Monday 29 February 2016

My Current Random Favourites

Hello Lovelies

Today I am going to share with you my current random favourites or non beauty favourites as I have to referred to these as in the past and as you can probably see from the image above, I have a few different categories for you that I always include in my random favourites, today I have a new one for you too and all will be revealed in the post.  If you can think of any other categories you'd like to see in my random favourites posts please let me know in the comments. But without further ado here are the non beauty related things or random things I've been loving over the last few weeks. 

TV Shows

Tattoo Fixers - We all really love Tattoo Fixers in our house and it is something we all watch together every week, it is shown on E4 and is about 3 tattoo artists Jay, Sketch and Alish who basically create cover up tattoo's for people who have tattoo's they no longer like/want. There is also a receptionist called Paisley who adds some humour to the show, she's fab. Some of the tattoo's being covered are really cringe worthy and some old, some ex's names there's a real diverse bunch but there's always a story behind each one so we get to know a little about the person and why they had the tattoo in the first place and then why they want it covered, each artist then draws a design based on what they like and the person having the cover up chooses who's design they like best, we then see them having their cover up tattoo and the end result. It's easy watching with some humour and light heartedness and is interesting too, we really like it. It's on on a Tuesday night on E4 at 9pm and is available on catch up if you have it. 

Celebrity Big Brother - If you're a long time reader of my blog you will know I am a huge big brother fan and if things were different I'd definitely apply. I loved this years series of celebrity big brother but have to admit the whole Jeremy/Stephanie thing drove me insane! 

Stella - Stella is now in it's 5th series and we love it, it's filmed in Wales and stars Ruth Jones as Stella who is a single mum and grandma who's a nurse, Stella is all about Stella's life and family and the people she knows, a little bit like a soap opera I suppose, it can be funny but it can also be sad too, it's easy watching and we really enjoy it. Stella is on Sky1 on a Tuesday at 9pm and is also available on demand if you have it as are the other series should you have missed them. 

Pretty Little Liars - I was really late to the party with PLL and only started to watch it last October but I binge watched and was all caught up in time for the new series which started in January, I love PLL, I always thought it would be a bit young for me but after Lissy and Hannah telling me I'd love it, I bit the bullet and watched and they were right I do love it. It is about a group of friends who find one of their group has gone missing and soon after her body is found, after the funeral they start to receive texts from "A" and A seems to know all their secrets and will stop at nothing to expose them, A is ruthless and causes a lot of trouble but the main focus of the show is to find out who this mystery A is, I'd say give it a go if you haven't already, you might like it. PLL is on Netflix where you can watch all the past series but the new episode is available every Wednesday. 

Happy Valley - Happy Valley is back for a second series and so far it's been brilliant, series 1 was fantastic and real edge of you seat viewing and I think this series may go the same way. The background story of series 1 is about a police woman who's daughter was raped and then killed herself after becoming pregnant and having the rapists baby, the rapist is back in town and out to cause trouble but it gets much more deep than that, I can't say much without spoiling it for those who haven't seen it but if you haven't seen series 1 I highly recommend downloading it and then watching series 2 it is an incredible drama and if you like crime drama's, you'll love Happy Valley. Happy Valley is on on Tuesday nights at 9pm on BBC1. 

Simon's Choice - Simon's choice is a true story and a documentary shown on BBC3, it seems odd to put it in my favourites as it doesn't sound right at all. Simon's Choice is about a 57 year old man who is diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease, he decides on the way back from his diagnosis appointment that he wants to end his life in Switzerland where assisted suicide is legal. The programme follows Simon and his family and friends throughout the months following his diagnosis, it is an extremely thought provoking programme but extremely sad too and is very upsetting I must warn you but if you think it might be something you'd be interested in it is available on line on BBC3. 


Still Alice -  Still Alice stars Julieanne Moore as Dr Alice Howland a university professor who develops early onset Alzheimer's, it follows her through her symptoms and diagnosis and then her life living with the condition and how it affects her and the way it affects her family, I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoil it for those of you who may want to watch it but it is a really good film and one you definitely need tissues for. Still Alice is available on Netflix and DVD.


OffOf - Percentage Calculator - This is a really handy little app and it's a free app too,  it basically works out the percentage off things, you enter the percent you want to work out and then the amount and it calculates it for you,  my eldest daughter is a make up artist and can get some amazing discount on a lot of brands so I use this to work out the discount price she can get or if I'm shopping on line and there's a discount code I can work out the money off with it, I did used to do the calculations in my head but I am so bad at maths and my concentration is appalling it's just easier to use the app, it's really handy. OffOf percentage calculator is a free app and is available on the iTunes app store or Google play store.

Township - I'm still loving playing Township, I am so sad aren't I? Township is a game where you build your own little town and you have a farm and an airport and train station and you have to make orders on the farm and with factories you build for the airport and trains, if you like Farmville and Hayday that kind of thing, you'll like Township. Township is a free app and is available on the iTunes app store or Google play store. 

Food & Drink

Spaghetti  Bolognese - Recently I have really been enjoying spaghetti bolognese, we have it with pasta shells not spaghetti, it's less messy! Simon is an excellent cook and his bolognese is delicious, he makes it from scratch and doesn't use any sauces,  he mixes the pasta shells in with the bolognese and then sprinkles grated cheese over the top, it's yummy and I have been really enjoying that recently after not having it for such a long time. 

Custard Creams - I'm not a massive biscuit fan but Simon loves custard creams and a couple of weeks ago he was having one and offered me one and I had one and really liked it, since then I've had one almost every time I've been offered one and I really like them. I hated them when I was younger but I am loving them right now, very random I know but I suppose this is my random favourites. We buy the Asda own custard creams. 


Boots - I've been loving Boots this past couple of months, their site is so handy and they have some great products on there too. I love that you can order up to 8pm and then have your order delivered to a local store the next day for free it's amazing and makes life so much easier for me, I can place my order and then Simon or one of the girls or a friend can pick it up for me the day after, we have a local small Boots store which is very small and not very good at all but I can have my deliveries sent there, it's so good and I have used it a few times now and never had a problem, and if like me you can't collect your order in person, just give the person collecting your order the order number and your name and address and they can collect it for you, simples!

Customer Service

Apple - This is the first time I have included customer service in my random favourites but I feel if a company has given good customer service they should be given the recognition they deserve. In January Simon slipped on some black ice on the way back from having his hair cut and fell and in doing so he smashed his iPhone 6 screen. Luckily and most importantly Simon was ok and not badly hurt but he was really fed up at smashing his phone screen. I rang the Apple store and asked how much it was to have it repaired and spoke to a lovely lady who told me the price and said Simon could take the phone in the following day which was a Sunday but they may not be able to repair it in the same day and he might have to leave his phone with them. I explained that we live over an hour away from the store so going back and forth was a bit of an issue and more importantly that Simon needs his phone for me to be able to get in touch because of my health problems, the lady went away and spoke with the staff on the genius bar and came back and said that if Simon could take his phone down on the Sunday and be there for 11am, half an hour before they open and explain what I'd told her on the phone they would book his phone in and do their best to get it back to him that day. I was so grateful and said thank you so much and told her how appreciative we both were for her kindness in sorting that out. The following day Simon took his phone down and was there for 11am, they took  his phone in and told him to go back in an hour, at 11.08am according to an email we got his phone was booked in for repair with the genius bar and then at 11.41am we had another email to say the phone had been repaired and was ready for collection, Simon couldn't see the email because he didn't have his phone but he went back an hour later as they'd said and paid and picked his phone up. We were both really pleased with the customer service we received, the lady I spoke to on the Saturday was really helpful as were the staff on the genius bar and then again the staff on the genius bar were really helpful on Sunday too, all in all they were all really polite, friendly and extremely helpful and Simon was only without his phone for an hour which is fantastic, we both really appreciated their kindness and how helpful they were.


Justin Bieber - Now this is something I never thought I'd be saying out loud (and yes I am saying it out loud as I use voice dictation to blog) but I am loving Justin Bieber at the moment, Simon finds it highly amusing and keeps referring to me as a "Belieber" he clearly thinks he's funny. But I really do like his new music, especially "Sorry" and "What Do You Mean?" they are really catchy and if you haven't already heard them, check him out. 


Laurzrah - I found Laura's blog just after Christmas and I'm so pleased I did, she not only has a fabulous blog but she's a really lovely person too. From reading her blog I've noticed we seem to have similar taste and like the same things and she makes me laugh too, I really enjoy reading her blog, she has some fabulous posts and writes brilliantly and her photographs are fabulous too. If you don't already read her blog I highly recommend you check her out and please tell her I sent you if you do go over and read her blog and please give it a follow whilst you're there. You can find Laura's blog HERE.


Call Me Kim - Kim is an amazing person, I absolutely love her to bits. I met Kim through my lovely friend Emma, they are very good friends and I can see why, Kim is fab! I finally met Kim last September when she had travelled to Manchester with Emma to an event, we all met up and it was lovely, Kim and I got on immediately and have kept in touch ever since. But aside from me thinking Kim is fabulous, she has a You Tube channel and I really enjoy her video's, she has a mix of hauls, vlogs, tags, Q&A's unboxing video's, favourites and more and she has some fabulous Florida vlogs and other vlogs including vlogmas. Kim is a lovely person, she makes me laugh so much, she is one of lifes genuinely lovely people and she has a heart of gold, please go over and check her channel out and subscribe whilst you're there, and when you do, tell her her "Nothern Polar Bear Of Love" sent you, and no you're not reading that wrong, that's what she calls me, I love her! You'll find Kim on You Tube HERE

So those are all my current random favourites, what are your current random favourites? Do you enjoy any of the same TV shows as me? Are there any bloggers or you tubers you love? Chat with me in the comments about your random favourites. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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