Wednesday 3 February 2016

My Wishlist Wednesday - Stationery

Hello Lovelies

It's Wednesday again which means I have another "Wish List Wednesday" for you and today's wish list is a stationery wish list, I love stationery, there are some lovely items around at the minute and these are the things I've been wishing for.

1. Pretty Little Liars Themed Planner Stickers - £1.99 - Available HERE - I was very late to the party with PLL and only started to watch it in late October of last year after my youngest daughter telling me she thought I'd like it, she was right, I love it and these stickers are perfect for any PLL lover and planner user and will be great for reminding me when the next episode is on. 

2. Kate Spade New York Spiral Note Book - £12.00 - Available HERE - I love Kate Spade stationery the items are all so pretty and I really like this notebook, I love the gold spot detail on the front and the bright pink inside covers, I have memory problems and notebooks are really helpful for me and this is such a pretty one. It is also available in black and white stripes with a green inside cover if the gold spots and pink aren't your thing.

3. What Would Beyonce Do Pencils - £5.00 - Available HERE - I am a huge Beyonce fan and I love these, they're a bit of fun and made me smile and I think they are great for any Beyonce fan, I think my girls may pinch one of these each too.  

4. Make Up / Cosmetics Planner Stickers - £2.50 - Available HERE - I adore these planner stickers, I don't really know where in my planner I'll use them but they are so lovely that I'll find a place, I think they'll be purely for decorative purposes but they are so cute I just have to have them, if you have any ideas where I can use them, let me know. 

5. Kate Spade New York Contacts Book - £22.00 - Available HERE - I adore this address book, I am in desperate need of a new one and this looks so lovely, I do have space in my planner for writing addresses but I like to have a separate address book to save me writing out addresses every year/18 months when I replace my planner.

6. Valentines / Love Themed Planner Stickers - £2.00 (£2.30 glossy) - Available HERE - I love these, I love anything with hearts on, my mum blames me being born on Valentines day for loving heart related items but these are perfect for me, they're so lovely and will look really nice in my planner but if you don't use a planner these would be really nice to use to make your own Valentines card or to decorate your Valentines card envelope with, I love them!

So those are all the things I'm currently wishing for stationery wise, I am loving planner stickers at the moment as you can probably tell, because of my illness my memory is awful and even writing lists or notes, I still forget things all the time but the stickers really help both me and my family and friends to help us remember things, they all have access to my planner because they care for me and they all enjoy sticking the stickers in too, if you can recommend any stickers you think I would like or find useful please let me know. 

Do you like stationery? What things are you loving at the moment? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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