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Whats On My iPhone?

Hello Lovelies

Today's post is one I have been asked for quite frequently recently and it's the "whats on my iPhone" post. I have the Apple iPhone 6 in silver and have had my phone since I upgraded in around May/June last year. I really like my phone, I have had iPhones for several years, I really like them and each time I'd due an upgrade I always choose an iPhone, my first one was the iPhone 3GS back in the day and now I have the iPhone 6 and today I am going to share with you the apps I have on my iPhone. 


lock screen

My lock screen is a photograph of me, Simon and our girls, I love this photograph, it makes me smile so much and keeping on my lock screen means I can look at it whenever I want to, it always makes me happy, I love it! 

Screen 1

my iPhone

The top row is pretty self explanatory, theres my text messages, then Whats App which is great and I use it a lot to text. Sending photographs is free and I can voice message and send video messages too which I often do with my friends, it's a nice way to keep in touch, I have group messages with my girls on there too so we can send Hannah nail ideas for her prom etc. Then theres my notes which I couldn't live without, I use notes to write things down, I have an appalling memory due to my illness/medication so this is an invaluable app and lastly is my calculator. 

Next row is my camera, photos, clock and settings, all pretty self explanatory too and so is the next row with Google, the weather, the app store and my calendar which is also invaluable for me, I keep all my appointments in my calendar and I write them in my planner, I told you my memory is bad! 

The next row I have Facebook, then Hootsuite which I use to schedule my tweets, it's a really handy app especially if you're a blogger, you can schedule your tweets and include links @ brands and hashtag it's really useful. Next I have Bitly which is a link shortener so if I want to tweet my blog link I can shorten it using bitly, it's simple to use and again really useful for tweeting blog links, lastly is You Tube which needs no explanation. 

Next row starts with Twitter and then Instagram and then I have Periscope and lastly Snapchat which I have to say I am really enjoying using and the people who miss my YT video's are enjoying my little snap chat vlogs. I will link all my social media accounts at the end of this post so if you would like to follow me on any of them you can find me easily :) I also have social media icons just over there too -------> 

Next up is Pinterest, I love Pinterest and find it really useful for blogging, if you have a blog and don't use Pinterest, give it a go, I get quite a good amount of traffic from it, but if you aren't a blogger it's still great for getting idea's for fashion, home, makeup or anything at all.  Next is Google Analytics, this is a must for all bloggers, it gives me my accurate blogging stats, you can find out your page views and blog post views and other stats from Blogger but it isn't accurate at all so is a waste of time because Blogger counts spam and bots etc so when it gives you your page views for example it is highly inaccurate where as Google Analytics counts human views, the actual views your blog is getting and where your traffic comes from, it's so handy and at least I know my real stats as opposed to the Blogger stats which aren't accurate at all, you can set dates for comparison too so you can compare one month to another, it's really handy and a must for bloggers. Next up I have my music and then Bloglovin, I love to read blogs and this way I can read them on my phone, I can also see my activity for example, new followers or if someone saves my posts, I will link my Bloglovin link at the end of this post and if you would like to follow me that would be lovely :)

The bottom row doesn't really need explaining, it's my calls, email, safari and iTunes store and shows on each screen.

Screen 2 


The top row starts with the health app, I have this here purely because it contains my medical ID, if you have this app and haven't checked it out it's definitely worth doing, you can list your medical conditions, medication and people to call in an emergency and even if your phone is locked with a pin code or finger print the app can still be accessed under the word "emergency" on the screen so it's a good idea to fill it in. Next up is a boring one and it's the Halifax, then I have the Boots app, I love this app and if you don't have it I really recommend it, there's lots of offers and extra points deals on there and you just click the button if you're interested and it activates it, so when you next shop it's all stored onto your advantage card, it's a really good app, next is Superdrug and to be honest, I don't really use this too much, it's not a patch on the Boots app. 

Next up are ebay and paypal, I love ebay for the odd bargain and also selling things and the paypal app is handy as I can transfer money to my bank from it if I've sold something on ebay without putting my laptop on. Next I have BBC iPlayer and Netflix, I don't sleep at all and often watch films and did watch PLL in bed in the middle of the night but that's finished now (boo, sob) so both apps are great for finding something to watch in the middle of the night. 

The next app I have is called the OffOf Percentage calculator and is great for working out discounts, my eldest daughter is a professional make up artist and gets amazing discounts off make up brands, the amount she gets varies from brand to brand so this app is great for working out how much something will be with her discount, it's really handy if shops have discounts too and saves me working things out in my head. The next 2 apps are My 02 and 02 Priority, My 02 enables me to keep track of both mine and Simon's mobile phone bill and 02 Priority is great for discounts off things and early tickets to concerts etc and sometimes they have free items, at Christmas both myself and Simon got a pack of free Christmas cards from WHSmith, a bag of Chocolate coins and some gift wrap which saved us a fortune, they don't always have brilliant offers on but it's worth downloading if you are with 02. Lastly on this row is VSCO cam, this is a photo editing app, I don't mean editing as in it makes me look 20 years younger but it's great for brightening photographs up etc and easy to use too. 

The next row are all apps for photographs starting with Picframe, this is good for making collages for Instagram or other social media accounts, it's easy to use and there are lots of frames to choose from. Mirror effect is next and to be honest, I don't use this app really but it basically creates the mirror images you've probably seen on Instagram, Instazz is a great app that I sometimes use for my Instagram photo's, it creates a border around your photographs and there are loads to choose from, my favourite is to have a border of the photograph I'm using but blurred out, it looks good. Instasize is great for re sizing images that are too big for Instagram, it's easy to use and comes in handy sometimes. 

Next row starts with Phonto, again an app for photographs, photo is good for adding text to images, it's really easy to use and comes in handy. Now for my sad act apps, first up is Township, I love this app, it's a town, no surprises there, you have a farm area and an airport and train station, you have to make orders for the airport and trains using the factories you build, you can visit friends towns and help them with their orders too, if you like games like Farmville and Hayday you'll like it. My next game is Roller Coaster Tycoon, our girls used to play this on the PC so it brings back memories but it's quite a good game too, Cole got me into it on my phone, I don't play it everyday but it's not a bad one to play especially if you remember the PC version. The next app is purely for Simon, it's the Star Wars card trader app, I have no idea what it is but it's about trading cards and collecting them, if you like Star Wars and trading cards, you'll like it, Simon is addicted, he has it on his phone too so he can swap cards with me etc. 

I love Heads Up and if you haven't played it, you should, we play this as a family and have so much fun, sometimes me and Simon play it on our own but mostly we play as a family and it's hilarious, one of you places your phone or iPad on your head or like me just hold it where you're most comfortable, (we use my phone) there are different categories one of which is animals so if I'm holding it and we've chosen the animal category, the animal will come up on the screen, I can't see what the screen says but Simon and the girls have to act out or do impressions so I can guess which animal it is they're trying to be without saying the word, it's so so funny and a really great game. 

Next is Top cash back, I love this app, basically you can earn money by doing nothing, if like me you shop online a lot, you need this app, you sign in and if for example you're shopping in Boots, you find Boots on TCB and it re directs you to Boots, you place your order and that's it, money earned, some sites offer 10% cash back some offer more and some less, you can sign up for insurance, book holidays, book cable TV and Internet there's some great deals, there's a £5 annual charge but it's nothing compared to the amount you earn back, we made £40 just doing our Christmas shopping, it's definitely worth signing up for, there is also a Topcashback website. Next I have messenger because Facebook is annoying and clearly can't just let you have one app but I don't use it to be honest, I haven't used it and still use the inbox facility but it's something I was made to download once, so annoying!  Lastly on this row is the You Tube Creator app, this is a brilliant app for answering comments on YT video's and means you can do it without using the computer or laptop, I don't use it now but it was very handy for me once and especially if you have a channel and you're away on holidays etc and don't have access to a laptop or computer, you can answer all your comments from your phone.  

Screen 3

Whats On My iPhone?

This screen is basically made up of the apps that come with the iPhone, I don't use any of them apart from FaceTime, sometimes I will use Books and I do want to start listening to podcasts but for now I don't use this screen apart from for Face Time. 

So that is what's on my iPhone, hopefully there are some apps you have seen on my phone that you might like to download, especially the apps that are useful for blogging if you are a blogger yourself and the other apps if you're not. This post was highly requested so I hope it's been enjoyable and interesting to read too. 

As promised my social media links are as follows - 

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Do you have any apps you can recommend? I love finding new apps and I could really do with some new ones so I'd love to know your thoughts. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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