Friday 19 February 2016

Get 33% Off Mothers Day Flowers With Blossoming Gifts

Hello Lovelies

Mothers day is fast approaching and this year it falls on Sunday 6th March 2016 here in the UK meaning theres just over 2 weeks to go so not much time to choose your mum or a special person in your life you celebrate Mothers Day with something special as a gift. 

I love flowers and love receiving flowers either in person or by delivery and my mum does too, so when Blossoming Gifts kindly sent me this beautiful bouquet of Bubblegum Pink Roses and offered a fabulous 33% discount code for my blog readers I was super excited to share both images of the beautiful flowers I received and how they arrived and also share the brilliant discount code with you too so if your mum or that special someone in your life loves flowers as much as me and my mum do, you can treat them too. 

Get 33% Off Mothers Day Flowers With Blossoming Gifts
L-R The box the flowers came in, the flowers inside the box plus chocolates, the flowers tied, the flowers inside the packaging with flower food.

The flowers arrived in a long box and inside the box the flowers were wrapped securely, there was also a small box of chocolates inside the box which was a nice touch too. The flowers were tied securely and once I opened the packaging the flowers were tied again and had some flower food attached. I was really pleased the flowers were tied as I'm not the best at flower arranging and it makes it so much easier to arrange the flowers in a vase when they are tied, it's easy to snip the ties off and place the flowers into a vase meaning they look lovely and arranged nicely once they are in the vase. 

The chocolates that came with the flowers

Once all the packaging was removed I was able to arrange the flowers in my vase which was easy to do as I just snipped off the packaging and ties and the flowers kept their shape and arrangement meaning they looked lovely without me having to arrange them very much at all.

There were 11 large pastel pink roses in my bouquet and some green ruscus too, the bouquet was absolutely stunning, roses are one of my favourite flowers and pink is my favourite colour, I was really pleased with the bouquet and the chocolates were a lovely touch too. 

As you can see from the images above, the roses were large roses and absolutely beautiful and the green ruscus broke them up nicely too, there were 11 roses in my bouquet and a good amount of ruscus too. The roses were not fully open with some being more open than others, I much prefer my flowers not to be fully opened when I receive them so I was really pleased as I like to see them open and I also find they last much longer too and after all it is nice to be able to have the flowers for as long as possible isn't it? Especially when they are so pretty to look at. 

I was really happy with my bouquet and think they make the perfect Mothers Day gift, my Mum loved them too and all my friends and family who visited commented on them, they really were beautiful, I've not been feeling great recently and have also had some other things going on but it's amazing how much having a bouquet of pretty flowers to look at can cheer you up and they certainly did that. 

If you would like to order your Mum or special lady in your life some Mothers Day Flowers or flowers for any occasion just enter the code BGIFT33 at the checkout (excluding flowers by post) it really is a fantastic offer and there is a huge range of flowers to choose from with prices ranging from £11.99 to £41.99 and with the discount code that range is £8.03 to £28.13 which is amazing and free delivery too. 

Knowing how much my Mum loves flowers I will definitely be taking full advantage of the discount code and ordering my Mum some flowers for Mothers Day because after all she is the best Mum in the world and she deserves it ♥︎

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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