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My Answers To Your Q And A Questions

My Answers To Your Q And A Questions

Hello Lovelies

If you follow me on Instagram (here) Twitter (here) or you're my friend on Facebook (Mammaful Zo), you will have seen me ask for questions for a Q&A post, I have recently been asked a lot if I could do another Q&A post, you all seemed to enjoy my first Q&A post (read that post here) so I thought I would do another one, I did get quite a lot of questions so I'm going to crack on with the post and answer them. 

Q - Amy Louise - What's your favourite spring look and colours?
A - I like to wear a light base throughout the spring (and summer) so I change my base to a lighter one and I wear neutral eye makeup but sometimes add a little coral or pale pink and sometimes a turquoise liner if I'm being daring ha ha, I love pink and coral blush and lips for spring too. So my favourite look would be a neutral eye look with a pink or coral blush and a pink or coral lip and depending if my blush is matte or satin, I might add a touch of highlight. 

Q - Lucy Lou - What are your bag essentials?
A- Unfortunately, I don't often carry a bag because of my medical conditions, so Simon carries my purse and medication etc but if I did my essentials would be my purse, my medications I need, pocket pack of tissues, hand sanitiser, the lipstick I'm wearing and a mirror, mini deodorant, radar key, my headphones and a nail file. 

Q - Heather - Favourite Musical?
A - Out of all the musicals I've seen, I would say Blood Brothers or Grease but I would love to see Chicago and Dirty Dancing. 

Q - Nick J - How are you doing? Miss you on You Tube.
A - Thank you for asking, but I'm not good at the moment, my pain is very bad and the GP feels my condition has worsened, I am going for quite a few tests to diagnose another condition too, I will write an update blog post soon. It's nice of you to miss me, thank you, I miss it too, at the moment though it's just not possible I'm afraid :( 

Q - Denise - What is your favourite high end and budget bronzer? 
A - My favourite high end bronzer would be the Clarins Aquatic Treasures bronzing powder, it's incredible, Clarins do lovely bronzers, the MAC mineralise skin finishes also make lovely bronzers and my favourite budget bronzer is the W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder (I have a review here) it's £2.99 and is an incredible dupe for Benefit's Hoola.

Q - Kate_Tserkeziex - If you had to choose between eye makeup and face makeup, what would you choose and why?
A - I wasn't sure if you meant to buy or to wear but my answer would be the same for both and it's eye makeup, for buying purposes because there's more variety, lots of colours, lots of different products etc and for wearing a similar answer really, there's more to choose from with eye makeup when I'm applying my makeup, with face makeup, I usually stick to the same base unless it's on the days I'm testing out different foundations for review purposes, and my concealer remains the same, I change my blush up but not drastically but with eye makeup I have more to choose from with eye shadow and the different looks I can create and then there's eye liner and mascara and brow products so lots more variety with eye makeup so I would definitely choose eye makeup. 

Q - raineys.weightlossdairy - How do you cope with your health problems? 
A - I don't dwell on them to be honest, if I have to speak about them, say at an appointment I always end up getting really upset because I have to think about it, but I try not to dwell on the way I am, obviously I am aware of it, I am in excruciating pain 24/7 plus a lot of other symptoms so there's no getting away from it but I don't sit talking about it and thinking about it, it is what it is and there is no cure so I have to get on with it really, what else can I do? I always think that there are people worse off than me too, it could be worse and I'm still here which is a privilege some people don't have.

Q - raineys.weightlossdairy - Do you have any depression as a result of your health and if so how do you manage it? 
A - I suffer from depression and anxiety quite badly and take medication for it and also see a consultant regarding it, I wouldn't say I manage it but again it's something I have to deal with, I'm not a woe is me type of person and if you follow me on social media you'll be aware of that, I try to be as upbeat as possible but I do put a massive brave face on 24/7, I'm known for it amongst my family and friends and it's even been picked up by the consultants I see so I clearly don't hide it well haha, but I wouldn't say I manage it as such but I try to look for the positives, if something bad happens there is always a positive no matter how small, I have my thankful journal too (I have a post on that here) and we also have our jar of happy things ( I have a post on that here) and I think it's good to try and think of at least 1 positive thing that has happened in your day, even something like you have hot water and food to eat, those things are things that not everyone has the luxury of and they are positive things or the fact I have 2 lovely daughters, some people can't have children so even though things are pretty shit there are always things to be positive about and I am trying my best to be more positive but I'm not sure I manage it as such. 

Q - mollydaniels21 - Is Simon Cole and Lissys Dad?
A - In every sense other than biologically, yes. He has brought them up from a very young age (Lissy was 3) and has been their dad in every way possible, he's done and does all the things dads do and they are extremely close, they say "mum and dad" when they talk about us and to the girls he is their dad and they adore him as he does them, to Simon, he always says he couldn't love them anymore if he'd made them. The only thing missing is the biology but in all other ways he is their dad and that's all that matters, what's a bit of DNA? 

Q - laurenstenning98 - What's your favourite drugstore product and what's your must have high end product? 
A - Ooooh this is a tough one Lauren, my favourite drugstore product at the moment and I have to say at the moment because new there are launches all the time so in 6 months I may say something else but now it has to be the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and my must have high end product would be the Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating Primer, it's incredible for dry/dehydrated skin and makes a huge difference the way my makeup looks. 

Q - laurenstenning98 - Are the MAC eyeshadow palettes worth it, as I want one?
A - I am assuming you mean the X9 or the Cool/Warm Neutral palettes that are already made up? I would say yes, the X9 have 9 small shadows in but each shadow is 0.8g and a full size is 1.5g so in a X9 the shadows are just over half the amount of product, but you are getting 9 shades so you have the chance to try 9 MAC shadows but if you made your own quad it would cost you £45.00 and you can only try 4 shadows so I would say they are worth the money, I have 2 of the X9 palettes, I have a post on one of them (read that here) and I am going to have a post on my other one soon, so you can see the shades in those, I also have 2 MAC 15 palettes that I made, these are very expensive to make with each shadow being £10. You can buy a warm or cool neutral palette with 15 shadows for £65.00 which is also great value so I would say, if you haven't ever tried MAC shadows have a look at the X9 palettes, they're a great way to try them and to find out what you like and don't like but if you do have some MAC shadows and know what shades/tones you like, maybe look at the pre made cool/warm neutrals would be good because they are still a lot cheaper than making your own palette which would cost you around £135 for 12 shadows. Some MAC shadows are hit and miss like any brand, I would say, go in and swatch some shades and have a feel of the different finishes to see what you like and then choose from there. 

Q - holdz2013 - Do you ever get writers block when writing a blog post and if so how do you deal with it? 
A - I do indeed! I speak my blog posts as I have voice dictation on my laptop so I just speak and my laptop types it for me, but I often sit saying nothing because I'll be mid sentence and I just lose what I was saying, I also have problems with getting my words mixed up and concentration problems with my health so as you can imagine it can be a nightmare! But I usually just do something else for a while and leave it alone and then go back to it, I have had blogging block where I have had no idea what to post about too, this happened to me in January, I'd been so busy with posts up to Christmas and I just couldn't think at all it drove me mad, but I just stopped getting worked up about it and did something else and I was fine a couple of days later, so I basically just do something else to distract me and don't think about it and I'm fine, if I ever have any idea's for posts I make a note of them and then if ever I'm stuck again I'll have a couple of ideas, but mid post if I get it I just shut blogger down and go and have an online window shop or put the laptop down and do something else and go back to it. 

Q - littlemissstyleguru - Do you get dressed everyday or do you stay in your PJ's a lot of the time? I'm always in my PJ's or leggings.
A - It depends what I'm doing and how I am feeling, if I have an appointment I will be dressed but only in leggings and a t-shirt and it depends on who is coming to "mamma sit" me too, if it's one of my friends I will be wearing leggings and t-shirt but if it's a family member I usually wear PJ's but purely because the effort for me to be dressed is a lot of effort and also a lot of pain so if I don't have to be dressed, I won't, I'll save myself the pain and effort but if I am dressed it's always t-shirt and leggings, so similar to PJ's anyway.  

Q - madmizzy - How are you? Also (cheekily) have you got any plans to return to You Tube? I'm loving your Snap Chats by the way. 
A - Thank you for asking, I'm not great at the moment, my pain has been really bad for the last few weeks and it's getting me down, my GP feels my condition has worsened which I'm not happy about, I have also been to the hospital regarding some tests for another condition too but I will be writing a health update soon, otherwise this will be an essay haha, thank you so much I'm so pleased you're enjoying my Snap Chats, I sometimes worry I'm a bit boring but everyone seems to enjoy them especially people missing my You Tube videos, you're not cheeky at all don't worry, at the moment I don't have any plans to return but never say never, but not at the moment due to health reasons, I'm sorry. 

Q - sunnysalfordgirl - What's your one, cannot live without it, product? Since I'm in a lovely mood, I'll let you choose one skincare and one makeup. 
A - Oooh this is hard, you know me, I can't choose between things ha ha, I would say for skincare it would be either and I'm being cheeky picking two, either the Vichy Aquathermal serum or some form of acid toner for example the Nip+Fab glycolic pads and for makeup it would be my Bobbi Brown corrector, I have dark circles and it's the best ever for them, so I would have to say that and although not technically makeup, my Smashbox hydrating primer. 

Q - katie_rjb - Do you have any fave makeup products/brushes that you use for something other than their intended purpose? 
A - Yes all the time, I love using bronzer as a transition eyeshadow shade, bronzers make the best transition shades, I use coral blushes as eyeshadows, I use my Mary Lou Manizer highlight as an eyeshadow too, anyone who has it it's stunning as an eyeshadow, I use pink eyeshadow as blush, lipstick as cream blush, cream blush as lipstick, lots of products I use for different things, with brushes there are so many I use for different purposes, blending brushes like the MAC 217 are excellent for blending out under eye corrector and concealer and for adding powder to the under eye area, Beauty Blenders are great for applying powder too and for applying fake tan to the face, pencil brushes are good for under brow bone highlight, there are lots of brushes I use for other purposes, probably most of them now I think about it haha. 

Q - itsneecola - If you could live in any film, which film would it be and why? 
A - I would love to be in Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman as they're my favourites but I love comedy too and something like the Inbetweeners would be so funny to live in, to be at college with them would be funny or maybe a Disney film like Snow White so lots of little cute animals could come and do my housework, how amazing would that be? Although I love horror films I wouldn't want to live one, I'm too much of a softy for that. My friend Dominic used to say I was exactly like Bridget Jones, so I think if you asked him, he'd say I've already lived that ha ha. 

Q - official_that_emoji_girl - What's your favourite food?
A - This is a hard one, I love Simons "Sido's" which is his own homemade version of Nando's and I love his pasta bolognese and roast dinners, but I am a real ice cream face and love ice cream but I also really like the Asda sticky toffee puddings with cream and my mums creme brûlée, I really can't choose but love all of those, if I think about food for long enough I'd write you a huge list and considering I'm quite fussy that's good for me ha ha.

Q - kimkphotography - If you could be another you tuber for a day, who would you choose and why? 
A - I honestly don't know, I don't watch that many people on you tube, I watch my friends and people I know and apart from those there are only a couple of people I watch and there's none of the people I watch who I don't actually know that I would swap with, sorry, let me know in the comments who you would swap with and why though :) 

And that's the last question, thank you so much for all your questions, it's so kind of you to take the time to ask your questions and I really appreciate it. I hope those of you who asked a question, enjoyed my answers and I everyone reading this enjoyed my Q&A. 

Thank you so much for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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