Sunday 17 April 2016

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Hello Lovelies

I've been doing a spot of online beauty shopping recently and I thought I'd show you the things I picked up in today's drugstore beauty haul post. I shopped on a few different websites so I'll show you what I picked up from each site. 


Drugstore Beauty Haul

One of my Boots purchases was completely enabled by the lovely Ionna and is the Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Micellar Water, I have previously used the Garnier micellar water with the pink lid and hated it but when I saw the oil infused one on Ionna's blog, it sounded like it would be lovely for my dry/dehydrated skin and I really wanted to try it, it was on a 2 for £7.00 offer too, so I picked 2 up.

Next up I picked up another Garnier product and it's the Garnier Moisture Bomb Night Cream, which is a new skin care launch from Garnier.  As you know my skin is extremely dry and dehydrated and for years I have used the same moisturiser and love it and I am also very lucky in that being a blogger I have the opportunity to try a lot of different skin care brands but my skin is really playing up at the moment and I saw this was on offer and thought I'd try it, I bought the night cream and will use it both day and night as the day cream looked online like it was more of a fluid than a cream which just won't cut it with my desert like skin.

Lastly from Boots I have their Expert Build Up Remover shampoo, I have used this shampoo for a while now and re purchased it many times, it is great if you have oily hair and doesn't affect colour treated hair (I have found some strip my colour) all the shampoo was on 3 for 2 so even better. I didn't actually buy this online, Simon picked it up for me from our local Boots store as I can never find it online which is a pain, but the other Expert range shampoos are available. 


Drugstore Beauty Haul

Escentual are one of my favourite online places to buy beauty products and especially skin care, you may have seen my recent Escentual wishlist post, Escentual have up to a third off all French pharmacy brands throughout April which is an incredible offer and one I couldn't resist so I picked up a few of the items from my wishlist. The first thing I picked up is the Klorane Nettle Sebo-Regulating Dry Shampoo, in my wishlist I'd mentioned the Klorane Oatmilk Dry Shampoo and Klorane commented on my Instagram post telling me they thought I'd be better suited to the Nettle dry shampoo which I thought was really kind of them and that is the one I picked up.

Next up from Escentual is the Vichy Normaderm Night Detox, I have been really struggling with my skin recently and as I said it is extremely dry and dehydrated but I am also suffering badly from breakouts. During the day I use the Vichy Hyaluspot, and really like it. I have a full review of that here if you would like more information, but I wanted to try the night detox as an over night treatment, I haven't ever tried a Vichy product I don't love so I have high hopes for this. 

Lastly from Escentual I picked up another Vichy product and it's the Vichy Aquathermal Eye Balm, I use the aquathermal serum and love it and I thought I'd give the eye balm a go in the hope it helps with my dry/dehydrated skin but mostly the dehydration lines underneath my eyes, fingers crossed!  

Escentual is a great site, they sell so many brilliant brands and products and if you haven't ever checked them out, I highly recommend you do, especially whilst their up to a third off French pharmacy offer is on, it finishes at the end of April so don't miss out. 

Nail Polish Direct

Drugstore Beauty Haul

Drugstore Beauty Haul

It wouldn't be a Zoe haul if there wasn't some nail products featured would it? I love Nail Polish Direct for buying nail polishes, they have some great deals and I always buy my China Glaze polish from them as it's only £3.95, the first polish I picked up is a re purchase and it's Flip Flop Fantasty, a neon coral shade, I have purchased this shade before and it is stunning for the spring/summer especially worn on the toes, it looks great on darker skin tones and tanned skin too, I love it. You can find it on the Nail Polish Direct website HERE for £3.95 including free UK delivery. 

Next from Nail Polish Direct I picked up one of the OPI shades from their new New Orleans spring 2016 collection and it's the shade Got Myself Into A Jambalaya, it's a lovely coral shade which is my perfect spring/summer shade and I couldn't resist, you can find it on the Nail Polish Direct website HERE for £8.95 (rrp £11.50) including free UK delivery. 

Fragrance Direct

Drugstore Beauty Haul

You may have read this post where I found a Pretty acetone based nail polish remover with a pump for 99p during last summer, I really liked the polish remover so I was thrilled when I was reading Ionna's blog a couple of weeks ago and she had found it on the Fragrance Direct website. They are also acetone free which I prefer so after reading Ionna's post I immediately went over to Fragrance Direct and purchased 2 of the polish removers at only £1.05 each which is a bargain as my last one was brilliant, I doubt there will be any difference in the performance between acetone and acetone free but if there is I will let you know, it was so nice to see Ionna had bought her polish remover on my recommendation and then she helped me find them online too. I really like Fragrance Direct they sell so many different beauty items and they sell Essie, OPI and Orly nail polishes at incredible prices too which always draws me in, they are a great site and if you haven't already tried them I highly recommend them. You can find the Pretty acetone free nail polish remover on their website HERE for £1.05. 

So that's everything in my drugstore beauty haul, I will of course be reviewing all the products I picked up so keep an eye out for those reviews coming soon, I can tell you that I have used some of the products already and one of them is absolutely outstanding and I cannot wait to share my review with you and I'm hoping I love all the products as much. 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments if you have, or if you have any other drugstore recommendations for me, please let me know those too, I love finding new products to try out. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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