Wednesday 13 January 2016

My Wednesday Wishlist - Fashion

My Wednesday Wishlist - Fashion

Hello Lovelies

I love reading wish list blog posts and when I wrote my Christmas wish list post back in December 2015 so many of you contacted me and said how much you enjoyed reading it and asked if I could feature more wish list posts on my blog, I love on line window shopping and do 99% of my shopping on line so creating wish lists is something I do in my head all the time so I thought why not transfer them from my head and onto my blog to share with you? Today's wish list is my first of 2016 and is a fashion wish list, I do have a beauty wish list coming too if beauty is more your thing. 

My Wednesday Wishlist - Fashion

1. ASOS Oversized Slouchy Top - £12.00 - I love this top it's casual and other tops I have similar to this from ASOS are really comfy and easy to wear so I imagine this one will be too, I like v neck styles and I like the split sides too and think it's quite a good price, the top is available in sizes 4-18.

2. Next Khaki Utility Skirt - £22.00 - I really like this skirt, it is also available in black (here) and I like the black too but always go for black so I thought the khaki might make a nice change and I could wear it in the spring and summer too. The skirt is a pull on style and the buttons are decorative and don't unfasten, I didn't realise this until reading a review on the website but for me it is better so I am pleased, the skirt is available in sizes 6-20.

3. River Island Black Denim Leggings - £25.00 - I have these leggings in blue denim (see this post) and they are so comfortable, if you don't like wearing jeans but like the look of them these are perfect, they feel exactly like leggings but look like skinny jeans and when I bought my blue ones I said how it would be brilliant if they were available in black and now they are, perfect! The leggings are available in sizes 6-18.

4. Adidas Silver Metallic Superstar Trainers - £70.00 - I absolutely love Adidas superstar trainers and wore them for years and years until I started to wear Converse but recently I have been looking more and more at Superstars again and when I saw these I was instantly in love, now whether or not I have the guts to go out in silver glittery trainers is another matter but I do love them.

5. ASOS No Probl llama Longline T Shirt - £12.00 available HERE I love this t shirt, it's so cute and quirky and ideal with jeans for a casual look, the t shirt is available in sizes 4-18 and in the Curve range 16-30.

6. ASOS Tunic With Side Split - £22.00 I have a couple of the longer length tunics with side splits from ASOS and they are very comfortable and wash really well too, I love this pale grey one and think it would be nice with the black denim leggings and some ankle boots or my Ugg boots, the top is available in sizes 4-18.

Those are all the items on my Wednesday wish list, which one is your favourite? And do you have anything on a wish list? I love on line browsing and am thinking of making my Wednesday wish list a regular thing, what do you think? Would you like to read more of wish list posts please let me know either in the comments or via social media and if you would like to see more would you prefer fashion, beauty or a mix of the two?

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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