Wednesday 27 January 2016

My Wishlist Wednesday - Fashion

Hello Lovelies

Today I have my "Wishlist Wednesday" post for you and this weeks wish list is a fashion wish list, I have some accessories for you today too. I'm really pleased you are enjoying my wish list posts, thank you so much for your fabulous feedback, and now for todays " Wishlist Wednesday". 

1. River Island Black Fringed Ankle Boots - £40.00 - I really like these boots and £40.00 isn't a bad price at all for suede boots, I think they would look lovely with both dresses and skirts as well as jeans and leggings and they're totally different from any other boots I own. 

2. New Look Bear Print Socks - £1.99 -  If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that bears are very special to me, Simon and our girls and these are pink too, perfect! All the socks on the New Look website are on offer for 3 pairs for £4.00 and there are lots to choose from but the bears are my favourites. 

3. New Look Black Leather Look A Line Skirt - £14.99 - I really like leather look skirts, I have tried one on and did really like it but I do wonder if I am a little shall we say "mature" to wear one, I also like another leather look skirt on the New Look website it's very similar but has zip pockets on the side and is £19.99, I really like both but am still undecided because I'm not sure they will suit me or if I'm too old, what do you think? 

4. River Island Daisy Front & Back Earrings - £6.99 -  I love the front and back style earrings and haven't ever had a pair before but when I saw these I loved them, I love the diamante stud and the little daisies with the diamante in the middle, they're really lovely, a little more than I would like to pay for 1 pair of earrings but very pretty all the same and can be worn both daytime and evening. 

5. River Island Black Super Scoop Long Sleeved Top - £14.00 -  I wear a lot of black as you will know if you have read my fashion posts or my previous wish lists and black tops are a staple in my wardrobe, and this super scoop black top caught my eye, it is available in khaki and white too if black isn't for you but it will go with lots of my skirts and I thought would look nice with the leather look skirt too. 

6. Adidas Superstar Original White Trainers - £67.00 -  If you saw my previous fashion wish list post (you can read it here if not) you will have seen me feature the silver metallic Adidas Superstar trainers which I adore but don't think I'm brave enough to wear, the plain white ones are much more wearable and I wouldn't have any problems wearing these out. I used to wear superstars all the time years ago and they look great with both skirts and jeans/leggings, I started to wear Converse and for some unknown reason stopped wearing superstars but recently I have fallen in love with them again, they are expensive but they are long lasting and wear well and I think I'll definitely be purchasing these to wear over the spring and summer as a change from my usual Converse. 

Those are all the pieces in this weeks wish list Wednesday post, which one is your favourite? What wish list would you like next Wednesday? Fashion, Beauty, a bit of both or something completely different such as home wear or stationary? Let me know. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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