Monday 22 February 2016

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

Hello Lovelies

I waited for almost a year for the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour to be launched after writing this post at the end of February last year. I love a matte lip and I also like liquid lipsticks so the combination of both and me being a HUGE fan of MAC was sure to be a match made in heaven, wasn't it? 

When I received the shade Feels So Grand I was so excited, I wear a lot of red lip products during the winter, I do wear a red lip all year round but I tend to gravitate towards red more during the winter months and I love red lip products so I was super excited. 

MAC Liquid Lipcolour In feels so grand

MAC Liquid Lipcolour In feels so grand

MAC Liquid Lipcolour In feels so grand

The outer packaging is the usual black MAC box with white text with the shade name written on the lid of the box, the actual tube is a clear tube showing the shade of the Liquid Lipcolour and a black bullet shaped lid with the standard MAC logo, on the bottom of the tube is the shade and product description label. I quite like the packaging, it is standard MAC permanent range packaging but I like the bullet shaped lid. The Liquid Lipcolours are part of the MAC permanent line and are priced at £21.00.

MAC Liquid Lipcolour In feels so grand

Feels So Grand has quite a long applicator which comes to a slight point making it easy to apply, I found the applicator picked up a good amount of product with enough product to apply a full lip, I didn't have to apply more product.

I found it easy to apply as some liquid lip product can be messy but it was fine, it does set to a matte finish quite fast and I would say if you suffer from dry lips to prepare your lips first and use a lip balm, I don't suffer from dry lips so I didn't prep my lips first. The first time I wore Feels So Grand I wore it for 5 hours before removing it and I only removed it because I had an appointment to go to and wasn't wearing any other make up so would have looked a bit silly with a full on red lip but it lasted really well, I hadn't eaten anything but had been drinking and chatting throughout wearing it.

I have worn Feels So Grand a few times now and it applies well every time and doesn't bleed or feather and lasts really well. I have only drank and chatted and not eaten when wearing it and from reading other reviews the wear time seems to vary from shade to shade, my daughter has tried the shade Quite The Standout and that did wear off a little in the middle of her lips when she had eaten and needed re applying, but for me Feels So Grand lasts for hours when I have drank and chatted, I can wear it all day without the need to re apply.

MAC Liquid Lipcolour In feels so grand
MAC Liquid Lipcolour - Feels So Grand

The shade is absolutely stunning, it is a deep red shade, not too bright and not too dark, it's a lovely red and If you like red lip products you will love it, I got so many compliments on it the first time I wore it out it really is lovely. 

I love Feels So Grand, I like how easy it is to apply and I love the colour and the wear time is fantastic but I do have a couple of negatives I'm afraid, I am here to be honest with you and honest I shall be. I think they are expensive and would have been better priced at the same price as the MAC lipsticks (£15.50) I think £21 is expensive, I also found Feels So Grand to be very drying, I know it is a matte product and a retro matte which are usually drier in the lipstick form too but it is drying and I think if you do suffer with dry lips it could be a problem, as I said earlier you could pop a balm on before applying, I haven't tried that but it would help, but I did find it drying and I don't suffer from dry lips at all and don't usually have any problems with matte lip products, the dryness didn't create any problems for me but may do if you do suffer from dry lips and is something I wanted to mention. Negatives aside it is a stunning shade and I love it and I will get a lot of wear out of it over the winter months.

You can find the Liquid Lipcolours to purchase on the House Of Fraser website HERE for £21.00 or on the MAC website HERE for £21.00. 

Have you tried the MAC Liquid Lipcolours? Which shades are your favourite? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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