or parabens and removes stubborn tan from the skin effectively. 

It is easy to use, simply lather the foam over the tan after it has been on the skin for a minimum of 3 days, then leave for 10 minutes whilst you wait for your bath to run or shower to heat up, then once in the shower or bath, use the exfoliating gloves to gently buff the skin, and watch your tan disappear. Purity foam leaves the skin feeling super soft, fresh and prepared for your next tan application. 

Overall Thoughts

As I said at the beginning of the post, I had the perfect guinea pig to try the Rose & Caramel products for me, my youngest daughter Alicia is an avid false tan user and her tan always looks lovely and streak free, so much so, her friends always ask her to apply their tan for them, so I knew she would be the perfect person to test the products out. 

Alicia said her first impressions of all the products were that they all feel lovely and luxurious, they are all easy to use, she found the spray tricky at first, but she said she got used to it very quickly and it was fine and was much quicker to use than her usual tan, she buffed it in certain areas the first time she used it as recommended but has used it as a spray since and found it easy to use and she did have a really lovely even tan. 

The Velvety mousse she thought was going to be way too dark for her at first, she does have a darker skin tone than I, so she does go quite dark with darker toned false tan, but it was fine once she had showered it off and she was left with a lovely deep tan that had a really lovely tone to it. 

Alicia said the Purity tan remover foam is in her words a "game changer" she loves it, she said it is so easy to use, the tan washes off really well and her skin felt soft afterwards and not dry at all. 

I asked Alicia if she would be happy to receive the gift set as a Christmas gift and if she would recommend it, and she said she definitely would. She said the products are all lovely, and the tanning products gave her a nice even tan and then she could easily remove the tan when she wanted to, it's a lovely gift set and if you know a beauty lover or false tan lover, or both, then this gift set would make an ideal gift, or if you love false tan or if you haven't tried it but would like to, then this would be an ideal gift for yourself.   

If you would like to try the Holly Hagan x Rose & Caramel Ultimate Tan gift set or any of their gift sets you can find them all on their website here, you can also buy the products separately if you don't want all the products in the set but want to try one or two of them, they are available on the website here

Do you use false tan? And have you tried Rose & Caramel products? 


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