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Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment Trial - Halfway Review

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment Review

Hello Lovelies

I have a problem with hair loss and my hair being extremely thin, when my hair is brushed especially when wet I lose a lot of hair and my hair is very thin, it feels thin and looks thin. My hair loss and thinning hair has been put down to my various medical conditions but it really gets to me and I have tried numerous shampoos, different hair brushes and even having layers cut into my hair to try and reduce the hair loss and make my hair appear thicker but to no avail, so when I was asked a few months ago if I would like to try the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment, an overnight leave in serum treatment proven to promote hair density in three months, it was an offer I couldn't refuse, I have been using the treatment for just over 6 weeks now so am halfway through my 3 month trial period and today I am going to share with you the process so far and how I'm getting along. 

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment Review

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment Review

What Is Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment?

The Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment promotes hair density by reducing hair fall associated with scalp surface oxidation, it includes Nioxydine24 a technology that helps promote hair density. Working during your body's natural, nightly regeneration process, the solution helps fight against oxidative damage (known to contribute to hair loss) and delivers a host of powerful antioxidants, including vitamin E, ginger root extract, caffeine and biotin. These potent ingredients target oxidative damage and help neutralise free radical attacks for healthy scalp maintenance, the treatment is suitable for all hair types, leaves no residue on the pillow and is infused with a soothing fragrance for night time. 

The Nioxin overnight treatment comes with a pipette style applicator/dropper making application simple, I apply 4 drops in different areas onto my scalp and then massage in and leave overnight. 

Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment Review

Using The Treatment

I have been using the treatment for just over 6 weeks and so far I have found the product really easy to use, Simon pops 4 drops of the serum onto my scalp each night in different areas of my scalp, usually 1 at the front, 1 on each side and 1 at the back, he then massages it into my scalp and I go to bed, the product doesn't leave any kind of residue or marks on my pillow which is great as I thought it might and it also smells amazing, it has a nice fresh scent to it, it isn't an over powering scent but I am aware of it.

I suffer with extremely oily hair, my hair can be washed in a morning and be oily by 6pm and using the treatment does mean my hair is oily in the morning after I've used it overnight but I expected that and since I do have extremely oily hair anyway, it was inevitable really and it is something that can easily be rectified either by washing my hair in the morning or with dry shampoo and wearing my hair up so it really isn't a problem at all. 

I lose my hair mostly when my hair is brushed when it is wet after washing, it does fall out during the course of the day and Simon is always covered in my hair but my hair loss is usually caused by brushing my hair when wet and having it dried with the hairdryer, I look like some kind of animal after having my hair dried, as I said I have had some layers cut into my hair to try and make my hair appear thicker but it didn't work unfortunately. 

The Results So far...

So as I said I am just over 6 weeks into my 3 month trial and so far I haven't noticed my hair looking thicker but I have noticed that when my hair is brushed there is no where near as much hair in the brush as there was before, I used to have a huge hair ball in the brush but now there is less than half the hair there was before in the brush, I have also noticed that when my hair is dried I am not covered in nearly as much hair as I was before I started using the treatment and I do think my pony tail feels thicker than it did which is fantastic news and the treatment is clearly working. 

I didn't expect to see any results at the halfway mark and because my hair loss is due to health reasons I worried the treatment wouldn't make a difference but it really has and I am extremely pleased with the results so far. I cannot wait to see if there are any more differences in another 6 weeks time and I will of course come back and let you know the results at the end of my 3 month trial. 

If you would like to try the Nioxin Night Density Restore Overnight Treatment it is available on the Beauty Expert website which you can find here and is £31.99 (rrp £39.99)

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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