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MAC Flamingo Park Collection Spring 2016

MAC Flamingo Park Collection Spring 2016

Hello Lovelies

I'm sure you know by now I am a real MAC girl at heart, I have been wearing MAC makeup since buying my first lip glass 20 years ago (eek that makes me feel old) MAC release a new collection on the first Thursday of the month here in the UK and although I don't get excited about every new collection, now and again one really catches my eye and the MAC Flamingo Park collection has certainly done that!

The MAC Flaming Park collection comprises of a X 9 eyeshadow palette, 3 pigments, 2 nail polishes, 9 lipsticks, 3 lip pencils, 5 lip glosses, 7 blushes and 2 beauty powders and oh me oh my there are some stunning products within that almighty collection.

The products in the collection are 

X 9 Eyeshadow Palette - Limited Edition

An eyeshadow palette containing 9 shadows, these palettes are the same size as a MAC quad to give you an idea of size, the eye shadows within the palette are - 

Birds Eye View - (satin) Hot magenta
Flock & Roll - (matte) Pastel pink 
Sushi Flower - (satin) Pink/coral shimmer
Elegant Friend  - (veluxe pearl ) Dirty lavender 
Weirdly Wonderful - (veluxe) Royal blue with a light blue pearl 
Naturally Fabulous - (matte) Warm mid tone brown
Flounce (matte) - Chalky white/pink
Glamour Light - (satin) Lemon
Floridazzle - (satin) Soft Lime

Now this eye shadow palette is not for the faint hearted and is very bright indeed, but if you like bright colours and something a little different then you will love it, but I'm afraid it isn't on my wish list. 


Rose - Rose with a copper sparkle 
Golden Olive - High frost green/gold
Tan - muted pink/brown bronze 

The pigments are all part of the permanent range so if these are all you're after there isn't so much of a rush, personally I won't be purchasing any of the pigments, I have a few MAC pigments but they're not something I really ever use, all 3 are stunning just not for me. 

Nail Polish - Limited Edition

Miami - Warm Pink/coral
Spoonful Of Sugar - Pink glitter with pink pearl 

Both these polishes look amazing and I love the look of both but I'm not sure I'll pick any up, do you like MAC polishes? 


Flocking Fabulous - (cremesheen & pearl) Bright Coral/red (LE) 
Please Me - (matte) Rose toned pink (Permanent) 
Nice To Meet You - (cremesheen) Deep pink/red (LE)
Be Silly - (matte) Fuchsia pink (LE) 
Long Legged & Fabulous - (cremesheen & pearl) Baby pink (LE) 
Silly - (matte) Bright white pink (Permanent) 
Saint Germain - (amplified) Clean pastel pink (Permanent) 
Have Your Cake - (matte) Bright magenta (LE) 
The Fashion Flock - (matte) Bright pink/coral (on line exclusive only) 

As you had probably guessed the lipsticks are one of my favourite things out of the collection, some are permanent and some limited edition (LE), I am pleased to see Silly listed as permanent as I have missed out on it in 2 other collections so far so fingers crossed it is going to be added to their permanent line. I have seen swatches and I love The Fashion Flock which is an on line exclusive so I would say if you really want this one, be quick as some MAC collections sell out in seconds! I am in love with almost all of the lipsticks and there really is only a couple that aren't for me, they are stunning, if like me you love to wear pinks and corals in the spring and summer you will not be disappointed. 

Lip Pencil 

Chic Trick - Amped up fuchsia (LE) 
Embrace Me - Vivid fuchsia pink (Permanent)
In Synch - Yellow toned pink (Permanent) 

I love MAC lip pencils they are amazing and I would love some more, I have In Synch and although MAC describe it as a yellow toned pink I wouldn't, it's more of a peach shade in my opinion, I suppose yellow and pink mixed could be peach though so maybe they're right. 

Cremesheen Glass

Such Sweeties - Baby Pink (LE)
Look Who's Here - Soft pink with blue pearl (LE)
Sweet Tooth - Warm mid toned pink (LE)
Petite Indulgence - Bright blue toned pink (Permanent) 
Playful Petal - Electric Magenta (LE)

I don't care for lip gloss so these won't be on my wish list but if you do they are stunning, there's only 1 permanent shade with the rest being limited edition, they are lovely shades but lip gloss just isn't my thing. 


Life's A Picnic - (satin) Hot red/pink (LE) 
Pink Swoon - (satin) Soft yellow toned baby pink (Permanent)
Let's Be Friends - (satin) Hot blue toned pink (LE)
What I Fancy - (satin) Soft bright Apricot (LE) 
This Could Be Fun - (satin) Soft violet/purple (LE)
Spring Flock - Light bright coral (LE)
Oh My! - (satin) Mid tone coral/red (LE) (on line exclusive only) 

You guessed it, the blushes are my other favourite products in the collection, lipsticks and blush I adore and I am always drawn to them before any other product in a MAC collection, all but 1 are limited edition so if you're like me and love blush I would say pick up the shades you want. I am asked all the time about my royal sunset MAC blush which was also part of a collection and was limited edition and sold out rapidly, I am hoping though for those who missed out on royal sunset that one of these is a close enough match and it certainly looks from first glance that Spring Flock could be close but I'll know for sure when I've seen it.  

Beauty Powder

Pearl Blossom - Light pink with silver pearlised pigment (LE)
Sunny Surprise - Soft peach (LE) 

I have never bought a MAC beauty powder but these both look stunning so maybe this collection could bring with it my first beauty powder purchase, have you ever tried one? 

I am super excited about the Flamingo Park collection and cannot wait for the launch, the US launch date is January 28th 2016 on line and in stores February 4th 2016 and the UK launch date is March 3rd 2016 in stores but may launch a little earlier on line so if you want those on line exclusives I would advise keeping an eye out from the end of February 2016.  

Are you excited for this collection? Which products do you like the sound of? I'd love you to tell me in the comments. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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