Saturday 20 February 2016

MAC Lip Erase

Hello Lovelies

I'm sure you are all aware that I suffer from serious health problems and because of my health I take a lot of medication every day. One of the many side effects I have from taking my medication is that my lips and nails are very often blue, this happens I'd say more than 80% of the time and is a real pain in the neck when it comes to beauty products and make up, my lips throw lipstick shades off terribly meaning I can swatch a lipstick on my hand and love it and then it looks a completely different shade when I apply it to my lips. 

I have tried applying my foundation and concealer and even my under eye corrector over my lips but it doesn't really work and lipsticks still can look a completely different shade than they are supposed to and to give you an example,  myself and both my daughters all have the same shade in a lipstick which in the bullet and when swatched on the hand is a neon coral shade and on both my daughters it looks exactly the same as it does in the bullet but on me it is bright pink, it is such a nightmare.

Our eldest daughter is a professional make up artist and for Christmas she and our younger daughter bought me the MAC Lip Erase after our eldest had heard about it through her job as a MUA and thought it would be good for me. Lip Erase is available in 2 shades Pale and Dim, I have the shade Dim which is the darker of the 2 and has a more peachy/salmony tone to it and since those tones cancel out blue my daughter felt it would be the better of the 2 for me. 

The Lip Erase looks quite dark in the pot but doesn't transfer onto the lips as dark as it looks in the pot and is in fact quite light when applied to the lips, I think the shade Pale would be too light for me. 

Unfortunately this isn't the best image of my lips but I am wearing the Lip Erase in this photograph and as you can see the Lip Erase doesn't look as dark when applied to my lips and has neutralised the colour of my lips and most importantly the blue. The Lip Erase feels very much like a lip balm but not sticky at all, it doesn't have that Vaseline type texture as some lip balms do and it does settle and feel almost dry. 

I apply the Lip Erase with my finger and dab it onto my lips, you could use a lip brush or Que Tip if you prefer. I apply the lip erase either before I have applied my make up or once I have finished my base and then it is drying whilst the rest of my make up is applied as my lips are the last thing to be done. 

I wish I had known about Lip Erase sooner it is an incredible product and works really well, I also find that my lip sticks and other lip products last longer too so the Lip Erase also helps with the wear time of my lip sticks and other lip products I wear which is an added bonus, but most of all my lipsticks now look like they're supposed to, I recently bought a NYX soft matte lip cream in a coral shade and when I wore it the first time I forgot to apply the lip erase and it looked bright pink but when I used the lip erase it was coral and looked like it did when I'd swatched it on my hand, the lip erase is a fantastic product and I can only imagine it would last a long time because I use the smallest amount and it is quite a large pot. 

The MAC Lip Erase is fantastic for my blue toned lips but would also work if you have very pigmented lips too, it neutralises the natural lip colour and I highly recommend it if you're like me and struggle with lip products not transferring onto your lips as you would like them to. I really do wish I'd known about the Lip Erase sooner and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you because it isn't a product that I've ever seen mentioned on any of the blogs I read and it really is a great product and definitely worth mentioning, I love it and will continue to re purchase it as it is such a fantastic product.

Lip Erase is a pro product so it isn't available at MAC counters unfortunately but it is available at stand alone MAC stores and also on line so it is easily accessible as pro products can be ordered on line. If you would like to try the Lip Erase, you can find it on the MAC website HERE for £15.50. 

Have you tried the MAC Lip Erase? Or do you think it would be a product you would use? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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