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Favourite Beauty Products Of 2015 - Lip Products

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Today I have the next category in my favourite products of 2015 series, I have already covered my favourite base products and you can read that post here if you haven't already and I have also posted my favourite eye products of 2015 and again if you would like to read that post, you can find it here but today as you have probably all already noticed from the image above and the title is my favourite lip products of 2015, now if you know me well you'll know that choosing products for this post was extremely difficult, I own a lot of lipsticks and love them all so choosing my favourites was really hard but I did it and today I am going to share with you what they are and why and also show you swatches of them all too. 

Rimmel Kate Moss - 22

This is probably my favourite drugstore/highstreet red lipstick, it is a stunning shade, a true bright red. It has brilliant wear time, it applies well and doesn't bleed and is an excellent affordable red lipstick, if you like a bright red lip this is a must. It is available to buy HERE for £5.49.

Sephora Colour Lip Last - Coral Calling 15

My daughter bought me this lipstick back from her holidays in October last year, I had never tried a Sephora lipstick before but I absolutely adore it, it feels very creamy when applied but dries to a matte finish and believe me when I say it does not move, it has an incredible wear time, on the website it is described as a semi-matte finish but it is matte when dry so maybe the semi-matte is because it doesn't apply matte? If you know please let me know, but that aside it is amazing and I definitely want to try some more of these, my youngest daughter has a nude shade and she loves it too, the colour is stunning too it's an orange/coral and is a shade I will wear all year round, I love it! It is available to buy HERE for $14 (around £9.50) Sephora does ship to the UK. 

MAC - Viva Glam Nicki

I love this lipstick, it is one of my most worn spring/summer shades, it looks like a neon coral in the bullet but is more pink on my lips, I have very blue lips because of the medication I take and they do throw lipstick colours off, on my daughters it is a neon coral, it is a stunning shade and when both myself or my daughters wear it we are always asked what it is. Unfortunately this lipstick is no longer available to buy from MAC on line but I know some people have picked it up from CCO stores so keep an eye out for it at those stores if you like it. 

MAC - Chatterbox

This is a very well loved lipstick as you can see from how much product is left, a few years ago the only lipstick shades I wore were nude and very pale pink and MACs Angel was about as brave as I got, but I wanted to branch out and get a little more daring and Chatterbox was my first brighter lipstick purchase although it isn't really bright it's a great transitional choice if you want to try something a little more daring. I love it, it's a gorgeous shade of pink and is often my go to lipstick when I'm having a "I don't know what lipstick to wear" day. It is available to buy HERE for £15.50. 

MAC - Viva Glam Miley 1

Viva glam Miley was released last year around Valentines day which is my birthday and it couldn't have launched at a better time, I love bright pink lipstick and this had Zoe written all over it, I wear it all the time and love to wear it with an all black outfit and a neutral eye look, it is a stunning shade and again one that is no longer available on line but you maybe lucky enough to pick one up on a MAC counter as some do still have limited stock. 

Nars Satin Lip Pencil - Yu

Nars Yu is one of my favourite bright pink lip choices, when I got this in the post I worried it wasn't going to suit me because it's a blue toned pink and I struggle with blue toned lip products because of my already extremely blue lips but when I tried it for the first time, I loved it! It is one of the most long wearing lip products I have ever tried, it applies beautifully, is a lovely formula, satin but not too glossy and is a stunning shade, if you haven't ever tried any of the Nars satin lip pencils I would highly recommend them, I have some more on my wish list along with some of the matte ones too. Yu is available to buy HERE for £19.00 inc delivery. 

 MAC - La Vie En Rouge

I adore La Vie En Rouge, it was part of the MAC Matte collection in 2014 when MAC released 4 matte lipsticks Heroin, La Vie En Rouge, Damn Glamorous and Fashion Revival, I love red lipsticks so La Vie En Rouge was always going to be my favourite of the 4 and when my daughter came home with this as a surprise for me I was thrilled, she knows me well. It's a stunning coral toned red but a bright red all the same, the matte formula isn't drying on the lips at all, it applies well and the wear time is excellent, I get around 6 hours even with eating and drinking, it doesn't bleed at all and is just fabulous, it's been my most worn MAC red throughout 2015 and continues to be, I love it, unfortunately as it was limited edition there isn't an on line link for it but MAC do re promote products all the time so if you like the look of it I would keep an eye out, I have missed out on a limited edition lipstick twice now from MAC but it is being made permanent in March, theres often hope if you miss out on a MAC limited edition lipstick as I have missed out on many but then got them on a re promote. 

MAC - Impassioned

I love Impassioned, it is a very bright coral toned pink and is beautiful throughout the spring and summer months, I wear it a lot and every time I do someone asks me what lipstick I'm wearing, it has an incredible wear time, applies well, doesn't bleed and is a stunning shade and if you like bright pink lipstick I'd definitely check it out, it's stunning. You can buy it HERE for £15.50. 

MAC - Brave

Brave was my most worn nude lipstick of 2015, it is a lovely pink toned nude which are my favourite nude shade to wear and the nude shades that suit me the most, Brave is a great shade and looks lovely with so many different make up looks, it's brilliant for both day and night and has an excellent wear time, it's comfortable to wear and feels nice on the lips, I love it, it was hard to find at one time because of the Kylie Jenner lip trend but it shouldn't be too hard to find now, if you like shades like faux and modesty from MAC you'll like Brave it's a lovely nude and one I'd definitely recommend trying if you're on the lookout for a nude lip. Brave is available to buy HERE for £15.50.

MAC - Betty Bright

Betty Bright was part of the Archie's Girls collection back in 2013 and launched in the UK just before my birthday, how lucky was that? I love Betty Bright it is a beautiful coral/peach and stunning for the spring and summer months, I wear it a lot during those months and again I am always asked what lipstick I'm wearing when I wear it, I don't have much left as you can probably tell from the photograph so I think I will be rationing it this year, Costa Chic by MAC is similar to Betty Bright, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a dupe but it is similar and although Costa Chic is a frost finish it does have good wear time too so don't be put off it you do like the shade. 


Lip Pencils

I don't use lip pencils every time I do my make up but I wanted to mention the lip pencils I love and that have been my favourites throughout 2015. I don't have swatches of these as they are representative of the brand rather than the shade. 

Going left to right on the image above, first up is the Rimmel Moisture Renew lip liner in transparent, my lovely friend Gemma told me about this lip liner and I'm so pleased she did, it is incredible and very versatile too, this has been on my "to blog about" list for the longest time and I haven't ever written the post, I think I need to! But it is a fabulous product that can be worn with any shade of lipstick and stops feathering and bleeding, I have a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that I love but it bleeds like nothing on earth, if I wear this lip liner I don't have any bleeding at all and not even a slight feathering, it really is incredible, I will continue to re purchase it forever. You can buy the Rimmel transparent liner HERE for £3.99. 

Next up is the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat lip pencil in the shade Pillow Talk, I love this lip pencil, the shade is a beautiful pink toned nude and it looks amazing worn with my brave lipstick from MAC, I also love to wear it alone all over the lip and it isn't uncomfortable at all and although it is a favourite because I wore it quite a lot throughout 2015 I can't recommend it because the amount of times it needs sharpening is ridiculous and I have stopped wearing it because it is going to run out rapidly if not, to compare I have had Pillow Talk for 12 months and I have had the MAC lip pencil next to it for 3 years and that has been sharpened a lot more and yes the MAC pencils are longer anyway but you would think after 3 years and a lot more sharpening the MAC would be shorter. It's such a shame because I adore the lip pencil and did want to try more shades but I can't justify spending £16.00 on something that just isn't going to last, I was speaking to a sales assistant on another counter last year and she said exactly the same, it is a real shame but I cannot recommend you go out and buy a £16.00 lip liner that isn't going to last you, in my estimations 6 months if worn once a week, but it is in my favourites because I love the shade and the formula, it applies well, looks stunning and has wonderful wear time, it just doesn't last and needs to be sharpened after every use. If you don't mind sharpening after each use and would like to try Pillow Talk, you can buy it on line HERE for £16.00. 

Last but by no means least is the MAC lip pencil in the shade cherry, this is a representation of MAC lip pencils in general and not the shade, although I do love the shade it is perfect for under a red lip. I have quite a few MAC lip pencils and adore them all, they last forever, as I said I have had this one for at least 3 years and love it, I always wear my lip pencils all over the lip (apart from the Rimmel) so I get a lot of use from them, they apply well and I don't find them dragging or drying, they have excellent wear time and increase the wear time of your chosen lipstick and I just love them and cannot recommend them enough, they aren't the cheapest lip liners out there but they are incredible and I have yet to find another lip pencil as good. If you would like to try a MAC lip pencil, you can buy them HERE for £12.50. 

You might have noticed in the photograph a MAC Lipmix, this is just a representative of all the lip mixes and therefore I haven't swatched it or any of the ones I have but I do have a full blog post including swatches on the MAC lip mixes here if you would like to read it, but I love the lip mixes and didn't want to include all 4 of mine and talk about another 4 products in an already very long post, but I do strongly recommend them, they are an incredible product and one I will re purchase and buy more shades in too. If you would like to buy any of the MAC lip mixes, you can find them HERE for £14.50. 

So they are all my favourite lip products for 2015 and my word there were a lot, it was so so hard to choose my favourites for you, I hope you liked my choices, please let me know if you share any of the same favourites as me or if there are any of the products I've shared today that you would like to try. 

Thank you for reading my huge post, much love as always

Zoe x

✿ Post contains PR Samples or Gifted products 

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